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The world of children is always a nice place to be in. It is a place where worries and tensions are still years away from them. Fun, play, frolic is a thing for everyday and to develop, take active part in everyday life and get the best award they can get in their early years of life. Children's world in IndiaStudyChannel to write about Children, make them learn, grow, take part in Essays and Debates online and to submit their drawings, paintings and craft work. Get your child's efforts recognized and give them a place to express their hearts out and develop the habit of creativity.
Present your articles as parents to guide others into the wellbeing and nurturing of better habits and moralities into life and to write references about how to bring up your child into the world and to make them ready to face the world.

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My favorite subject-Science

In this essay, I am narrating about my favorite subject Science. It is my favorite subject in school today because we study about many interesting concepts around us. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and discover the world of animals. I can study these concepts in Science.

Make Your Kids 21st-Century-Ready with PlanetSpark

This article explains the importance of new-age skills for kids to excel in the 21st Century. Read more to know how PlanetSpark's online courses will help your kid develop these skills through interactive activities and make it a fun learning experience.

My favorite subject - History

In this essay, I am explaining about my favourite subject in school. My favourite subject is history because I can study some interesting topics about the past. Some of the interesting chapters that I study in history are The Great Columbus, Indian war of Independence, Early man, etc. So, these topics are profoundly interesting and I want to become an archaeologist when I grow up.

Reading as a hobby for children

Writing about hobbies is one of the most common essays given to students in schools and in competitions. The article provides the essay on reading as a hobby for the students. The various benefits of reading are compiled for the children to go through and be benefitted.

Do strict teachers uplift the students

In this debate, I am discussing if the strict teachers can improve the students weaknesses. Students are scared of some teachers and they try their best to fulfill the expectations of the teachers. But some teachers who are liberal minded can also uplift the child and inculcate confidence within them.

Internet – A boon or bane to human beings

The Internet is a common thing these days. And students always get to write an essay on this topic. So, here is an essay that talks about the pros and cons of the internet. I am discussing both aspects of the internet in this essay.

Benefits of activity based learning

Activity based learning is being adopted by each and every school these days. Students also benefit a lot from this methodology. This essay will make it easy for the students in understanding the benefits and compiling them when needed for school submissions.

Benefits of Smart Classes in Schools

Most of the schools are adopting Smart Classes or the Zoom Classes as a method of teaching in their schools along with the traditional way of teaching. The essay here gives the benefits of the smart classes and how it could prove to be productive for the children. The topic is a good essay topic and can provoke the students to write more on their own.

An Essay on My Ambition in Life- Writer

In this essay, I am narrating to the viewers about my future goals. When I grow up, I wish to become a writer because I am extremely passionate about writing. Whenever I am free, I compose poems, essays, or even try to write some stories.

Essay on my favorite subject - social science

In this essay, I am explaining about my favourite subject. It is my favourite subject because we study the relationship between individuals and society as well as the development of society. In this subject, we study society in the context of equality and diversity. We can learn about the culture in various communities and the world. It is understood as an important subject in today's interconnected international communities. When I grow up, I would like to be a social researcher.

Essay for school children: My favorite school subject - English

In this essay, I have mentioned about my favourite subject in school, which is English. In the English class, I have learnt many interesting lessons, grammar and the art of composition. Also, my English teacher is dedicated and committed who has taught us to build our linguistic skills.

A brief description about my school library

In this essay, I am narrating about my school library. It is a large hall containing several books that are neatly placed on the shelf. I enjoy reading books in this serene place. So, every Thursday, we visit this calm place and read novels, magazines and newspapers. We also follow some rules of discipline during this period. After reading, I improved my vocabulary and acquired knowledge about various aspects of life.

Importance of co-scholastic activities for children

In this debate, I want to discuss the importance of co-scholastic activities in schools. These activities are essential for overall development, but the school authorities should also focus upon motivating the students. The students should not feel overwhelmed due to these activities, but should build skills that are essential in day-to-day life.

Should parents argue with school authorities or Principals

In this debate, I am discussing some points about parents and school authorities. When the teachers or principals commit a mistake, should the parents of the child argue with the school authorities? While the school authorities should also realize their mistake, does it tarnish the image of teachers, principals and school authorities?

How playgroup activities are enjoyable

In this article, I am narrating my joyful experiences of playgroup. I was just a toddler then who spent time playing, walking around and looking out of the window. My teacher taught me many wonderful games and I learnt to play these games with my friends. I played with many lovely toys and even watched a beautiful movie. These days were so wonderful that I always recall them in my leisure time and would like to share them to let you know how playgroup activities can be enjoyable.

Essay on My school garden

In this essay, I am giving a description on my school garden. It is a beautiful place and we love to play around the garden. Our gardeners are always taking care of the garden. We play different games in the garden and enjoy with our friends.

Essay on My favorite Subject-Computer

In this essay, I am narrating about my favorite subject in school Computers. We study both theory and practical aspects of a computer. Our Computer teacher is well-qualified and she teaches us with devotion. She also conducts practical sessions for us and we can learn to operate a computer.

How I celebrated Independence Day online this year

Every year in our school, we celebrate Independence Day and this year we could not celebrate Independence Day. The school remains closed this year because coronavirus is still spreading widely. Yet we celebrated Independence Day online. We saluted the national flag online and showed our respect for our motherland. This essay gives details of the online celebrations.

Essay on My Ambition in life-Baker

In this essay, I am narrating about my ambition in life. When I grow up, I want to be a baker because I love cooking and want to cook delicious items. Everybody wants to eat these delicious items during special occasions. So, after I complete my 12th Grade, I want to join a baking institute and learn the art of baking.

An essay on why reading is a favorite hobby

In this essay, I am narrating to the readers about my hobby. In my spare time, I read books to gain information and knowledge about different subjects. After reading many books, I learned to speak fluently. I also learned some valuable lessons in life because some of the books I read are really inspiring.

My favorite teacher in school

Want to write an essay about your favourite school teacher? This essay can be used as a starting point. I have explained about my favorite teacher in school. I have also mentioned the reasons for being my best teacher. She has taught me with great devotion and also contributed with commitment.

Should dull students be detained or promoted - a debate

In this debate, I have explained the advantages of promoting the students who flunk in the exams. Some of the students are slightly weaker in a subject or two and they should be promoted to the next level. But, some students should be detained due to some genuine reasons. So, the government should wisely decide the students who should be detained.

Essay on a child's first-hand experience with online teaching

In this essay, I am narrating my experience with online teaching. Today, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many schools are conducting online classes. I feel happy to study online, but sometimes I miss my teachers and my classmates as well.

Character sketch of Gandhiji

In this essay, I have explained the qualities of a great leader who fought for our independence. He was known as Mahatma or the great soul because he dedicated his life for the nation and exhibited some special qualities as a leader and as the father of our nation.

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