Understanding concepts of demand

Are you a student of economics? Here is a basic explanation of definitions of demand. Demand is a single word and its one-liner definition can be understood in brief and one can develop better basics of the subject matter.

Giffen goods v/s inferior goods

Understanding concepts of economics through real-life examples provide conceptual clarity and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. The following article provides all that one needs to know about Giffen goods and the distinction between Giffen goods and inferior goods is thoroughly explained.

What is the study of Electrical Power System Engineering?

Whether you are currently furthering your education or considering pursuing a postgraduate degree in the Engineering field, your job prospects after you complete your studies may be a major concern for you. If you're looking for a postgraduate degree with great job opportunities, this article will point you in the correct direction.

Free tutorial in Basic Physics - Understanding Density

Do you want to learn about the concept of density and its importance in science and in our lives? This article gives a detailed understanding of this entity called density, one of the important physical characteristics of a material.

Introduction to an automobile clutch and its importance

This article gives you a brief introduction of an automobile clutch as well as its importance during the working of an automobile. The article also gives characteristics of the clutch as well as its classification based on its different types. Read the article to know about an automobile clutch

Free tutorial to learn basic Mathematics - the Number Theory

Natural numbers can be subdivided in certain groups of numbers in a particular sequence depending on some mathematical property which all the members of the group follow. We would be learning these aspects of number theory in this tutorial article.

Definition of noun and types of nouns

In this article, I am discussing the definition of noun and its kinds. The different types of nouns are proper noun, common noun, abstract noun, collective noun, and count and mass noun etc. The examples for each type of nouns are also cited. Students can clearly understand the concepts of nouns when they are cited with examples.

Check reduced WBCHSE Higher Secondary (HS) syllabus for Uchcha Madhyamik Pariksha 2021

Worried about how to cover the massive syllabus of the WB Board 12th standard exam during this pandemic situation? Relief! The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education has published a new syllabus for the 2021 class XII final exam after the reduction of a few chapters. Know through this article which chapters are excluded this year.

Restructuring courses to meet contemporary needs

Every university in India is offering the usual courses in Arts and Science colleges, but the syllabus contained in most of them is totally inadequate when it comes to enabling students to stay relevant in a changing world. This article is an attempt at creating such relevance by restructuring courses and syllabuses to reflect and meet contemporary needs.

Difference between living things and non-living things

Through this article primary children can learn the differences between living thing and non-living thing. Adults can easily identify the difference between the living things and non-living things, but kids who are yet exploring the world around them cannot easily distinguish things around them.

Plant kingdom and parts of a plant

In this article, I am mentioning some important points of plant and its parts. The plant contains some parts such as leaves, stem, root, fruits, flowers etc. So, you will study some of the important functions of the parts of the plant.

Learn Basic Physics - Understanding Electric Voltage

Do you want to learn the basics about electric voltage, a term used by all of us in connection with the electricity being used in our houses? This article provides in details what electric voltage is, from where it originates, and what for it is used.

How University MBA students can learn through case studies on their own

The standalone B-schools that offer the PGDM program, as equivalent to the MBA program, teach their studies primarily through case studies. However, there are many University B-schools where the case studies are particularly absent. This article is an attempt to guide such students, based on personal experience and learning from experts, on how to independently pursue case studies.

Learn Basic Mathematics - Solving linear equations

Mathematics is an interesting subject if learned through the basic modules. Linear equations are very useful in finding out the unknowns in the given conditions and in this article we will try to learn how to solve simple linear equations.

Modifying syllabuses to reflect industry needs

There are syllabuses all over the country, in various Universities and various courses. One common problem identified by industry experts is employability. Based on knowledge gained from down-to-earth situations and experiences, this article is an attempt to explore some ways in which the syllabus of certain courses can be modified. The extrapolation to other courses can also be thought of when certain common denominators are identified.

How school teachers can bring in value-added changes to school education

School teachers are the backbone of an entire society. It is they who nurture generations of citizens the world over. In India, they have a special role, since vast sections of those who study are very poor. The teachers need to add substantial value to the creation of knowledge. Some nuances of such value-addition in a pragmatic manner are discussed in this article.

Learn Basic Mathematics - understanding the Number System

Mathematics is an interesting subject and understanding its basic concepts is the only way to eventually learn it. This article tries to explain the number or numeral system and its various types and mathematical concepts behind it.

Rules of debit and credit for every type of account

In this article, I am explaining the basic concepts of debit and credit in commerce. These concepts are useful for commerce students and also anyone who wants to commence their own business. Every employee should be familiarized with basic book keeping and accounting. They should learn how the concepts of debit and credit are applied to every type of account.

Viruses: A Peep into Understanding the Basic Details of Viruses

Want to know what are viruses? What do viruses contain and the characteristic features of viruses? Then read this article to understand about the viruses and the diseases they cause in man, animals and plants. What precautions to be taken to prevent virus diseases.

How to make English interesting for non-English medium students

In education, everything is based on experience. Those with innovative methods of teaching will obviously be more effective than those who do not innovate at all. Based on shared experiences of some school and college teachers and my own experience, the possible methods of making English interesting to learn for non-English medium students are discussed in some detail in this article.

The pitfalls of cramming as a method of learning

The entire educational system in India is largely based on cramming. Some even swear that this continues even in engineering colleges. While this may not be true, there is always a scope for improvement. This article seeks to discuss the pitfalls of cramming as a method of teaching in schools and colleges.

How role plays and group discussions can be effective in social science courses

Making a point clear or even making a concept clear is quite easily possible through role plays and group discussions in most social science courses. This would mean that the students do a lot more home work than what is normally considered okay in educational settings. This article is an attempt to discuss some possibilities of making role plays and group discussions work in social science courses.

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