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Give green gifts this festival season

There is a rising tendency these days to gift variety plants and flowers to each other. How does one go about it? This article gives all the basic information on giving 'green gifts' to your loved and dear ones.

Best tips on how to do terrace gardening at your house

In this article, I will explain how to make a beautiful terrace garden on the roof top of your house in a simpler manner. The articles contains best tips which should be followed for having a good green cover and cool atmosphere within your surroundings by a terrace garden.

Tips to grow apple tree from a seed

The article deals with the simple steps that how can a person grow an apple tree from the seed. We don't want to buy the apple seeds from the shop and we can get the seeds from the apple we are eating.

A Guide to make your own Beautiful and Healthy Garden

Today the dream of a middle class human is to have a house with a beautiful surrounding. This article guides you to build a beautiful and healthy garden around your home. It also explains a step by step procedure in building a garden.

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