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How to Convert Typed Text Into Personal Handwriting?

When you read the title, you might have thought why is there a need to convert typed text into handwritten text? Well, there are many reasons for that. But I will tell you the most compelling one. It is a fact that typing is easier than writing because there is less complexity involved. And that is helpful for people

Top 5 books for undergraduate students on the History of English Literature

Are you doing graduation in English Literature? History of English Literature must be there in your syllabus. Here is a list of some English Honours history of English literature books that you can start with. These are beginner-level books for a basic understanding of English history of literature and then you can proceed to more advanced studies.

Why read the Ramayana - to know ethical values and for personality development

The story of Ramayana by Sage Valmiki is a work written to inspire previous generations with the goal of building a prosperous society. Ramayana alchemy has also flowed in countries like China, Cambodia, Java, Sumitra, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia. There is no other so widely circulated in the hearts of the people and made its mark in world literature. Hence the Ramayana is not only an epic, but also a unique epic.

My Boyhood days by Rabindranath Tagore - a review

My Boyhood days is an incredible work by Rabindranath Tagore. It is Tagore's autobiographical sketch. Tagore wrote about his childhood, schooling, family, Calcutta, and many other notable things in his book. This article provides an overview of the book "My Boyhood days" and explains its important ideas to the readers.

Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki

Here is the review of Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki. It is the latest non-fiction book cater knowledge about investment, entrepreneur, business, assets and liabilities. Is your house a asset or liability? Find the answer below.

Six 'C's for effective management by Peter F. Drucker

This article highlights the important six 'C' factors given by Peter F. Drucker that help you to do any work by effective management. These include communication, commitment, cultivation, consensus, consistency, and constantly. Read the article to get details of each 'C'.

National Institute of Immunology (NII) New Delhi Ph.D. Admissions 2022-2023

National Institute of Immunology (NII) has released notification for admission in Ph.D. Programme 2022-23. Eligible candidates fulfilling the educational and other requirements are welcome to apply. Read this article to know about the NII PhD Admission 2022-2023 such as eligibility criteria, application procedure etc.

BITS Pilani Doctoral Ph.D. Programme Admissions 2021-22

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani is inviting applications from eligible candidates for full-time and part-time Ph.D. programs for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2021-22. Applications are called for admissions in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses of BITS Pilani. Learn the details about Ph.D. programs of BITS Pilani, eligibility Criteria, admission procedure etc. in this article.

StoryWeaver: a unique online reading and vocabulary improvement website

Are you searching for a website that provides free read aloud or read along books for children with Indian content? This article provides information on StoryWeaver, a unique creative website of e-books that not only enables a child to read and learn new words, but also submit drawings and write his or her own stories.

Surefire guidelines to prepare for NDA 2021

In this article, we will talk about some essential guidelines to prepare for the NDA exam. This examination is held two times every year for selecting candidates for the National Defence Academy. In order to appear for the exam, one has to complete his 12th or any equivalent examination and he or she should be 16.5 to 19 years of age. Moreover, the candidate must also be an Indian national.

5 books you must read to become a good public speaker

Want to be a great public speaker? Recently got a job which involves a lot of public speaking? A lot of beginners are scared to speak in front of a big gathering. Here are some of the best public speaking guide books that will help you overcome public speaking anxiety or fear, and help your career by improving your oratorical skills.

How to submit contest entries for PM YUVA Mentorship Scheme for Young Authors

Are you searching for the contest application guidelines and online application forms for the Prime Minister's YUVA Mentorship Scheme for young writers? This article provides complete information on the PM YUVA Mentorship Scheme for Young Authors. You will get details of the scholarship offered, the type of training programs, eligibility criteria, and what type of manuscripts will be accepted.

Review of the book - 'The Web of Life' by Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra is a famous theoretical physicist who has written various books related to the philosophical implications of the modern sciences. He has extensively delivered lectures on these subjects and 'The Web of Life' is one of his leading and best-selling books. This article is a review of the book in details.

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam - his quotes and poems from his book Wings of Fire.

This is a small attempt to see him as a poet and presents his own quotes and describes how he enjoyed the poetic lines and quotes of others in all walks of his life to share his happiness, emotions, sorrows, depressive mood etc., The quotes are from his own experience shared by his near and dears and also many of his reading books.

Top 5 English novels on racism that everyone must read

The problem of racism runs deep inside several societies, despite various attempts to eradicate it. Here is a list of five famous English novels of various ages that have portrayed how problematic and inhuman racism can be. Have you read any of these?

5 reasons why everyone should read self-help books

Do you know what is your biggest asset? You! There are several benefits of reading self-help books that can make you a better person than before. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should read self-help books.

Top 10 travel books you can read while staying at home

Getting bored while staying at home during the nationwide lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak? Here is a list of 10 fascinating travel books that you can read to quench your thirst for traveling during the lockdown.

5 personal finance self-help books everyone must read

Do you want to improve your financial conditions? Want to know how to grow rich by saving investing? Learn it from the gurus from the best personal finance self-help books that everyone should read for better money management.

How to participate online in Funky Rainbow Lockdown Books Quiz

Love books and love quizzes? No better time than a lockdown to participate in a fun quiz on childrens' books organized by Funky Rainbow, the popular online bookstore. Details of how to participate in the Funky Rainbow lockdown quiz, as also exciting offers on their book vouchers, have been provided in this article.

What it takes to become a rich lady - top 5 personal finance books for women

While there are lots of general personal finance books available in the market, women-specific personal finance guide books are rare. Here is a list of 5 personal finance books specifically catering to women. So, what does it take to become a rich lady? Find out, through this article that reviews five women-specific books related to finance.

Review of the book - 'Pyjamas Are Forgiving' by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna, the Bollywood actress turned author, is well known for her newspaper columns and books full of human emotions and challenges laced with funny anecdotes. Her latest book Pyjamas Are Forgiving was released in September 2018 and this article presents a critical review of the same.

Fable books that everyone should read about fulfilled dreams and fiery passions

This article talks about fable books that are amazing and inspirational with extraordinary stories. These books can be read by anyone and everyone and will definitely fill their hearts with love, passion, and dreams. The stories are inspirational, motivational and also a guide to you for navigating the pathways of life. A short summary of a few very famous fable stories is shared in this article which you can read and then can go ahead and read the entire story for further motivation.

Book Review: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

This article is a review of the 2006 bestseller 'The God Delusion' by the celebrated evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. The article tries to capture the key points of this book on atheism, where it scores high as well as where it could have improved.

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