Online Education & E-learning Applications

Online education is becoming the norm these days. During the pandemic in 2020, all institutes had to switch to online classroom platforms.

Hundreds of online education tools and platforms have evolved in the recent past. If you are looking for the best online education tools and solutions, check out our articles and solutions.

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How to become an online teacher at Vedantu

Do have a passion for teaching? Desirous of taking classes for students ranging from class 6 to 12? Then join Vedantu for a part-time or full-time career in online teaching. Learn here the requirements to become an online teacher at Vedantu and how you may apply.

An Overview of PBL for Remote Learning

PBL enhances deep learning through its interdisciplinary nature and methodology. Read this article to understand how it facilitates online learning and why it is should be the recommended way for online education.

The importance of TV study channels during the pandemic

The plan to start new study channels on television was announced in the union budget 2022-2023. This article provides an insight into how the introduction of educational channels during the time of the pandemic can minimize the difficulties in education due to travel restrictions.

Certification program on Business Analytics & Data Mining by Indian Statistical Institute

Are you a working professional in the field of data analysis? Planning to pursue a career in business analytics? The certification program on Business Analytics & Data Mining conducted online by Indian Statistical Institute is best suited for analytics and data mining professionals. Find out the details about the program, eligibility criteria and its benefits.

Unique features of Google online digital classroom

This article gives an overview of Google Classroom as an online digital classroom. Google classroom consists of various features to help students to access various course materials, assignments, quizzes shared by the teacher, and many more. Read the article to get all the features of Google classroom.

Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics at Indian School of Business (ISB)

Are you a working professional aspiring for advanced skills in the field of Data Management, Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? The Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics conducted by the Indian School of Business is a part-time programme that provides an enhanced learning experience and enriches your career. Find out the details of the programme.

Online Senior Management Programme 2022 by IIM Kozhikode

Are you a mid-level working professional looking for opportunities to boost your career? The 12-month long online Senior Management Programme conducted by IIM Kozikhode helps hone your leadership skills by working on aspects such as financial strategies, digital management, interpersonal effectiveness and so on. Learn the programme details.

How educational apps can help to promote learning?

The use of the best educational app is found to be very beneficial to improve the learning process of students. Access to high-quality classes from anywhere in the world is one of the main benefits of using the best educational app. Anytime and anywhere access to the app allows enhanced flexibility in all your learning classes.

Five major decisive actions for school teachers for online education

The current pandemic situation is very tense for the school teachers. They have to compulsorily conduct online classes. They do not get the meet the students face to face at all. In this situation, there are some big mistakes that school teachers should avoid in the day-to-day discharge of their duties. This article attempts to discuss the five steps that teachers should take in this current situation.

Factors to consider while planning for online education

The selection of the best online course plays a great role in obtaining high-quality classes in the education platforms. Analysis of certain factors before the selection of online courses can help candidates to select the best online courses from certified universities.

Anna University Chennai Online MBA Business Analytics course

Looking for an AICTE-approved online MBA course in business analytics? This article provides complete information on the MBA Business Analytics course offered by the CDE Cell of Anna University, Chennai. Details of the course duration, fee, curriculum, and online application procedure have been provided.

2021 FIITJEE Free Live Online Classroom JEE Competitive Exams Coaching Programs

Are you preparing for JEE exams in the next few years? FIITJEE has launched free online coaching classes to prepare for JEE Main and Advanced. The classes will be conducted live in phases and at convenient timings. There are also live online programs to prepare school students for Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE and other competitive exams. This article provides the complete list of programs and schedule of each one as also the registration process.

Reasons Why Online Learning Is Effective?

E-learning emerged as the savior of the day amidst COVID-19. It flourished on a larger scale than ever before, serving as a rescue and solution to the lockdown, encouraging people to stay at home and stay safe. The e-learning industry, on an estimate, reached up to $107 billion industry as it emerged globally.

Understanding Why Distance/Online Education is far behind formal education

The traditional face-to-face education is formal and has stood the test of time. Online or even distance education has no distinct features that make them at least fifty percent as effective as formal education methods. This article is an attempt to discuss the reasons as to why this is the reality of online/distance education.

e-Pathshala: An initiative of Government of India for Online Learning

Are you searching to read all the course material on a single platform? e-Pathshala is an initiative of the Government of India which provides educational resources for the students, researchers, teachers, educators and parents. These materials are user friendly and can be downloaded using even a mobile app, saved and read anytime and from anywhere.

Online course in European History at YouTube Crash Course channel

Crash Course is a YouTube channel producing quality content on subjects as diverse as philosophy, psychology, geography, organic chemistry, etc. This article looks at their course on European history. We look at the topics covered in this course as well as why you should definitely check out this course.

Future Ready Talent - Free Microsoft Virtual Internships for 50,000 graduates

Searching for a free online internship to learn Artificial Intelligence? Go for the best one, offered by none other than Microsoft India. This article provides complete information on the Microsoft Future Ready Talent virtual internship program for graduates. Details of the eligibility criteria and the online registration procedure, as well as a peek into what you will learn, have been provided.

Importance of Online Learning Apps

Online learning Apps have changed the face of education in India. By developing interest in the subjects through different audio-video aids about the concepts and giving the freedom of learning in a suitable time frame, the online learning apps have become a favourite of most students and even parents

IIM Lucknow Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World admissions 2021

In this digitally driven world, organizations have to stay ahead and plan their digital strategies in every evolving situation. To develop the required skills to effectively lead the businesses digitally, the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow is offering an Advanced Leadership Programme in a Digital World. This article has the details of the program, eligibility criteria, program fees, and other relevant information.

Studying online - Pros and cons

Would you like to know the pros and cons of online study? What are the differences between studyine online vs offline? How has the online study percentage increased after COVID-19 or lock-down? Read this article for more details.

IIT Bombay Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & AI with Python

Are you looking for a short-time online program on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML)? The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is conducting a certificate program in Machine Learning & AI with Python. This article has all the information about the program like program modules, duration, application procedure and fee and other relevant details.

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