Investment in Real Estate

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How to submit online applications for DDA Delhi low-cost housing scheme 2021

Are you searching for the 2021 lottery housing scheme of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for low-cost houses in New Delhi? This article provides complete information on the flats available at a low price for HIG, MIG, LIG, EWS and JANTA category buyers through the 2021 DDA housing scheme. Details of the flat locations, size and cost, eligibility requirements and the registration procedure have all been provided.

Common problems faced by home loan buyers

This article highlights some of the common problems faced by the home owners that should be resolved by the buyer only. The home loan buyers face some of these common problems and are rejected by the lender due to these reasons.

How to handle Capital Tax while selling property as an NRI

Are you an NRI wanting to sell property in India? Here is your guide on how to manage the capital tax. Learn about tax payable and how to save tax on the property sale. Tax exemptions and legal options on property sale of an NRI available to you, are provided here.

How to buy an apartment for investment

Buying property has always been considered a good investment. Buying an apartment is a good investment option. You can get monthly returns and your investment will grow and give you long term returns. In this article I discuss how to buy an apartment for investment purpose.

How to invest wisely in real estate?

Are you afraid of investing in real estate? Do you want some guidance about useful ways for real estate investment? Is this the right time to invest in real estate? Kindly read further to get your real estate investment queries answered. Here, I have listed some important points to be considered before making real estate investment.

Effect of Falling Rupee on Indian Real Estate Industry

The Indian real estate industry is among the most lucrative investment options for NRIs and Indians alike. Let's analyse as to how the slide of the rupee against the dollar has affected this sector and what has the Government of India done to stop the continuous slump.

How to choose between fixed rate and floating rate loan

Owning a home is a dream for almost everyone. However due to the huge cost associated with buying a home, borrowing becomes inevitable. Many a times, we are perplexed between choosing a fixed rate and floating rate loan. In this article I have highlighted the factors to be considered before deciding the type of loan. It is absolutely the reader's choice to decide on the type of loan he or she wants to go for after evaluating the factors.

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