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India is a financial haven and money plays a very important role in the economy and about how to gain strength and financial stability on current markets. Such a level is attainable only with sound knowledge about the investment area in the economy. Whether it be bank savings accounts, correct types of Fixed deposits, share markets, company debentures, securities or gold investments and real estate, investments and profit making in India is always a huge money making business in India and is effected through innumerable factors and day to day events. Write about the Share markets in India and give tips and detailed information about which share to buy and when. Give references about the prime areas to invest in real estate and when to invest and when to sell out the real estate to gain huge profits in India.
Help people to gain proper knowledge about investing in Mutual funds and insurance policies to have a better standing in the society.

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How to unblock your Bank account or ATM card

In this article, you will know how to unblock either ATM or Bank account in case it is blocked by the Bank with or without advance notification to you. Also, know about Re-KYC.

Gold as an option for investment

In our country, Gold is considered as synonym for wealth and with the festival season is on most of us are planning to make an investment in Gold. Here I am providing you the knowledge about various methods of investment and possible benefits of investing your money in the Gold.

Financial freedom: Ways to achieve it.

Most of us depend on some source of income to meet our day to day needs. At times we are unable to cater the needs of the hour and tend to borrow loans at higher rates. A systematic plan and proper insights into our sources of income help us achieve our financial goals and help us with stand financial emergencies. This article provides information about ways to achieve financial freedom in simple and easily executable steps.

Procedure for change in bank account signatory of a company

Maintenance of bank accounts is a regular activity of finance department of various companies. Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the signatories of a bank account for various reasons like old signatory quit the job or transferred to a different location. Through this article I will discuss formalities required to be fulfilled to update the list of authorised signatories eligible to operate a bank account along with sharing sample covering letter and different board resolutions for the same.

Tollfree contact numbers of Banks in India

This article contains the website address and toll free numbers of all banks who are currently working in India. This will helpful for all and specially they do not know the contact details of their bank. If somebody will click the web address of bank he can get all the datas as per his requirement. Here we are not mentioned about rural banks and co-operative banks. We are tried to list all the banks. If any bank we left please inform us, we will change in our database.

Reason for Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

Bookkeeping And Accounting plays a vital role in today's business environment. Proper bookkeeping of your business will help your business run smoothly. For the effective and quality bookkeeping, it always better to outsource bookkeeping services

How to systematically save money for the long term

There are many ways in which we can save money. All savings should be for long-term only as for as many as ten years. This is absolutely essential and it should be noted that this is a relatively easy task to execute, if we plan well. The "how" of doing this is sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

How to buy Bitcoin?

In this article, you will know what is Bitcoin, how to purchase bitcoin and best app for cryptocurrencies etc. Pros and cons of bitcoin or crypto is available too.

How to submit online applications for DDA Delhi low-cost housing scheme 2021

Are you searching for the 2021 lottery housing scheme of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for low-cost houses in New Delhi? This article provides complete information on the flats available at a low price for HIG, MIG, LIG, EWS and JANTA category buyers through the 2021 DDA housing scheme. Details of the flat locations, size and cost, eligibility requirements and the registration procedure have all been provided.

Looking to invest? - Here are the different investment options

This article explains the different investment options for a naive investor, who is willing to invest their earnings wisely. Various options from cash to cryptocurrencies are discussed in detail to get a clear understanding of different investment types.

Why it is important to start investing early?

Investing early is important to fulfill long term financial goals. This article outlines why it is important to invest early and what are the advantages. Every investor who is starting to invest during the early days will have more chances of making a big fortune over time.

How to buy a home with low income in India?

Read this article to know how you can buy a home in India even if you are from the low income group. Know from where you can get financing and which Government schemes can help you in fulfiling the dream of your own home.

Know the rights of a home loan defaulter and how to deal with the situation

People take a home loan for a very long duration. During this period, there may be some sort of financial emergency. A borrower may default in case he is unable to pay the EMI. Even in such cases, the bank can't take arbitrary action. The defaulter has some rights. In this article, the author discusses these rights. He has also mentioned what should a borrower do on his own in case of financial difficulties.

Beginners Guide to Mutual Funds

Wealthy individuals invest huge amounts in stock market with the help of a financial advisor. The small investors who wish to enter the stock market are hit in the process without the professional advice. Mutual Funds come to the rescue of such investors who have just stepped into the world of stock market and are unaware of the nuances of the trade. Here is a basic guide to help the small investors who have just entered the market to have an overview of this option of investment.

Yes bank crisis: why it failed and current status

After the PMC banking crisis, another Indian bank is on the verge of collapse. Apart from using the words 'on the verge of', we can probably say, the ship of Yes bank is almost sunk. So what are the factors that lead to the destruction of one of India's best-performing banks not too long ago? Let's analyze.

How to apply online for PMEGP Government financial assistance for new businesses

Are you an entrepreneur seeking funds for setting up a new business unit in a village or town? Learn all about the Govt. of India's Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) through this informative article. It explains the salient features of PMEGP, its benefits, eligibility requirements, and the online application procedure as well.

How to minimize tax-related litigation through Vivaad Se Vishwas Scheme

Looking for the salient features of the Vivaad Se Vishwas Scheme? Want to know how to settle your tax disputes without any hassles? Learn from this article the general details of the Vivaad Se Vishwas Scheme, including the payment terms, and how it may help taxpayers to avail of immunity from a proceeding for prosecution as well as its other benefits.

Warren Buffet rule: Never lose your money in the stock market

This article highlights the importance of avoiding losses in the stock market for long term or short term investment. An example will give you an idea of how disastrous it is for you to stick to a single stock for the long term after a huge loss.

When should startups outsource their Accounting in Dubai?

Running a business can be very challenging at times. If you have a startup in Dubai, it can be more challenging due to the fierce competition. As an owner, you are expected to handle different aspects of the business simultaneously. If you don't have a supportive team that is skilled at handling various tasks, this path can be full of curveballs for you.

Top Advantages of outsourcing auditing services in Dubai

If you are the owner of a startup, your plate must be filled with a lot of work. Running a start-up is not everyone's cup of tea. An owner needs to dedicate all his time, energy and efforts in establishing the startup on a firm footing. As an owner of the business or an organization, you must be well equipped with all the responsibilities one needs to undertake.

How to make MLWB Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF) payments online

Looking for the official website of the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund to make online payments? This article provides complete information of the Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board's newly launched website to enable employers in Maharashtra to register their establishments and make MLWF payments online. Details of the people who need to register and make the payment, and the procedure to do so have been provided.

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