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The world of children is always a nice place to be in. It is a place where worries and tensions are still years away from them. Fun, play, frolic is a thing for everyday and to develop, take active part in everyday life and get the best award they can get in their early years of life. Children's world in IndiaStudyChannel to write about Children, make them learn, grow, take part in Essays and Debates online and to submit their drawings, paintings and craft work. Get your child's efforts recognized and give them a place to express their hearts out and develop the habit of creativity.
Present your articles as parents to guide others into the wellbeing and nurturing of better habits and moralities into life and to write references about how to bring up your child into the world and to make them ready to face the world.

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How to appoint a class monitor

In this essay, let us consider various aspects of appointing a class monitor. The teacher and the students should both play a role in appointing a class monitor. A monitor should be a good leader and should be able to handle responsibilities.

Bridging generation gap between teachers and students

In this article, I am discussing about the generation gap between teachers and students which should be bridged. The teachers and students should maintain a harmonious relationship. As parents and children experience the problem of generation gap, it can arise between teachers and students too. This problem can be bridged through mutual understanding and modifying mental framework.

Importance of co-scholastic activities for children

In this debate, I want to discuss the importance of co-scholastic activities in schools. These activities are essential for overall development, but the school authorities should also focus upon motivating the students. The students should not feel overwhelmed due to these activities, but should build skills that are essential in day-to-day life.

Schools in my India should be free of punishments.

We are celebrating Independence Day on August 15 in India and I want to tell you that Independence means freedom. India got freedom in the year 1947 and now in this essay, I want to tell you what freedom I want for my country.

My best friend essay for primary students

In this article, you read about the characteristics of a true friend. 'Who is known as a best friend in school' and 'why is the person known as a best friend. A best friend is different from other students.

Techniques teachers should use to discipline their students

This article showcases about the different methods teachers should use to discipline the students rather than flogging or canning them. They should focus upon uplifting the students rather than creating a disciplined atmosphere. Teachers play an important role in shaping child's future.

Pocket money: boon or bane for children?

Are you giving pocket money to your child? Did you ever wonder in what things your child is using his pocket money? Is he utilising it or just wasting? Is pocket money leading him to some unhealthy habits? Read this article and decide whether you should continue this practice of giving pocket money to your child or not.

Loyalty: An important virtue- an Essay

Loyalty is an important virtue that helps people develop strong relations with others. This essay explains the importance of loyalty and the benefits of being loyal. It also explains how loyalty can be developed among students.

How to prepare for the examinations

Are you worried for your examinations? Are you not prepared for them? No need to worry, sit back and follow the tips given in the article. These tips would help you in being relaxed and preparing for your exams with the right attitude and in the right way .

Are we really being human from inside?

Children are the messengers of God. They are little angles who need to be loved, nurtured and taken care of. But are we doing this properly? Why do we see every other day new born babies being found lying(or rather being left by their parents)in every place other than the hospitals? Day by day this number is increasing. If this is the real scenario then are we really being human? This article seeks an answer to this question.

Essay Topic : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Bringing forward one of my favorites as well as one of the most practical essay topics one would witness in life. This topic is such a one which has a great influence on children as well as working professionals. Sometime or the other each and every individual has to face this topic in one form or the other.

Why is value education considered essential for primary classes

In this debate, I have explained the positive impact of value education in primary students and also the negative aspects. Ultimately, the aim of value education is to teach the values that are essential in life. Hence should view both the negative and positive sides.

An Essay on My Ambition in Life- Writer

In this essay, I am narrating to the viewers about my future goals. When I grow up, I wish to become a writer because I am extremely passionate about writing. Whenever I am free, I compose poems, essays, or even try to write some stories.

An essay on how to become humble-the sweetest virtue

Practising the values in life makes people virtuous. Being humble is a virtue, and whoever practises it becomes loveable. Humility spreads sweetness, so it's the sweetest virtue of all. Let's see in the following essay why being humble is sweet.

"Manners maketh a man"

This article explains the importance of manners in our daily life. A person should follow some regular manners when they meet someone. You are often remembered by your behavior and mannerisms. By being well-mannered, you can easily secure help.

An essay on Integrity- A cardinal virtue in student life

Integrity is required to make life better forever. A person without integrity can do some wrong acts which can change his life and damage honesty and relationships. The essay explains the meaning of integrity, its importance, how to keep it, and how is it helpful.

An essay on humanity as a value in life which we desperately need

Are you interested in social works, then here is your dream topic "humanity" which refers to unconditional love and support to all living beings on the earth in the case of their needs. It's what makes us humans, different from other breathing creatures around us. It is a value, only humans can achieve and act on. I've discussed in this essay the current status of humanity, and its importance in our life in society.

Strict teachers vs liberal teachers - who are more progressive?

In this article, I am explaining the characteristics of strict and liberal teachers and mentioning whether a strict teacher or a liberal teacher is progressive. Both the teachers are trying to motivate the students but in different ways. But can a strict teacher or a liberal teacher ultimately lead the students towards progress?

Why kids should complete their homework themselves

Do you do your kid's homework? Are you aware that you are spoiling your child? Unknowingly we are dispiriting the children from adopting the hardworking attitude just because we cannot see our children struggling while completing the assignments.

An essay on why reading is a favorite hobby

In this essay, I am narrating to the readers about my hobby. In my spare time, I read books to gain information and knowledge about different subjects. After reading many books, I learned to speak fluently. I also learned some valuable lessons in life because some of the books I read are really inspiring.

A short essay on the value of self-esteem

This short essay narrates characteristics of high self-esteem and low self-esteem. Also, it describes how to increase self-esteem. Create positive relationships and avoid negatives - you can then improve your self-esteem.

An essay on the impact of faith as a virtue

What do virtue and value mean to us? Should we practice them in our lives? Are these always helpful in shaping human personality? This essay describes faith, one of the many virtues, and its impact on life.

A short essay on why truthfulness is a supreme virtue

Why must you tell the truth? Building good relationships in society is always important and to do that you need to gain the trust of others. The analysis presented here will help you to understand why trust is essential. This short essay describes the importance of remaining truthful and tips to remain truthful.

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