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How to effectively use self drawn paintings to beautify the home

Painting is one of the first hobbies taken up by the children that can bloom into a profession if properly guided. The exhibition of the talent should begin at home itself. The article gives some ideas on how to display the paintings done by you in creative ways in the house itself for your guests and relatives to see, appreciate and give feedback as well.

Snakes & Ladders - An Educational Board Game For Your Children

Do you need something for your kids that is educational, gadget-free and fun to play? Then what can be better than engaging your child with a classic snake & ladder board game. It teaches strategy skills to your children, teamwork, color recognition and it is fun to play. It is a great way to bond with the entire family members playing this game. Let us now look at the various educational values and benefits that your child can get playing this game.

Copy colouring Books Vs Drawing Books

Copy colouring books are good ways to keep the child busy. They also help the children to be disciplined from a very young age. But do we realize the harms done the same books. I tried to question the advantages of the copy colouring books by giving options to the examinee- my own son. Read more to understand how these books harm our children.

Knowledgeadventure.com - A place for all kids and for all types of fun and enjoyment

This is the time for strong competition in studies as well as other activities. Parents are highly ambitious for their kids and hence they want their kids learn everything as fast as they can. Due to this reason, old cute toys are now replaced with new educational and adventure oriented toys based on video games, Mobile apps, internet etc.

Educational game - Abacus and Shape Sorter for kids

The topic of my article is for those kids who are between 1-6 years. These are the years when a toddler responds to everything coming across his or her way in a vigorous manner. My article describes two very famous games among toddlers and kids who have not joined a school yet. Those games are abacus and shape sorter. These games are not only educational but also well appreciated by the parents. I think that it is really enjoyable for the kids.

Best guidelines and tips for making good painting objects

Painting is an art of human beings. Painting on objects is always liked by the children. This article gives you the tips and guidelines for making good painting objects. This resource will help the children too to make good painted material.

Christmas and Santa Claus

In this article my seven years old son has expressed his thoughts on Christmas and Santa Claus. He relates Christmas and Santa Claus with his daily experiences and observations. His thoughts and imagination knows no limits. He has beautifully expressed what he would do if he were the Santa Claus for a day. A Christmas card which he specially made for his class teacher to wish her 'Merry Christmas' is attached along with.

If I were Santa Claus for a day

I like Santa Claus very much and all my friends also like Santa Claus very much. Because I like Santa, I want to tell you in this article that what would I do if I were Santa Claus for a day. Friends, I think you will surely read this essay written by me and will post your comments below.

Me and My Santa Claus Drawing

Are you looking out for santa claus drawing. I have created a hand made santa claus drawing for the contest conducted by India Study Channel. I love to draw santa claus and have tried my level best to bring out the drawing for the respective contest.

Santa Claus, Christmas with christmas tree and cake

In this article I described about the world famous wonderful festival in the winter season "Christmas". In this article I submit my pictures of the christmas tree and Santa Claus who is famous for distributing chocklate and gifts for the children and others.

Diwali celebrations with Rangoli

The Diwali festival is very special to me. For this Diwali I designed my own Rangoli design with the help of my parents using my own colours. I will tell you all why I like Diwali and how I celebrated it.

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