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This category describes about the various products, techniques and services that can be used for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining of your home. Get to know about how one can do cleaning in a proper manner in and around home. Read about the proper way of gardening and the various gardening tools that can be used to maintain and grow a proper garden in and around your home. Read about the correct appliances and equipment that can be used in the kitchen.
Do you want to give tips about improvements that can be done to improve your home and make it look more nicer and brighter? Share your tips over here in IndiaStudyChannel and help others in improving their homes. Also share information about services related to plumbing and how to get the best plumbing done and improve efficiency of water supply and drainage.

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Top 10 Interior Designers in Kochi, Kerala

Interior Designing is a highly flourishing industry especially in South India. Kerala is one of the states that contributes such immense growth due to the presence of best interior designers. Most of the interior designers in Kerala are headquartered at Kochi.This article helps you to find the details of top 10 Interior Designers in Kochi, Kerala

A doormats selection guide and buying tips in India

What are the types of doormats available in India? What should you consider when buying a doormat? At the doorstep of most homes is an important part of home furnishings: the door mat. Few people, though, really consider the functional uses and importance when buying a doormat for the home. This article aims to give you complete information about door mats and helps you on how to decide which is the best doormat for your home and useful buying tips as well.

10 unusual things you can clean in your washing machine

Do you know that your washing machine can do a lot more than just clean your clothes? We list 10 things you might not have ever thought of that your washing can clean. Read on to know all the common household items you can clean in a washing machine

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring gives a classic, natural vibe for your house. Read carefully the benefits of having Wooden Flooring in the house.

Vinegar makes doing laundry easy Part - 2

Doing the laundry can be a demanding chore. There are stains to remove and nasty odours to deal with. Ironing clothes brings in other problems - the crease doesn't hold or the hot iron leaves shiny marks on the garment. Well, vinegar can help with all these issues. Find out the wonders of vinegar and how it can make daily chores seem so easy.

Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

The rice bran has quietly crept into our kitchens in the last few years. Though we consider this oil as a healthy one, many of us still do not know why it is healthy. Read on to know how the rice bran oil helps us.

Sofa Set Designs Explained - How to choose the best sofa set

Choosing a right sofa that suits your home and lifestyle transforms the interior of your home look beautiful. Yet choosing the right one is challenging from the wide range of available collections. This article explores the wide range of sofa designs available in the market.

How to choose curtains for home decor

Planning to buy a curtain? Let us explore the best tips and factors one should consider before buying curtains for your home. Here are some simple yet effective pointers one should analyze before buying any curtain.

Best tips and ideas to keep the kitchen in order

How to keep the kitchen neat, tidy and in order is a challenging task for many housewives. A well kept kitchen is a convenient and enjoyable place to work. This article gives some of the tips and tricks that can help in keeping the kitchen in order.

How to select the right mattress for home?

A mattress defines the comfort level and enhances the design of a bedroom. Choice of a right mattress for a home can be a very cumbersome task as all mattresses look alike. It is not highly recommended to choose a mattress following the salesman views or purely by cost factor. This article provides a complete guide to factors to be considered in choosing the right mattress for home and the types of mattresses available in the market. Read this article and make the right choice for your bedroom.

Kent Supreme water purifier vs Kent Grand water purifier: working, features, specifications & review

Are you tired by cleaning cartridges of water filters twice in a week? Then here is the alternative product, which came into existence to overcome the disadvantages of water filter is water purifier. Here I am comparing two water filter products of same brand, Kent, in which one is already released and the other is released today. To know more details of these two products like how the water is purified, it's working process, features, specifications and more.

Why repairing things has become obsolete now

The idea of repairing a gadget, appliance or hardware is getting obsolete day by day. Many people like to go for a new one if their product goes faulty and do not prefer repairing it. This article aims to throw light on reasons behind this change in trend.

Excellent solar emergency light at affordable cost home delivered

Excellent solar emergency light available in online shopping through Flipkart - Greenlight Planet Sun King Pro LED based solar lantern. It is durable and highly efficient with over 40 hours of operating time in one full charge capacity. The product is promoted by India government under renewable energy products.

Top two best Detergents in India

Are you looking for best detergent powder to remove stains in your cloths. Have a look here for top two best detergents that are rated high in India and Complete details on how these work on your cloths

How to make Authentic Goan Chicken Xacuti

Chicken xacuti is an aromatic chicken curry prepared in most Goan kitchens. Check out this post to know how we can prepare delicious chicken curry using grated coconut and aromatic spices.

Top 6 Residential Cleaning Services in Chennai

Are you searching for house cleaning services in Chennai? Do you want a maid to do housekeeping activities in Chennai? Here is a list of Top 6 residential cleaning services in Chennai which provides services such as cleaning(house, kitchen, bathroom, water tank, swimming pool), gardening, pest control, plumbing, electrical maintenance, etc.

Best Pressure Cookers in India

If you are looking for the popular brand of pressure cookers in India, take a look at our article. We are providing expert guidance to get the best brand.

Best Baby Powder in Indian market with chemical constituents, prices and review

In this article, I will explain some of the Best Baby Powder available in the Indian market and its prices. Baby powder consists of ingredient such as talc which may be sometimes cause problem to infant when inhaled or swallowed. It is mainly used to remove diaper rash in infant and many types of rashes on infant tender skin. The below mentioned brands of baby powder will surely helps in preventing rashes to your infant soft skin.

Practical uses of vinegar in the laundry - Part 1

Avoid harsh, chemical ridden detergents and fabric softeners in your laundry. Turn instead to a safer and more effective way to remove stubborn stains from your clothes. Use vinegar for all your laundry needs - it is cheaper and a green product.

Preparation of the delicious South Indian Dish 'Dosha'

The article describes how to prepare dosha. Dosha, is a common South Indian dish. Dosha is a very delicious and healthy dish. There are several types of dosha, masala dosha , ghee dosha & thattu dosha being the most common & preferred varieties. Here is how to prepare it step by step.

Best Face Pack in Indian market and its prices

In this article, I will explain some of the Best Face Pack available in the Indian market and its prices. Face Pack is very essential to tone your smooth skin and bringing real glow and helps in brightening your face. It removes wrinkles, dark circles, pimple and acne which brings overall good complexion to the face.

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