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Top 10 CBSE schools in Dehradun

Are you looking for the top 10 CBSE Schools in Dehradun? Here is the best CBSE Schools in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the northern part of India.

How to improve your child's exam score

In this article, I am discussing some of the best ways to improve your child's score in exams. Children secure lesser marks due to various reasons even if they are intelligent. As a parent, you should discover the reasons for a lesser score and find the best solution.

5 reasons why it is tough for most of us to crack an exam

It demands five things from you to crack any exam. If you overcome these then certainly cracking the exam becomes very easy. These reasons are the fundamental reasons and without solving them it is impossible to achieve success. Let us learn the five ultimate reasons and their solutions from this article.

GITAM University Admission Test (GAT) 2024

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) is a private Deemed to be University having four campuses. Two campuses are in Visakhapatnam, AP, and one each in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Admission to this university will be carried out based on the performance of the candidate in the GITAM admission test (GAT). The details about this exam are presented in this article. The notification for GAT 2024 has already been released.

Govt. of India Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowships Biotech, Life Sciences Research 2023 applications

Are you working on a biotech or life sciences research project abroad and are looking for government financial support for scientific research in India? This article provides complete information on the Govt. of India Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship, for which the 2023-24 applications are now open. Details of the eligibility criteria, the Fellowship amount, where to take up research work, and the application procedure have been provided.

A Comprehensive Guide to HUMSS Courses: Unlocking Potential and Opportunities

The article provides an in-depth exploration of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) courses, covering various aspects such as their significance, course offerings, benefits, and career opportunities. It begins by introducing HUMSS as a stream that offers a comprehensive understanding of society, culture, and human interaction, shaping well-rounded individuals.

Types of Inflation

Do you know what inflation is? It's the rate of steady growth in the price level for products and services over a specific period. This phenomenon also shows the degree of money depreciation. Inflation is usually measured annually or, as economists also say, on a year-over-year basis. So, if an inflation rate is 8%, it means that a set of goods that cost $100 a year ago now costs $108. 

Lesson Plans for Teachers - Key Components, Advantages, and Quick Tips

A teacher's lesson plan is the best help for the modern busy trainers. It offers a layout plan for the different components of the lesson for easy knowledge sharing A quick look at the key components and advantages of the lesson plan helps the trainers get the best out of it. Not to miss are the quick tips to create an effective substitute teacher lesson plan for overall benefits.

Important tips for parents when the child is disinterested in studies

In this article, I am sharing some important tips for parents if their child is disinterested in studies. Parents should handle the behavior of the child in a mature way and provide some useful tips to develop interest. If your child is interested, only then he/she can succeed in an exam.

The Future of Education: Navigating a Hybrid MS in Machine Learning Program in the USA

Education is steering into an era of transformation, where conventional teaching methods are intertwining with advanced technologies to bring forth innovative learning models. Machine learning, a pivotal sector of technology, is also witnessing the metamorphosis of its learning structures, with hybrid models emerging as a harmonious blend of online convenience and immersive traditional experiences.

From College to Career: Transitioning to the Workforce After Studying in the USA

Studying in the USA is a dream many international students, especially those from India, aspire to fulfill. The promise of world-class education, exposure to diverse cultures, and abundant career opportunities make the USA an attractive destination. However, the journey continues after the attainment of a degree. It marks the beginning of a new phase—transitioning to the workforce. This article explores the path from college to career for Indian students who have studied in the USA.

Managing a child's studies - Useful Tips for Parents

In this article, I am providing some useful tips for parents to handle their children's studies effectively. Parents should cleverly manage children's studies so they develop a love for learning and are not frustrated when they study.

Govt. Polytechnic Pune-Mercedes-Benz Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics admissions

Looking for a Diploma job-oriented course in Mechatronics that will get you a possible placement with automobile dealerships in India? This article provides complete information on the Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics course offered by the Government Polytechnic, Pune that is in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz (I) Pvt. Ltd. Details of the eligibility criteria, course fee, entrance test, and the application procedure have been provided.

How to select a good stream after Class 10

Students are always confused about selecting a good stream after class 10. If you are also confused to select a good stream after the high school examination, then this article is for you. I have provided some important tips to select a good stream that suits you.

Warning Signs That Your Child May Need a Tutor

Are you wondering whether your child needs a tutor? While many students can do their studies without any tutors, some students might need them. Check out some tips to decide whether your child needs a tutor.

Geoinformatics in India: Empowering Change through Advanced Education

Discover the dynamic world of Geoinformatics in India - from cutting-edge GIS technology to spatial data analysis. Explore the growing applications in environmental management, urban planning, agriculture, and more. Stay informed about the latest trends and advancements in India's geospatial industry.

Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune School of Distance Education Programs July 2023 admissions open

Looking for admissions to the distance education courses offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune? Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed University) in Pune has opened the registration process for the July 2023 admission session to the programs of the university's School of Distance Education. The list of courses, as well as details of the self-learning courses, the application fee, and the online registration process have been provided.

Top reasons behind exam phobia suffered by students

Do you have exam phobia? Exam phobia is the fear of examination that is faced by many students. This article explains various causes behind that fear which can be a lack of preparation, fear of failure, too much pressure and negative beliefs.

The impact of social media platforms on students' study lives.

The impact of social media platforms on students' study lives can be both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, social media provides study materials, educational resources, and enhanced learning opportunities. On the other side, there are also certain negative aspects to consider, such as time management issues, distractions, and misinformation.

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