Techniques teachers should use to discipline their students

This article showcases about the different methods teachers should use to discipline the students rather than flogging or canning them. They should focus upon uplifting the students rather than creating a disciplined atmosphere. Teachers play an important role in shaping child's future.

Pocket money: boon or bane for children?

Are you giving pocket money to your child? Did you ever wonder in what things your child is using his pocket money? Is he utilising it or just wasting? Is pocket money leading him to some unhealthy habits? Read this article and decide whether you should continue this practice of giving pocket money to your child or not.

Are we really being human from inside?

Children are the messengers of God. They are little angles who need to be loved, nurtured and taken care of. But are we doing this properly? Why do we see every other day new born babies being found lying(or rather being left by their parents)in every place other than the hospitals? Day by day this number is increasing. If this is the real scenario then are we really being human? This article seeks an answer to this question.

Why is value education considered essential for primary classes

In this debate, I have explained the positive impact of value education in primary students and also the negative aspects. Ultimately, the aim of value education is to teach the values that are essential in life. Hence should view both the negative and positive sides.

Strict teachers vs liberal teachers - who are more progressive?

In this article, I am explaining the characteristics of strict and liberal teachers and mentioning whether a strict teacher or a liberal teacher is progressive. Both the teachers are trying to motivate the students but in different ways. But can a strict teacher or a liberal teacher ultimately lead the students towards progress?

Why kids should complete their homework themselves

Do you do your kid's homework? Are you aware that you are spoiling your child? Unknowingly we are dispiriting the children from adopting the hardworking attitude just because we cannot see our children struggling while completing the assignments.

Should parents argue with school authorities or Principals

In this debate, I am discussing some points about parents and school authorities. When the teachers or principals commit a mistake, should the parents of the child argue with the school authorities? While the school authorities should also realize their mistake, does it tarnish the image of teachers, principals and school authorities?

Advantages and disadvantages of unit tests in schools

In this article, I am discussing if unit tests can uplift the performance of a student or not. Many schools are conducting unit tests before periodic tests. But are the students really benefited? Some students are able to perform better in the periodic tests and final exams. However, some students are not improving despite appearing for several tests in a year.

Should attendance become compulsory or optional in schools?

In this article, I am debating if students should compulsorily attend classes. We think that attendance should become compulsory because students should seriously attend classes and study harder. But we are still fearful as the problem is not yet fully eradicated and the kids are not vaccinated. So, the parents and teachers should effectively communicate with each other to firmly decide if they should send their child to school or not.

Should dull students be detained or promoted - a debate

In this debate, I have explained the advantages of promoting the students who flunk in the exams. Some of the students are slightly weaker in a subject or two and they should be promoted to the next level. But, some students should be detained due to some genuine reasons. So, the government should wisely decide the students who should be detained.

Do strict teachers uplift the students

In this debate, I am discussing if the strict teachers can improve the students weaknesses. Students are scared of some teachers and they try their best to fulfill the expectations of the teachers. But some teachers who are liberal minded can also uplift the child and inculcate confidence within them.

Things to Know About Bangalore Preschool Admissions

Bangalore is a celebrated destination. In this city where the trees sway and birds sing praises of this beautiful weather... you can rest, find the checklist about all those things to consider of a school before the admission.

How to Choose the Right School for Your Child?

Choosing the right school for your kid is not an easy task. For that parents need to do a lot of research. Because school education and environment make a great impact on a child's development stage. Check out this article to get the best tips for selecting the right school for your kid.

How to conduct children's day activities and events for school children

Children's day in India is celebrated on November 14 coinciding with the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru whom the children called Chacha Nehru (Nehru uncle) with love and affection. About a week long celebrations start in schools before 14th November. For this purpose, the schools plan and organize various games, sports and other events. This article deals with this aspect of the children's day celebrations.

Ranking system vs grade system in school

This article explains the merits and demerits of ranking system and grading system in school. The principle should wisely decide whether ranking system or grade system is better in school. Every system has its own merits and failings and the school authorities, students and parents should make any system successful.

Managing temper tantrums in children

All of us in some point of our lives do face the problem or challenge of handling a angry and aggressive child. Tackling the same becomes a tricky situation without proper guidance. Parents have to constantly keep working on ways to teach the child about how to deal with emotions in a better way.

My ambition in life is to be a doctor

This is an essay on my ambition in life or my aim in life. Everybody has an ambition and so my ambition is to be a doctor.A qualified doctor who would be there for the poor and the needy. This essay can be used for projects and educational purposes also.

When to allow kids for night-outs with friends?

It is really a tough call to decide when our kids are grown up enough to be send for late night parties and night-outs. Being a cautious mother myself, i can under the dilemma faced by every mother. But with a few tips and smartness tricks, you are ready to handle this. be cautious but not over-protective and your kids would be too proud of you.

Importance of debates in the civilized world

Debate is extremely important to our survival as a civilized world. Talking about issues and trying to figure out how to solve them, not only makes the World go round, make people smarter(reading, writing and researching are its core parts), and makes it easier for us to handle issues when they arise. In this article i have described about importance of debates and how to improve debating skills.

Shortage of teachers in India and its effect on education

The article gives a brief idea on how is the problem of shortage of teachers is going to affect India. Today where most of the people are behind engineering, medicine, corporate jobs, glamor professions etc. and 80 percent of them after there are in an urge search for an employment there is vacancies in the etching professions especially in the higher secondary and senior secondary schools. Qualified teachers are a rare thing to find today in our schools.

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