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Best Play Schools in Dehradun

Are you looking for play schools in Dehradun? This guide helps you to find out the best 10 preschools and kinder gartens in Dehradun.

Top 10 IIT JEE Coaching Centres in Kerala

Find the best JEE coaching in Kerala having quality teaching and higher pass percentages. Let's take a quick look at the top 10 IIT JEE coaching centres in Kerala:

What features make a private school preferred over a government school?

These days we are seeing many corporate schools and private schools coming up and there is a big rush for admissions to these schools. Whereas the government schools are not attracting so many students even though they have qualified staff and additional attractions like free books, midday meals, etc. Why this is happening? The features that are making these private schools attractive are discussed in this article.

P.R. Government College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh- A Review

P R Government college, Kakinada is one of the oldest colleges in Andhra Pradesh. This college is an autonomous college and affiliated with Aadi Kavi Nannayya University. This is one of the best colleges in the state. The details are given in this article.

St. Xavier's College Mumbai new self-financed Degree, Diploma, Certificate courses

Want to know which new courses have been introduced in St. Xavier's College Mumbai? This article provides complete information on the new self-financed Degree, Diploma, and Certificate programs offered by St. Xavier's College Mumbai in 2022. An overview of the college facilities as well as details of the syllabi of each new course, the course fee, and contact details are provided.

Ecole Intuit Lab UG and PG design education programs India campuses

Want to know which are design and Fine Arts courses offered by École Intuit Lab India? Looking for the contact email IDs and phone numbers of the École Intuit Lab campuses in India and abroad? This article provides complete information on the design, communication, digital, visualization and other courses offered at the Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi campuses of École Intuit Lab. Details of the course modules, eligibility criteria, online application procedure, and contact details are also provided.

Role of parents and significant others in development of educational institutions

Educational institutions like schools and colleges, irrespective of their location, do need a lot more inputs from parents and significant others in the local community and the entire State/country to share their knowledge and participate in the process of development of educational institutions; a few nuances of this process are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

Transforming State Universities into viable entities for social change

The State Universities in almost every State have done a good job of spreading quality education. The educational standards have vastly improved now. However, they need to become viable entities of social change. Some initiatives to make this happen are sought to be discussed in this article.

How world-class institutions can effectively mentor other colleges

We do have islands of prosperity in India. Likewise we do have several islands in higher education as well. We do have world-class institutions, but the wider impact on the society is rather limited. To this end, we need such institutions to act as mentors for at least two other upcoming colleges, one of which should be a rural college. Some nuances of this proposition are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to bring value-addition in Education at all levels

There are no short cuts to excellence. Be it a school or a college, the yardsticks for performance and excellence in education are the same. This is simply called Value-addition. How this is translated into reality is of vital importance. This article talks about some ways to increase this value addition.

Top 15 Unique Engineering Courses in Tamil Nadu

Do you wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in any rare engineering course? In Tamil Nadu, Anna University and its affiliated colleges offer many rare B.E/B.Tech courses that have a good career scope. Check this article and find the list of top unique career-oriented engineering courses offered by Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges.

How colleges and universities can improve student placement efforts

There has been a sea change in the expectations of the industry as far as graduates in any discipline are concerned. Educational institutions need dynamic placement officers who can have their ears to the ground and get an accurate picture of industry expectations. Some nuances of a totally different orientation from the current one towards placement efforts are sought to be discussed in this article.

Top 2 educational institutions in India to study courses in the Leather Industry

Searching for top educational institutions in India that offer Leather Technology courses? Want to know the institutions that offer training courses in the Leather Technology field? Check out this article to know the details of these institutions including their courses, duration, fees, eligibility, selection criteria, and other important information.

Top 10 universities in India to study Anthropology courses

Searching for the top universities in India that offer Master's programs in Anthropology? Want to know if any Indian university provides a Ph.D. in Anthropology? Check out this article to know certain details of the universities including its courses, eligibility, selection process, contact information, etc.

Top Educational Institutions in India to study Cyber Law courses

Interested to become a Cyber Law expert? Searching for details of institutions that provide Certificate, Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma courses in Cyber Law? Know more about the institutions in India that offer these courses including their programs, eligibility, selection criteria, contact information, etc.

UG and PG courses at IIIT Hyderabad and admission procedure

Are you passionate about coding? Want to take up a computer science course at one of India's best information technology institutes? Find out all about the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad and the different modes of admission to its various programs.

Towards more effective teaching and learning through individual customization

Education in schools and colleges does not mean mere teaching and producing results in terms of all pass students in public examinations. The concept of customization is relevant in education as well. This is an urgent priority. Some nuances of individual customization possible are sought to be discussed in this article.

How the private sector can contribute to quality higher education

The private sector can play a meaningful role in quality higher education. Though the commercialization of education has indeed happened, there are certain good contributions of the private sector. The scope of such a contribution is discussed in this article.

How the Blue Ocean Strategy is relevant to educational institutions

Blue Ocean Strategy is a very important concept in Strategic Management. It is basically a strategy of differentiating an organization from its competitors, by doing certain things that competitors do not do. This article is an attempt to describe the relevance of this to the educational institutions, with specific examples.

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