Beating the heights, by virtue of optimism: An essay.

Optimism is one of the major causes of our success. It fills us with confidence to go through the obstacles and to be successful in life. A kite falls many times but it proves and sets an example by rising again, that we can again rise even after failing several times and it is the optimism that led us to work after such difficulties.

A short essay on why truthfulness is a supreme virtue

Why must you tell the truth? Building good relationships in society is always important and to do that you need to gain the trust of others. The analysis presented here will help you to understand why trust is essential. This short essay describes the importance of remaining truthful and tips to remain truthful.

Right to freedom - a universal fundamental right in the Indian Constitution

The basis of freedom is to give people authority over their own lives and choices, to give them the right to live independently. The right to freedom is one of the six fundamental rights of our constitution. It is the freedom that our state gives to every citizen irrespective of caste, creed, race, or sex. But even today, discrimination, untouchability, Ignorance, and bigotry among the citizens are becoming one of the major challenges in the effective implementation.

An essay on how to safeguard the fundamental duty of harmony and brotherhood amongst all

The fabric of India's Constitution is a combination of Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties of the citizens. At times, the citizens' fundamental right gets violated, then they protest, which is obvious. Similarly, when the citizens ignore their primary duties, they must be answerable to the country. This essay discusses the role of every Indian to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities

Team-building skills learned from my Management Professor

Do you know the important value of a teacher in student life? it is the knowledge that they instilling this value in their students. They assist in developing the desirable moral values of students like honesty, responsibility, public-minded, and become kind & helpful in addition to academic learning. I have discussed in the essay the honor that a teacher deserves and the sense of duty of the students.

My Kindergarten teacher made me interested in studies

A teacher is an important pillar of society. They play a key role in shaping our future. They make us understand how to face challenges in life and give tips to overcome challenges in our way of life. In this essay, I am describing how my kindergarten teacher created interest in me in my studies.

My science teacher is a mentor for my lifetime

Teachers train students in many aspects. A good teacher will always guide his students on the right path and make them good and responsible. They never treat the teaching as a job but as a boon they got and their role in this society is second to none. How my science teacher mentored my life is described in this essay.

Essay for school children: My favorite school subject - English

In this essay, I have mentioned about my favourite subject in school, which is English. In the English class, I have learnt many interesting lessons, grammar and the art of composition. Also, my English teacher is dedicated and committed who has taught us to build our linguistic skills.

A brief essay on how to develop moral values of respect in children

Respect is a moral value that is the basis of a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. It is a two-way process that means a person can get respect when he respects others. The present essay gives a brief on the types of respect, its benefits, and ways of development of respect.

Kindness, a value one should have - an Essay

Kindness is one of the important values one should have. Being kind to others is a very good trait. One should understand the necessity of kindness. In this essay, the importance of kindness in our lives is discussed.

An Essay on Right to Constitutional Remedies- A Fundamental Right to Redressal

Every citizen of India is entitled to the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution of India. Even then, sometimes people face some kind of violation of their fundamental rights, and then the Rights to Constitutional Remedies come to the rescue. This right guarantees the appellant a remedy and gives him the right to petition the Supreme Court for the enforcement of his rights. In this essay, Signification, limitations and implications of the Right to Constitutional Remedies are provided.

An essay on our fundamental duty of protecting and improving natural environment

Fundamental duties of Indian Citizens are mentioned in Article 51A under Part-IV A of the Indian Constitution. There are 11 fundamental duties mentioned there. One of them mentions protecting and improving the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures. The article discusses in detail this and the role of the individual in performing the same.

How effective is the fundamental duty to strive for excellence in all spheres in India?

Do you know your basic duties towards your country as a citizen? The basic duty is the moral responsibility of all citizens through which the unity of the country and patriotism among the people is awakened. How much have you contributed to the overall development of the country? Here is a brief discussion on fundamental duties given by the constitution to strive for excellence in all spheres towards your country.

Equality in India- A fundamental right, a quest for order in society

Equality is a concept that is an enigma in itself, Can society and its members ever be equal? This is a question since ancient times. As everyone is different and has different merits and inclinations can they really be equal? So why do we seek equality? Why is it necessary? This article tries to find out some of these answers.

Character sketch of Gandhiji

In this essay, I have explained the qualities of a great leader who fought for our independence. He was known as Mahatma or the great soul because he dedicated his life for the nation and exhibited some special qualities as a leader and as the father of our nation.

How my mathematics teacher motivated me to excel in mathematics

Our teachers are instrumental in shaping our academic journey. Some of the teachers are very serious in guiding the students in a proper channel and correct their direction. This article is about my Mathematics teacher who motivated me to excel in Mathematics.

A short essay on peace

Peace is one of the important human values. It refers to silence or reconcilement. It means to live together in harmony. Without it, society can't progress. It is very necessary for the growth of society as well as a nation. Peace is similar to nonviolence. This article describes how it is important for the nation as well as society.

Essay on a child's first-hand experience with online teaching

In this essay, I am narrating my experience with online teaching. Today, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many schools are conducting online classes. I feel happy to study online, but sometimes I miss my teachers and my classmates as well.

Team-building skills learned from my Scout-Guide Teacher

Several schools have Scouts & Guide Programme in their school curriculum. It empowers students with the various necessary skills, such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and survival skills. It also helps them to manage and survive in any condition. The present essay narrates the significance of Scout & Guides and the role of my scout Guide teacher in developing team-building skills.

An essay on self-control. A real virtue

Self-control is one of the important virtues one should have. Self-control will help us in making correct decisions and our relations with others also will improve. People with self-control will be successful in their lives. Various factors of self-control are discussed in this essay.

How my teacher helped me take away fear and improve my presentation skills

No matter how perfect and confident we feel when alone, this is never the same when confronted with live audiences. To overcome our fear and at the same time exhibit confidence and efficiency does not only require continuous practice and dedicated efforts but also involves techniques to make it more effective. A few of these will be discussed here.

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