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Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

The rice bran has quietly crept into our kitchens in the last few years. Though we consider this oil as a healthy one, many of us still do not know why it is healthy. Read on to know how the rice bran oil helps us.

Best tips and ideas to keep the kitchen in order

How to keep the kitchen neat, tidy and in order is a challenging task for many housewives. A well kept kitchen is a convenient and enjoyable place to work. This article gives some of the tips and tricks that can help in keeping the kitchen in order.

Kent Supreme water purifier vs Kent Grand water purifier: working, features, specifications & review

Are you tired by cleaning cartridges of water filters twice in a week? Then here is the alternative product, which came into existence to overcome the disadvantages of water filter is water purifier. Here I am comparing two water filter products of same brand, Kent, in which one is already released and the other is released today. To know more details of these two products like how the water is purified, it's working process, features, specifications and more.

How to make Authentic Goan Chicken Xacuti

Chicken xacuti is an aromatic chicken curry prepared in most Goan kitchens. Check out this post to know how we can prepare delicious chicken curry using grated coconut and aromatic spices.

Best Pressure Cookers in India

If you are looking for the popular brand of pressure cookers in India, take a look at our article. We are providing expert guidance to get the best brand.

Preparation of the delicious South Indian Dish 'Dosha'

The article describes how to prepare dosha. Dosha, is a common South Indian dish. Dosha is a very delicious and healthy dish. There are several types of dosha, masala dosha , ghee dosha & thattu dosha being the most common & preferred varieties. Here is how to prepare it step by step.

Coriander seeds and black pepper corns masala rice

Coriander seeds and pepper corns are basically very good to health.The rice contains basic masala but gives more flavor and ingredients also includes very basic items which will be store at home.This masala rice is good in taste and also love by kids. The following content helps to know how to prepare coriander seeds and black pepper corns masala rice and also the benefits of the both coriander seeds and black pepper corns.

Induction cooking and its advantages

Rise in price of LPG gas is worrying thing for many people and they are now searching for various alternatives for cooking. Induction cooking is one such alternative available. But everything has some advantages and disadvantages.

Top 5 best yet cheapest Nylon cooking sets in India

Searching for the best yet low prices Nylon cooking sets in India? Read our article for the top 5 best Nylon cooking sets which you can buy online. Know what is on offer and how much you will have to pay for it.

Are you planning to make your old kitchen as a modular kitchen?

Today the popular talk about the kitchen in every home is about how it looks and wether it is a modular kitchen. Now a days new kitchens are build in this way. Is it possible to change your old kitchen as a modular kitchen, which is built before 10 to 15 years? Yes its possible, there are some important things to know before planning your kitchen change. In this article I am going to explain shortly about modular kitchen.

Useful tips for shopping vegetables

We all agree that health is wealth. Staying healthy is the first thing to take care, failing which, all the other things become unfeasible. Whether we are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, all of us eat vegetables to stay healthy. To ensure that we stay hale and healthy, we should make sure that we choose only fresh vegetables. So how do you know if they are fresh or not? Here are the yardsticks to measure how healthy the vegetable is!

How to prepare tasty and healthy chicken salad

The article describes how to prepare a tasty and delicious chicken salad. This is a very healthy dish as its ingredients are so nutritious and tasty because of its spicy contents. We use egg, chicken, curd etc. for the preparation the explanation is given in the article.

Preethi Elegance IC 102 induction cook top vs Philips HD 4907 induction cook top

Are you planning to buy an induction cook top? Here in this article I have compared two induction cook top of two different brands, so that you find the comparison between Preethi Elegance IC 102 induction cook top and Philips HD 4907 induction cook top. The article covers the power features, dimension, price, warranty, control panel, specialty, product description and cook ware.

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