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Top Five Kurti Shops in Kochi

Kochi is one of the leading fashion hubs in India, which hosts a large number of fashion boutiques and clothing stores. This article discusses the top Kurti shops in Kochi that sells women ethnic and designers Kurtis and trendy ladies tops at very affordable pricing. If you are looking for the best boutique for your Kurti purchase in Kochi, continue reading...

Best ways to personalize your wedding ring

The wedding ring you gift your spouse is the gift that remains with your better half through the life. Of course you have to spend a lot of time in choosing and selecting the ring that would make her feel special on the occasion. The ring stands for your love and also states your taste and personality. Why not personalize it further to give that uniqueness to it? Get some ideas on personalizing the wedding ring that do not cost too much.

3 tips to choose the right commercial interior designer

Hiring an interior designer with a fine reputation to do the interiors of your office is the best way to design the space of your imaginations. This article provides three useful tips for selecting the right interior designer for the workplace.

Make Up for Brides – Take Care tips 15

Brides are the heroines of a marriage. Whether it be a friend, relatives or a camera man, every one’s eyes are focused on the girl’s beauty. Brides’ makeup should never be too heavy or too light. She is the center of attraction and care has to be taken that she looks the same even after applying makeup. Here are some makeup tips for bride.

A memorable Diwali experience

This resource is about Diwali experiences and preparations. Diwali is a big festival in India and is celebrated with full enthusiasm and goodness in hearts. There is a brief guideline in the article on how to make your own unique rangoli for this day.

How I started to draw Rangoli

This is an interesting story of mine about Rangoli. I was in 12th class when I had started doing Rangoli as fun. I have mentioned here the story related to my Rangoli experience. That was during Diwali.

How to design a family tree in a chart

Family is a big word. Certain families are small and certain families are big. But as a whole when we see with the generation, the family is a big baniyan tree with many branches and sub branches. To identify the members with their generation and to know their ancestors, a family tree is very helpful. The author has derived a method to prepare a family tree and shown a sample of a tree in a chart.

Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas

Living room interior design plays a vital role in the entire establishment of a home, As it is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it's important for it to be well-designed. Read this article and get inspired by the latest living room styles, trends & decorating advice...

Winter fashion in India 2015

For fashion lovers every summer and winter is a chance to flaunt new fashions. With winter just around the corner in North India there are new trends to emerge. Geometrical and checked prints will be seen this winter and heavy fatty woolens will leave the market. Light weight cardigans and sweaters will dominate winter this time. This article examines what fashion trends will be seen this winter in India.

Modern kitchen designing ideas

This article is about designing the kitchen for your home. The kitchen design is important in the interior design of a home. The design is based on various strategy include, the space availability, luxury design, modern trends, the utility etc.

Decorating office tables with daily used materials

Most of the office staff have a permanent table in their office but its always a dull type so we can reuse our daily used things to make our table look nice beautiful and decent so that you can work freely.

Indian Kitchen Gardening Ideas

The idea of kitchen garden is not only for the purpose of hobby. You can easily grow variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and spinach herbs without any hassle. Are interested in kitchen garden designing? Read the below article to form your own kitchen garden easily and relax in the shadow of favorite plant.

How to choose a proper business name?

What is the real meaning of a winning business name? How to innovate or create a winning business name? How to give a good name for own business or company? How to select or choose the perfect winning business name for a company? If you are in a bother over these queries regarding your own company or business, then this article is exclusively for you which explains the five wonderful rules on how to select or choose a winning business name.

Five tips to create your Mobile Apps free of cost

Cost of developing mobile apps can be high, especially in the case of native apps because they reside on the user's device and should be fully supported by its OS. This article outlines some tips to create mobile apps free of cost.

An interview with a budding Jewellery Designer from Guna, MP

Are you interested in making a career in the gems and jewellery sector? Do you know which courses will help you in this career? Have you ever interacted with a budding jewellery designer? Here is a chance to know more about the careers in gems and jewellery and meet a budding jewellery designer Vivek Soni from Guna, MP and know more about him. Here in this article join me in taking a sneak peep into the designs, the story behind and his future plans. I am sure some of you will definitely be inspired.

How to choose furniture, colours and accents to do up a teens room

Want help designing your teenager's room? Here are some ideas that have been put together keeping the growing needs of every teen. The design ideas offer a great deal of practicality, without compromising on the style quotient. Learn to skillfully create the perfect den for your teen to chill in.

What to do to make a place clean and to keep it clean for longer time

This article is about to keep your surrounding clean and beautiful for long time. This will help you in getting more ideas about cleaning and making your home most beautiful. Article describes steps to be followed by all citizens to keep all place clean and to enhance one's happiness, positive energy and creativity.

Benefits of using Tattoo Aftercare Products

In this article I am explaining about the advantages of using the tattoo aftercare products. The habit of using tattoo aftercare products really helps you to maintain your new tattoo in its new and stylish look. Like this there are many other advantages. Through my article I am describing them. Read on.

All about furniture and its maintenance

One of the first things that comes to a person's mind after constructing a new home is what kind of furniture he should match it with. When purchasing furniture for home one has to bear in mind that it should look as it is a part of the home. In this article I will talk about how to match your furniture with your new home.

How to make Christmas Toys and Decorations

On this festive occasion of Christmas you can decorate your house with home made toys. In this article I have shared some simple methods to make aircraft model, your home made Santa, polar bear model, Reindeer model and Christmas tree decorations.

Best design ideas for kidswear during the monsoon season

Are you planning to enjoy the rainy season with your kids? The most important factor that comes in mind while planning is the clothes. Here are some ideas for outfits for kids which they can dress up to enjoy the rainy season. In this article, I have designed a dress wear for girls in which they may feel comfortable while playing in the rain.

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