Online Education & E-learning Applications

Online education is becoming the norm these days. During the pandemic in 2020, all institutes had to switch to online classroom platforms.

Hundreds of online education tools and platforms have evolved in the recent past. If you are looking for the best online education tools and solutions, check out our articles and solutions.

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Why Online Maths Tutoring Is a Great Way to Learn

Read this article to know if an online math tutor can be useful for students. What are the benifits of online math tutoring and how it can be better than classroom math coachings. See how your child can gain from Online Maths Tutoring.

National Book Trust online book publishing certificate course from home

Do you wish to study a book publishing course from home? Are you searching for an e-learning part-time certificate course in book publishing? National Book Trust (NBT) has scheduled an online certificate course in book publishing for three months, only on weekends. This article provides complete information on the details of the course fee, schedule and the application procedure.

Importance of online education for students

This article gives the knowledge on importance of online education. In this resource, I have specified some online courses that to be learn free of cost. In conclusion of this resource, I have mentioned in what cases online education has its importance.

Importance of Online Learning Apps

Online learning Apps have changed the face of education in India. By developing interest in the subjects through different audio-video aids about the concepts and giving the freedom of learning in a suitable time frame, the online learning apps have become a favourite of most students and even parents

The major benefits of online learning

Confused about what to choose between online classes and traditional classes? This article will explain about online learning and the benefits of online learning. Online classes give a different experience from the traditional class environment. Believe it or not, online learning has many benefits. By acknowledging the benefits, you can understand why people are choosing online learning.

Top 10 online learning apps in India

Are you a parent of a middle or high school student and want him/her to do well in studies? Eager to take help of an online learning tool for help in the competitive exams? Learn here the top ten online learning apps that have flooded the online education market in recent times.

How to conduct an online learning session

How to teach online via video? Are you confused about how to conduct a live online class? Here is a simple guide on how to conduct an online learning session. Read this article to discover the important tips and necessary tools required to take an online class effectively.

How to become an online teacher at Vedantu

Do have a passion for teaching? Desirous of taking classes for students ranging from class 6 to 12? Then join Vedantu for a part-time or full-time career in online teaching. Learn here the requirements to become an online teacher at Vedantu and how you may apply.

e-Pathshala: An initiative of Government of India for Online Learning

Are you searching to read all the course material on a single platform? e-Pathshala is an initiative of the Government of India which provides educational resources for the students, researchers, teachers, educators and parents. These materials are user friendly and can be downloaded using even a mobile app, saved and read anytime and from anywhere.

How to make online learning more interactive

E-learning programs can never succeed in engaging the attention of their e-learners in case they focus more on insignificant and irrelevant information and less on feedback from students. This article teaches how to make online learning more interactive and engaging.

Best online learning to read tools for children

Looking for online books where a child can read aloud or read along? This article provides an insight into the best types of e-reading sources that are easily available online to make reading books and learning words an enriching experience.

Udemy - A magnificent learning platform

Udemy is not foreign to those who seek education through the Internet. But if you are new to this, this article will help you to know about the website named Udemy which is an online learning platform and the possible online courses that they are offering.

BitDegree - The online education platform with a difference

Have you heard of BitDegree? It is the first Blockchain based online education platform. Does that sound interesting enough? Well, you will definitely love the fact that it lets you earn while you learn. How does it do it? We will check it out in the following paragraphs.

Khanacademy – Free education for students through online tutoring

In this article, I have explained about khan academy. It is a free online education site for students which consist of video lectures on various subjects. The site is built on theme to provide free education to all the students from developing and developed countries.

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