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Top two best Detergents in India

Are you looking for best detergent powder to remove stains in your cloths. Have a look here for top two best detergents that are rated high in India and Complete details on how these work on your cloths

10 unusual things you can clean in your washing machine

Do you know that your washing machine can do a lot more than just clean your clothes? We list 10 things you might not have ever thought of that your washing can clean. Read on to know all the common household items you can clean in a washing machine

Vinegar makes doing laundry easy Part - 2

Doing the laundry can be a demanding chore. There are stains to remove and nasty odours to deal with. Ironing clothes brings in other problems - the crease doesn't hold or the hot iron leaves shiny marks on the garment. Well, vinegar can help with all these issues. Find out the wonders of vinegar and how it can make daily chores seem so easy.

Top 6 Residential Cleaning Services in Chennai

Are you searching for house cleaning services in Chennai? Do you want a maid to do housekeeping activities in Chennai? Here is a list of Top 6 residential cleaning services in Chennai which provides services such as cleaning(house, kitchen, bathroom, water tank, swimming pool), gardening, pest control, plumbing, electrical maintenance, etc.

Practical uses of vinegar in the laundry - Part 1

Avoid harsh, chemical ridden detergents and fabric softeners in your laundry. Turn instead to a safer and more effective way to remove stubborn stains from your clothes. Use vinegar for all your laundry needs - it is cheaper and a green product.

How to wash dirty clothes in different ways?

How to wash clothes in washing machine and by hand wash has discuss in this article. Complete step wise procedure of hand wash and washing machine described here, with advantages and disadvantages of hand wash and washing machines.

Cleaning products that we always need in our homes

Cleaning is the need our every home in any part of the world. This article deals with various types of cleaning products needed for cleaning of our homes. The cleaning products mentioned herein, especially pertain to the cleaning of kitchens, utensils, floors, bath rooms and wash rooms. Cleaning products named in this article are easily available from any petty store of a village or even from the largest of the shopping malls in large cities. The special mention is made of Scotch-Brite cleaning products.

Various bathroom / washroom cleaning

Bathroom is a place which gets dirty very quickly mainly due to the large amount of water and soap scum. Are you aware of the cleaning products to be used to keep your bathroom clean? These products range from the very basic to the top level cleaning products. In this article I have mentioned the various cleaning products and accessories that can be used to have a neat and clean bathroom.

Dettol - A complete product description and its review

Dettol company profile, advertising strategy, success factors and market share of brand dettol with its product lists, usage and solution can be known here. Dettol product is recommended by Indian Medical Association acts as a best trusted, safe and hygienic product in Indian market. Read more.

Various cleaning products from Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL)

Looking out for various types of cleaning products from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Here you can find various Hindustan Unilever product descriptions. Various Hindustan Unilever products like Domex,Comfort fabric, Rin, Surf Excel, Cif cream cleaner, Vim and Active wheel product details can be known here.

Mr. Muscles Vs. Colin Glass cleaner : comparison and review

This article deals with two well known household cleaning products available in the market. Mr. Muscles glass cleaner and Colin spray glass cleaner are most commonly used products to clean glass surfaces, mirrors, car windshields and rear-view mirrors, fridge doors, TV(CRT) screens etc. In this article, i am going to first give product description of these two cleaners and then my personal review on how was my experience with both of them.

A review of World class Home cleaning and Body cleaning Products from Amway

In this resource I am giving a review of several daily or regularly used home cleaning and body cleaning World class products produced by Amway Company. In this resource I gave a review of LOC (multipurpose versatile cleaning liquid), Zoom (grease and stain remover), Dish Drops (utensils Cleaner), Pursue(Cleaner and Disinfectant), SA8 Zelzyme (laundry Care), Car Wash(for washing cars), Hair care products, Persona body cleaning soap, Glister tooth paste and Persona tooth brush for teeth cleaning.

Products to clean white color cotton fabrics

White or cream color clothes are very difficult to clean and to maintain the cotton clothes is another tedious task. Each and everyone of us wish to have that stiff and crisp look with good odour. Here in this article, I have mentioned some products that can be used to clean and to keep the white/off white/cream color cotton fabrics fresh all day throughout with good scent.

Simple steps to clean a car at home

Every middle class family is having a car these days which they use daily for going to different places. I have observed that many owners do not wash their cars and there cars start looking ugly and old so early. So I am writing this article for the people who want to know the steps to clean their cars at home.

Six ecofriendly car cleaning products

In present day world where pollution is increasing day by day and your car often gets dirty very quickly. You would be wondering of Eco-friendly car cleaning products which would not add pollutants further and would provide extensive cleaning. If you are wondering for these products then I have come up with my list of six best Eco-friendly car cleaning products which would definitely provide extensive cleaning of your vehicle up to your satisfaction.

List of best cleaning products for fabric sofas with upholstered seats we use at home

Hi, are you looking for the best cleaning products for the fabric sofas with upholstered seats and padding that you have at your home? Here is the list of some unique cleaning products for cleaning the dirty fabric sofas and upholstered seats easily. These are in fact very good fabric sofa cleaning products which are very easy and safe to use. These are also very effective to give you instant cleanliness to your fabric sofas and upholstery furniture.

Top 11 home cleaning tips for all seasons

To remain healthy and hygienic, the house where we stay must be extremely neat and clean. If we fail to keep our houses clean, it may be due to improper or incomplete cleaning. Read this article to know the top eleven tips for house cleaning tips for all seasons especially summer, rainy, winter and spring in India. These important cleaning tips can help to keep your house sparkling as ever and make you feel just healthy and secure.

Best antibiotic soaps in Indian market with chemical constituents and prices

Looking for wide number of antibiotic soaps in Indian market. There are wide ranges of such soaps which are used and available in the Indian market with reasonable price. If you are looking for the best antibiotic soap, then you have stepped in to the right place, where in I have given some major soap in ascending order of choice.

List of best shaving creams and razors for Indian men

Are you an Indian and searching for the best shaving creams are razors? Here is the list of the top shaving cream and razor brands for the Indian men. These unique shaving products for Indian men are very much helpful in providing a smooth and gliding shave. These shaving creams and razors are also very useful in avoiding cuts and inflammations during shave.

Mr. Muscle: "The science of tough cleaning" product review

Mr. Muscles is a famous brand name in the market which projects the science of tough cleaning. Use of these household cleaning products have made our day to day life very easy and simple. This brand does what it claims. In this informative article, I am going to discuss two very famous and performance oriented products of this company: "Mr. Muscle kitchen & bathroom Drain Gel" and "Mr. Muscle oven cleaner".

Turtle Wax - Platinum Series car care products review and usage directions

This article is about the Platinum series products developed by Turtle Wax, a leading brand, which manufactures various car care products. Polishing and waxing your car regularly gives an excellent finish to the paint; thus giving a long-lasting protection against dust and stains, and retains your car’s value. This article explains about the various products manufactured by the Turtle Wax Inc., under the platinum series, necessary to maintain your car like new.

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