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This category of IndiaStudyChannel Articles section is related to Travel and Tourism in India. India is a vast country and has diverse geographical conditions and areas. Touring in India is like visiting the whole world in one country and yet get to enjoy the different places and satisfy your satiety of pleasure and adventure. Share your experience about traveling in India and the tips and different modalities that you made use of while traveling to get maximum comfort and best use of time while going to various tourist attractions and pilgrim places in India.
Share your experience while climbing the mountains and crossing the rivers and about how did you interact with the local people. Describe your words with photos you took on your trip to India and what would be your advice and tips to other travelers.

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How to avoid constant Invalid Captcha error during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking

Frustrated at getting "Invalid Captcha" error message repeatedly even after typing the correct Captcha during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking? IRCTC limits the number of users trying to login during Tatkal hours by displaying a complicated Captcha image and giving "invalid captcha" error message. This article gives some tips & tricks to avoid the captcha error and login quickly. Follow these instructions and get a confirmed Tatkal train ticket.

The best places to travel and visit in India during Holidays

Are you planning to visit India or planning to visit tourist places in India? Then you are in the right page at the right time. In this article, you will know the best places in India to visit during forthcoming holidays and summer vacation. Get the detail on tourist hotspot in north India and south India, best visiting places in eastern Indian and west India etc.

Tourism: A tour to ‘Pithoragarh’ in Uttaranchal

Pithoragarh Janpad, a district town of Uttaranchal state situated on the Himalyan Mountain occupies a special importance for being an international border. The borders of China lie to its north and that of Nepal to its east. This forms the reason why this is seen to be the hub of commercial activities. Let’s wade through this picturesque place through this description.

Where to stay at Baranti: Hotels and resorts

A sleepy tribal village surrounded by Sal and Palash forest, small hillocks and beautiful dams, Baranti is fast coming up in the travel map of West Bengal as a popular weekend tour destination from Kolkata. Here is a list of hotels and resorts in Baranti where you can book your accommodation.

Vast Udaiyathur - Sudalaimadaswamy Temple and Picnic Spot at Tirunelveli

This article is published with a self interest to bring out the history of a temple called VAST Udaiyathur which exists from 1800 AD, its development as a proper temple and its importance as a picnic spot for the benefit of those interested to go on a picnic from the nearby local area in the district of Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu.

Where to taste a slice of Andhra cuisine and Gujarati specialties in Chennai

This is a continuation of the previous article on Chennai. Those from Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat can have their own kind of vegetarian food at two restaurants that are near the city center in Chennai, namely Hotel Andhra Bhavan, and Gujarathi Mandal. This article seeks to provide information on these two restaurants and reviews their menus.

Travel safe – tips for tourists and other general travellers

This article gives several safety tips which a traveller must keep in mind while travelling within the country or abroad. The tips include what travellers must carry while going on a trip. It tells about various safety precautions a tourist must take while staying in a hotel or travelling in buses or trains abroad. It is a complete safety guide for anyone travelling abroad.

Major tourist attraction centers and places to visit in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the ancient cities of India well known for Indian traditions and culture. This article provides an account of ancient forts, historical constructions, monuments, and other interesting places. This article also provides an account of the World heritage sites like Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort.

Five must see places and three must do things in Chennai

Chennai is a fascinating city with irresistible charms and a rich culture. The city is a mix of the old and the new. It is the Detroit of India, with most major auto companies in the world having a unit in the city. It has many places to see. However, those who want to spend just three days in the city would do well to just stick to a plan and follow the basics of the itinerary suggested in this article.

Five popular tourist spots in the Medak district of Telangana

Have you been to Singur Dam in Medak district near Hyderabad? Have you seen popular attractions like Medak Church, Medak Fort, Durga Bhavani Temple and Pocharam Reservoir? If not, then learn about these tourist hotspots in and around Medak district of Telangana through this article.

Visiting Kasauli - traveller tips to a beautiful weekend destination

Himachal Pradesh is famous as Devbhoomi and is having many tourist places. Kasauli is one of them. Kasauli is a hilly town located in the district Solan of Himachal Pradesh. I visited Kasauli last year in the month of June with my family (my husband and my son) and this article provides an insight into the trip, with details on how to reach Kasauli, some hotels and resorts for stay and the major attractions of Kasauli.

What to do in case of a forest fire while trekking

Are you an adventurous person who loves trekking? Have you ever imagined a situation of getting trapped in a forest fire while you are on a trek? What would you do if you spot a forest fire while trekking? Here are some of the useful fire safety tips which trekkers should follow to save their life when they got stuck in a forest fire while trekking.

A guide to Shirdi Pilgrim and visiting its surrounding places

Shirdi is the most sought out pilgrim center for lakhs of Shri Shirdi Sai devotees throughout the year. This article provides an insight into the things one has to be taken care of before visiting this place, the various places one has to visit in the temple complex of Shri Shirdi Sai. This article also provides various interesting places one has to visit in this pilgrim tour.

Tourism: A visit to Puri and Sun Temple, Konark

The sea at Puri is turbulant and rough. The sea beach remains crowded from dawn to dusk with many tourists. They love to see the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal leaving white foams as the waters hit against the golden sand of the beach. Equally beautiful is the Sun Temple at Konark. The entire temple is in the shape of a horse drawn chariot. The sculpture of the sun temple is an artitectural marvel. Craftsmanship and amazing artistic thought can well be appreciated at the Temple.

Who is Athi Varadar and how to visit him?

Athi Varadar Temple in Kancheepuram is a most spoken pilgrim place in Tamil Nadu recently. Athi Varadar is an idol taken out of the temple's pond after 40 years and placed in the temple for darshan for 48 days. Since it happens once in every 4 decades, pilgrims from various places get crowded in the town. This article helps you in ways to get prepared for Athi Varadar Darshan, with respect to parking, online booking for tickets etc.

Know your Somnath temple: Gujarat

Read this article to know more detail on Somnath temple, oldest temples and pilgrimage place. Also, check the history, ancient Indian, tourists destination, Jyotirling at Somnath temple.

A guide to Nashik Pilgrim and visiting its surrounding places

Nashik is considered to be one of the most sacred religious places located in the Maharashtra state of India. Nashik city is connected with the various events of the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Religiously it is a very important place as the sacred river Godavari originates here and many temples connected to the events of the epics can be found in this place. The present article provides the details of all those important visiting places and sacred temples located in Nashik.

A short trip to Sagar Island

The Sagar Island, where the temple of Kapilmuni is located is a famous place of pilgrimage in West Bengal. In earlier days, it was really very difficult to reach Sagar Island because of tiger, crocodile, snakes and various diseases. But now, the civilization has progressed a lot and Sagar Island can be visited easily from Kolkata. In this article, the author recounts his experience of visiting the island.

Top 10 tourist spots to visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one of the developed cities of India where many monumental and historical places, museums, theme parks, entertainment resources, etc. are located. This article provides an insight into ten best tourist spots located in and around Hyderabad. Also, get to know the attractive features of Hyderabad tourism.

A magical and indelible trip to Rajasthan

This article is about my own travel experience to Rajasthan, which left an everlasting impression on me, an experience which I will always cherish and can't help but recount those memories and reminisce about them.

Wular lake: A great exotic destination in Kashmir

Are you searching for an incredible tourist spot in Kashmir? Wular Lake is one of the majestic lakes in Kashmir that attract a huge number of visitors every year. Go through this article and get interesting details about Wular Lake, Kashmir.

Tourism: A Visit to Prayag, Allahabad

Allahabad is famous for the Kumbh mela, archealogical sites and has always been in the headlines of Indian politics. Allahabad is steeped in mythology of prayag, also called Triveni or Sangam. Prayag is the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Allahabad was first named as Ilabash. It was Shah Jahan who changed the name to Illahabad which meant abode of Allah. In 1858 the British shifted their headquarter from Agra to Illahabad and the Britishers pronounced it as Allahabad.

Most famous Pancharama temples in Andhra Pradesh

Pancharamams means'Five Temples'. The five Siva temples found in Andhra Pradesh are known as Pancharama temples. In this article, I gave an account of the five ancient Siva temples found at various places of Andhra Pradesh and also about their mythological as well as historical importance.

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