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How to choose the right career after standard XII?

With Standard twelfth results just declared I urge the parents and the child to make a judicious decision of which stream and college to choose. College life should groom the child academically and professionally to face the global challenges. The child should most importantly enjoy life in college and perform well to kickstart a career which he is passionate about. Here I have presented tips on how to choose the right career after standard XII.

Importance of online learning for students amid covid pandemic

The importance of online learning has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. Students are unable to attend their classes due to the health crises, therefore, their education is badly hit. Here, in this article, I have discussed the importance and glitches in the process of e-learning that needs attention so learners can take advantage of this online learning platform.

Importance of goal-setting in our lives

Life without goals is no life at all. If there is anyone without goals, he or she would just be adding years to life and not life to years. They would mostly be the "status quo" champions. However, each one of us needs to have goals and consciously work towards them. This article is an attempt to discuss why such goal-setting is so important in our lives.

Best soaps for hand-wash in Indian market with chemical constituents and prices

Looking for best hand wash soaps in Indian market? There are wide ranges of such hand-wash soaps which are used in hospitals, school, colleges, nursing home, home, and are available in the Indian market with reasonable price. If you are looking for the hand-wash soaps, then you have stepped in to the right place, where in I have given some major hand-wash soaps in ascending order of choice.

How to open a Usha Silai school

Would you like to know how to start a small business venture for rural women in India? This article provides complete information on one such venture, that is, the Silai School program initiative of Usha International Limited. You will get the details on how to select a village to start the school, identify the women who will teach and train other women, the costs involved and the application process.

How to teach life skills far beyond syllabuses

The art of teaching should be selfless; it should reach new frontiers of knowledge, given the fact that we are now living in a global village. In both schools and colleges, teaching of life skills, that is, skills that are far more common across all specialisations, is essential. Some dimensions of life skills that are particularly relevant to be taught in schools and colleges are discussed in this article.

IGNOU Certificate Course In Tourism Studies admissions 2020

If you have the urge to explore and travel and if organizing such travels interests you, then you should take up the short term Certificate Course in Tourism Studies from IGNOU. The program gives you the basic knowledge on Tourism while enhancing your organizing skills.

How is the EDLI scheme benefit calculated?

To know about the calculation of EDLI Scheme benefit, you should know what is EDLI scheme? What are the contribution rates of EPF, EPS, and EDLI by employee & Employer? How is the EPF, EPS, EDLI scheme contribution calculated? Here in this article, you will get the details and how the benefit under the EDLI scheme is calculated with examples.

Review on Byjus-an online platform providing education.

Are you in search of online classes to suit your wards? Byjus is one of the impressive platform where students enjoy the classes through its in built strategies, through badges. Let us look into it in detail through this article. Join me to gear up the information on Byjus.

Towards a better understanding of the role of luck in our lives

What is the role of luck in life? Stuck in some belief, hundreds of thousands of people flock to astrologers chasing luck. The former totally exploit them and laugh all the way to the bank. Luck never happens. Luck has a limited role. Its limitations and its role is sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

Simple methods to overcome depression in present times

We need to think of simple methods to overcome depression in these difficult times when we are all holed up in our homes. Increasing reading habits. asking questions on what we could do next, avoiding excessive viewing of television, helping others to the extent possible, and making others as cheerful as possible are some of these. This article discusses such simple methods in some detail.

What to do if your child is Obese

Are you worried about your child's obesity? Are you looking for help to deal with an obese child? Do you want to get detailed information on how to tackle an obese child? Are you looking for ways and means to reduce obesity in your child, to make him become a healthy and happy child? Then read this article which provides you with complete information in dealing with the obesity of your child.

Applications open for Internship Programme at Department of Economic and Policy Analysis, SEBI

Are you searching for an internship in Financial Economics? Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has invited applications for the internship programme at the Department of Economic and Policy Analysis for session 2020-21. The eligible and interested candidates must apply for the internship. In this article, you can get the complete details of the internship like eligibility, emoluments, application as well as selection process and application submission deadline.

How to harness the power of decisions: learning from Anthony Robbins

In his book on "Awaken the Giant Within", Anthony Robbins talks about harnessing the power of decisions. He insists that we must make decisions. Once the decisions are taken and we start acting on them, we would have changed the course of our life for the better. The six 'quick keys" that he calls them, are discussed in some detail in this article.

Learning to organize our lives for better results

Organizing is a vital managerial function. In our lives, it can make a big difference too. However, it is not as big a rocket science as many would imagine. It requires some common sense. It is important in so many walks of our life. A few steps that are vital to organizing, are discussed in some detail in this article.

Benefits of Using a Web Designing and Development Company

In this article we discuss if employing the services of a Web designing and development company is important for your business. What are the benefits a Web development company offers, how to select the right web development company and if they are something you should spend money on.

Lamarckism: The theory of inheritance of acquired characters

Lamarck proposed his theory inheritance of acquired characters to explain the origin of new species through the process of evolution. This article deals with the main assumption of Lamarck's with example and the criticisms of Lamarckism and Neo-Lamarcksim.

Indian middle-class blues : Economic fallout and more

It is the middle-class that always drives the economy. They now demand the best quality of products and services. Their reduced incomes, as in the present COVID-19 crisis, is bound to be a big problem for the entire country. This article is an attempt to discuss details of the economic fallout and other related issues.

Brand Definition: the process of giving brands their distinct identity

A brand is not a mere symbol. It is an identity. It is something that resonates so well with the thought processes of millions of customers. This article is an attempt to discuss the process of brands being given their identity, with conceptual ideas from the book "Marketing Ideas" by Peter Fisk, with several successful examples in the Indian context.

Biochemical theory of the origin of life Part -I

Many theories have been provided to explain the mystery of the origin of life on earth but most of them are discarded due to lack of evidence. The most widely accepted theory which explains the origin of life is biochemical theory proposed by Oparin and Haldane. This article will explain the biochemical theory of the origin of life.

Perils of incorrect perceptions in our lives

There is hardly any other dangerous thing apart from incorrect perceptions about people, places, opportunities, jobs, marriages and the like. When people do not make attempts to change their perceptions, things go from bad to worse. The scope of such incorrect perceptions and simple ways of correcting them are explained in some detail in this article.

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