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IndiaStudyChannel.com offers useful resources with general information on all types of academic institutes in India. If you are looking for information on studying in India, then read our comprehensive articles of schools, colleges, technical institutes and other educational institutions in India. You will get details of each institute's unique features, including infrastructure & facilities, syllabus & curriculum, the application & admission process, fees, etc.

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Best Play Schools in Dehradun

Are you looking for play schools in Dehradun? This guide helps you to find out the best 10 preschools and kinder gartens in Dehradun.

How to pursue Engineering courses in various prestigious institutions in India

Engineering is one of the favorite courses for most Indian students. After their Intermediate or plus two-course, they work hard to join in different engineering colleges or universities. This article deals with the various ways one can pursue quality and standard engineering courses through the various prestigious engineering institutions established in different parts of India.

Best CBSE schools in Navi Mumbai Maharashtra

Are you looking for admission to a reputed CBSE school in Navi Mumbai? This article provides a comprehensive list of the top 6 CBSE schools located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Top and best CBSE Residential and Boarding Schools in Bangalore

Are you looking for top residential and boarding CBSE schools in Bangalore? Bangalore being educational hub have plenty of quality CBSE Schools, this article provides a handful of CBSE Schools and its details, go through this article to get details of top CBSE Boarding and Residential Schools in Bangalore

List of institutions using J.E.E main and advanced rank list for admission process

Are you looking for admissions in the highest valued technical/technological institutions in India? Then you should know about the importance of J.E.E main/advanced Entrance examination. Most of the qualified institutions are using their rank list for the admission process. You will get the details of such institutions after reading this article.

Hyderabad Public School Begumpet - history and campus information

In this article, I am writing about Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet which is a historical and popular school in South India. The school secured a great name in making great citizens of India and you will know some of the former students who became famous.

International Air Transport Association online aviation safety courses

International Air Transport Association is a trade association that comprises of the world's best airlines. It has its headquarters in Canada. IATA accredits agencies that approve of cargo and transport airlines. It monitors airline activity and standards throughout the world. IATA's main objective is to make air transport safe. They offer several courses online.

What are the Aviation courses offered by Cirrus Aviation Academy?

Are you planning to join Aviation industry and searching for the suitable Airline industry training courses? If yes, read this article where you will know about the Cirrus Aviation Academy, course offered, Airport Operations, Ground Handling, In-flight Services training, Flight Operations training, their contact info and official website etc.

Top CBSE schools near Pattambi Kerala

Are you looking for the top CBSE schools in Pattambi? Here is the list of best CBSE Schools located near Pattambi in Kerala. A few years back, Pattambi was one of the educationally backwards places in Kerala, but now the area is filled with a lot of CBSE schools. Go through this article and pick the best CBSE schools in Pattambi for your children.

DPS CBSE schools in Nagpur

Want to know details about the infrastructure of DPS schools in Nagpur? This article provides information about DPS Kamptee Road and DPS Nagpur City schools and an overview of the admission process at both the schools.

Why I Chose ISCA (International School of Creative Arts) for my BA Creative Arts Course?

The latest trends and technology advancements have mainstreamed the field of arts and reimagined the scope of 'design thinking' wherein a link between the arts and science is created. The article below looks at the increasing popularity of creative arts as a career choice and the reasons why I chose ISCA (International School of Creative Arts, Kerala).

Brainobrain - A stimulative course for Children

Are you looking for a course that helps in developing your kids' calculative and memory skills? Follow this post to know more about Brainobrain and its Franchise centers in Pondicherry, Tiruvannamalai and Tindivanam.

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