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A poem can move you deeply, inspire you to achieve your goals and even help you out of a feeling of depression. Romantic poems can help you communicate your feelings to your sweetheart while a general poem of love can express what you feel to all your loved ones. Then there are poems which convey tragedy which brings a tear to your eye. Let's not forget children's poems too! Fancy yourself a poet? Pen a poem and submit here at Inspire and get inspired with the poems in this category of General Poems.

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Understanding the metamorphosis of corporate India in the new era

There has been a big change in the way Corporate India has reacted to Globalization. There has been a sea change in terms of professionalism. Indian companies have adopted strategies to meet multinational competition in India. Some major trends are sought to be discussed in this article.

Major factors that drive the village economy of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a very distinct village culture. It is a curious melting point of the old and the new. There are several lessons that this rural economy can teach to even economists who are interested in specific aspects of development economics. This article is an attempt to discuss certain aspects of the village culture Tamil Nadu and it's implications for the growth of the State economy in some detail.

Darbar: A blockbuster that has failed to make an impression

Rajnikant the superstar of Tamil cinema had such a big stake in the recently released "Darbar". The movie has been made in Tamil and dubbed in Telugu and Hindi. The movie has clearly turned out to be a big disappointment. The initial draw to the theaters has been good. But the fans have been let down by a weak script and story. This review seeks to discuss how this big-budget film fails to impress the audience in some detail.

How to cope with life's complexities in their totality

The water problem. Problems associated with education of children. Complexities of driving in peak hour traffic. Pollution. Scarcity of domestic servants. Very little living space. The complexities of life are increasing day after day. Yet, we can easily cope with such complexities by exploring alternatives.

How to make others say "This-guy-or-woman-is-awesome" everyday

The word awesome is the toast of Generation Y. The same crowd that earns one hundred thousand rupees effortlessly and is raring to go. How do they say " awesome" about someone? Based on understanding a cross-section of these people and their experiences and others working in service industries or even manufacturing, the rules seem to be deceptively similar. Some dimensions of these rules that define the game are discussed in this article.

The Whisper: A poem which delineates the experiences of a woman

This poem attempts to portray the confinement to which women are subjected to. Although the poem is composed of extreme random images, the imagery of confinement, even in apparent freedom, summarizes the poem. "The Whisper" deals with the most personal experiences of women.

Short poem on My Daughter, My Bundle of Joy

In this poem I have written about my feelings about my baby daughter. The dream which I had been seeing from months has come to reality. I feel happy, emotional and full of gratitude seeing my bundle of joy.

The concrete rose as the timber fell.

Deforestation. A vile act of defiling and devouring the homes of peaceful wildlife. This is a poem written by me imagining the pains felt by animals. Also this poem shows how the concrete jungle expands as the actual jungle diminishes.

Patriarchy is not restricted to Earth alone

This poem narrates the tale of Medusa, a popular legendary Greek monster that turned people who looked into its eyes into stone. She was a chief priestess of Athena who got ravaged by the god Poseidon. The tragic tale reminds us of the present day judiciary system that exonerates the assailant and victimizes the victim.

The plight of a man outside Time

What would it be like to be outside a time cycle? This is a poem which describes the feeling of Lord Shiva when he sees his family and friends slowly age and fall, while he remains outside time.

A sand castle at the end of the world

Our star-crossed pair decides to build a castle of sand at the end of the world. The lovers were happy with their mundane life. But what happened next was a tragedy that even Shakespeare would find hard to portray.

The day I thought to give up

This is a self written poem. I want to express the feelings of a stressed out person, who gives up to the situation. The situation might be very difficult to handle. Just believe in God and yourself. Every hardship comes with an exit window. We just need to gather all our power and look for the solution.

I am a sandwich or girl I

Searching for poems depicting a girl's life. Are you willing to know the tough life of a girl and what she feels when she is struck between the society and her dreams ? Then you are on the right page. Read the poem and give your views.

Orphan - a poem on lost childhood and agony of life

This poem Orphan is about a boy who is abandoned by his mother. Orphan is all about an innocent child who lost his childhood. He is unable to get education and good habits as he grew up. As time passes, he takes up stealing for his daily livelihood. One fine day he is caught by the police and imprisoned. The Society mocks at him.

How to teach nursery rhyme,'Rain, rain! Come again'?

In this article, you will find the nursery rhyme, 'Rain, rain! Come again!' as it is given in rhymes and songs book of kindergarten. But it will be followed by some explanation, activities, conversation and questions asked by kids regarding the rain. You can use one or all the suggestions listed here to develop your child's personality.

The journey of educational life

My article is based on the poetry of a challenging educational life faced by the students of today's generation. The article and its poetry is enjoyable as it has a deep meaning inside and can be related with our student life.

'A Few Good Habits' An interesting poem for kids

This is a poem teaching kids numerous good habits that they will inculcate in them easily after reading this small poem. I think it is always easy to teach something with poems or music as they have a strong flair for music.

Communication by birds in Tamil Literature

People must be familiar with the communication used by Kalidasa in Sanskrit where he had used Cloud as a messenger in his Meghaduth. Here is the article on Tamil scholars used the birds as communication messenger in love, friendship etc., Please read on.

Make in India-a clarion call to global investors

This article deliberates on PM's clarion call, "Make in India: zero defect, zero effect". Efforts by previous government, India's possibilities to emerge as a global player, the future road map and frameworks are also discussed here.

It's so good that it hurts too much: a poem on romance and lost love

Everyone is fond of going through some poem on romance or lost love and the pain which pierce deep into the heart. Here the author have brought up a unique poem on love and has presented it in a solitary fashion. Read this interesting poem which has great emotions running flawlessly in each and every words and is titled as "It's so good that it hurts too much".

"Before You Let Me Go": a romantic poem that can touch you deeply

"Before You Let Me Go": a romantic poem is given here. This is a touching rather romantic poem titled "Before You Let Me Go." Go through it and lets see how you feel. Read the below poem on "Before You Let Me Go" which can definitely ride you to a wonder land.

Remember your childhood with "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!"

In this article, you will find a lovely discussion on the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!". Wonder about stars is always there in kids as well as in elders. Every night these stars astonishing every body. Many of us get a relief from routine tensions, when we look at these stars.

The Time For Olympics

This article is about "The Time For Olympics" which is a short poem about the athletes who are performing in the Rio Olympics 2016. The poem written in the format like motivating the athletes who performing in the Olympics where they finally achieves their medals in the Olympics.

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