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Travel & Tourism

This category of IndiaStudyChannel Articles section is related to Travel and Tourism in India. India is a vast country and has diverse geographical conditions and areas. Touring in India is like visiting the whole world in one country and yet get to enjoy the different places and satisfy your satiety of pleasure and adventure. Share your experience about traveling in India and the tips and different modalities that you made use of while traveling to get maximum comfort and best use of time while going to various tourist attractions and pilgrim places in India.
Share your experience while climbing the mountains and crossing the rivers and about how did you interact with the local people. Describe your words with photos you took on your trip to India and what would be your advice and tips to other travelers.

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Five must see places and three must do things in Chennai

Chennai is a fascinating city with irresistible charms and a rich culture. The city is a mix of the old and the new. It is the Detroit of India, with most major auto companies in the world having a unit in the city. It has many places to see. However, those who want to spend just three days in the city would do well to just stick to a plan and follow the basics of the itinerary suggested in this article.

Online tickets booking for Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express train

Want to book Western Railway tickets online for Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express? This article gives details of the train route, station halts, ticket price, time table, and features of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad. The Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Ahmedabad schedule with train numbers and departure and arrival times are provided, as also how to book the tickets online.

Where to taste a slice of Andhra cuisine and Gujarati specialties in Chennai

This is a continuation of the previous article on Chennai. Those from Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat can have their own kind of vegetarian food at two restaurants that are near the city center in Chennai, namely Hotel Andhra Bhavan, and Gujarathi Mandal. This article seeks to provide information on these two restaurants and reviews their menus.

Ten fascinating tourist spots in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most amazing tourist centers in India. Delhi city is a blend of both old and new cultures. This old city is bestowed with beautiful palaces, architectural monuments, gardens, museums, zoos, temples, Churches etc. In this article, I have provided an account of 10 beautiful and historical tourist spots that can be visited in the Delhi tour.

Five popular tourist spots in the Medak district of Telangana

Have you been to Singur Dam in Medak district near Hyderabad? Have you seen popular attractions like Medak Church, Medak Fort, Durga Bhavani Temple and Pocharam Reservoir? If not, then learn about these tourist hotspots in and around Medak district of Telangana through this article.

Wular lake: A great exotic destination in Kashmir

Are you searching for an incredible tourist spot in Kashmir? Wular Lake is one of the majestic lakes in Kashmir that attract a huge number of visitors every year. Go through this article and get interesting details about Wular Lake, Kashmir.

How to make your trip safe and comfortable

Most of the journey make us happier. But sometime we feel its better stay in home it self. Why this happens?. This is related to some tips to make your journey happy and safe. There are lot of things to care. But most of the time we will not get time to think and plan.

Travel tips while traveling with children in India

The present article gives a few tips to follow when you are traveling with children. Children, by their nature cannot be steady in their behaviors or reactions and soon get bored and tired of travel. They will not be able to tolerate hunger or sudden weather changes and may even fall sick. So it is always necessary to take some advance precaution to take care of their needs, food and drinks, rest and to keep them engaged and active. Here are some useful travel tips to be handy when you travel with children.

Visiting Kasauli - traveller tips to a beautiful weekend destination

Himachal Pradesh is famous as Devbhoomi and is having many tourist places. Kasauli is one of them. Kasauli is a hilly town located in the district Solan of Himachal Pradesh. I visited Kasauli last year in the month of June with my family (my husband and my son) and this article provides an insight into the trip, with details on how to reach Kasauli, some hotels and resorts for stay and the major attractions of Kasauli.

Importance of Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism in India: What do You Need to Know about This Area? Check the main reasons why you need to experience ecotourism in India. Find out the definition of ecotourism and its main features.

How to plan a trip to major tourist/pilgrim spots in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, one of the most developed States of India has plenty to offer by means of very good temples, beaches, tourist paradises, and more. What many tourists lack is the inside knowledge of how to travel comfortably within the State and save time and money, and yet enjoy the trip. This article is an attempt in this direction.

Who is Athi Varadar and how to visit him?

Athi Varadar Temple in Kancheepuram is a most spoken pilgrim place in Tamil Nadu recently. Athi Varadar is an idol taken out of the temple's pond after 40 years and placed in the temple for darshan for 48 days. Since it happens once in every 4 decades, pilgrims from various places get crowded in the town. This article helps you in ways to get prepared for Athi Varadar Darshan, with respect to parking, online booking for tickets etc.

Darjeeling Land Rovers: How to take a Heritage car safari from Manebhanjang to Sandakphu

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is not the only operational heritage public transport that the Queen of Hills has to offer to the history buff. Although not in the proper Darjeeling town, Series-I Land Rovers dating back to the 1950s still ply between Manebhanjang and Sandakphu of Darjeeling district and carry people and goods alike in high altitude areas. So how is it like to take a Land Rover ride to Sandakphu?

What to do when your wallet or passport is lost on travel

It is surely a nightmarish situation, but it does happen. Many tourists lose their wallet while traveling. Travelers to foreign countries lose their passport while traveling. What should a person do in such situations? Read this article to know.

Where to stay at Baranti: Hotels and resorts

A sleepy tribal village surrounded by Sal and Palash forest, small hillocks and beautiful dams, Baranti is fast coming up in the travel map of West Bengal as a popular weekend tour destination from Kolkata. Here is a list of hotels and resorts in Baranti where you can book your accommodation.

Baranti travel guide: A budget weekend tour from Kolkata

Baranti, a quaint hamlet in the Purulia district of West Bengal, is less than 250 kilometres from the capital of West Bengal and is therefore a great weekend trip destination from Kolkata. Check out Baranti tour itinerary to know more about this hilly lakeside village surrounded by dense forests, offering a perfect tryst with nature.

Visiting Tonglu and Tumling: A bit of Nepal without any visa or documents!

Do you know it is actually possible to visit a foreign country from India without having any kind of visa or documentation? You can visit some quaint Nepali villages lying very close to the border of West Bengal without any restriction. Tumling in Nepal is one of them, which is a few kilometres away from Tonglu in West Bengal, on the way to Sandakphu.

3 famous monasteries in Darjeeling you should visit

Darjeeling, the Queen of Himalayas, is not only famous for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, undulating lush green tea gardens, and snowy mountain peaks. The town is also the abode of several Buddhists monasteries, mostly Tibetan. They exhibit the rich religious heritage of Tibetan Buddhism and are must-visit destinations for the inquisitive traveller.

Why Jammu and Kashmir is a safe place for tourists

Do you want to enjoy your summer holidays and get some relief from the scorching heat in the country? Then leave aside apprehensions and, come and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in J&K. Tourists are picking up and the state is waiting to welcome you!

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) Museums in Darjeeling: Timings and entry fees

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) has set up three museums in the Darjeeling district. The one at Ghoom is most famous and is part of the Joy Ride Tour. Two other museums are situated in Kurseong and Sukna in Darjeeling district. You can get all tourist information about DHR museums in Darjeeling including their location, timings, and entry fees.

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