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New Motor Vehicle Act - a nightmare for Indian truckers?

The new motor vehicle act 2019 came into effect since the first day of this month. The bill was passed by parliament last month. With the inception of new rules, the offense committed on road will attract 10 to 20 times more fines than what we had till August this year. While the fines were increased in order to ensure that the public takes the rules seriously, the people connected to the trucking sector are worried and they have a reason to be worried as well. Why? Let's see.

TVS Scooty Streak Vs TVS Scooty Pep - Comparative Review

In the below article, I have compared two models from TVS - Scooty Streak and Scooty Pep. These two are basically known to be designed for women, hence the comparison is also made from the view of women. Price may vary slightly, however at times you get best quality products at a higher price.

Tips to save fuel of your vehicle

Fuel prices are increasing day-by-day. If we follow some tips then we can increase the mileage and conserve the fuel. To save your fuel, follow the tips which are discussed below. Go through the article for the details.

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