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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

Some important steps toward the success in jobs

The important factor in the interviews is to avoid mistakes regularly and repair your voice certainly with best words. Thirdly you did and how you did is another step it is important to give someone through the content and situations in which you did. Without context, your answer will sound empty or only half completed.

How to become a Chef- Courses in India and career guide

If you have a passion for cooking and enjoy experimenting with recipes then you are cut for becoming a chef. With this article learn how you could earn through your culinary skills. Get an overview of what a chef is, where to train in India and abroad and the opportunities and salary available in this profession.

Five "Must Do" tasks for MBA students of Unbranded institutions

The MBA colleges have multiplied manifold. Even the number of IIMs have increased. The quality of education in unbranded institutions is pathetic, to say the least. These University colleges do not have trained teachers. And no industry exposure too. Hence these MBA students are not able to perform well in the industry. This article talks about Five "Must Do" tasks for such MBA students to match the competencies of competitors from branded institutions.

How to Apply to a University Abroad

Are you interested in getting an education abroad? Read this article to know what steps you need to take before you can apply for admission in a University aborad. Know the do's and don't for your admission application, what all to attach and how to prepare the application in this article.

How MBAs of unbranded colleges can plan for good careers

The hapless MBAs from the unbranded B-schools do not have any choice now. They need to quickly act and get a job. Their careers are at stake. In a post-COVID situation, there are still some ways in which such MBAs can also go on to make good careers. This article attempts to discuss these simple ways in some detail.

Learning the Art of Becoming a good or great Teacher of Management

The MBA course is not an ordinary course. Possibly, when the IIMs were established, many other Universities that introduced the course did it as mere extensions of the M..Com course, run by the Commerce Department. Today, the game is different and the rules of the game have changed too. This article is an attempt to discuss what makes a good teacher or a great teacher of Management.

Here's How to Select the Right College or Grad School

Read this article if you are struggling to decide the right college or Grad school for yourself. Know what criteria to weight in while making the decision of selecting the right college for your future education. Know the institutes which give the maximum exposure and best education.

How to become an interior designer in India

Do you want to start your career in the creative field? Are you searching for the career options available for interior designers in India? Read this article and get details like the job description, career scope, educational qualification, and skills required to become an interior designer. Also, find the best colleges in India to study interior designing courses.

How to infuse confidence and guide rural youth for careers today

The rural youth are as talented as their city counterparts. They do have some problems. But with some guidance and sustained communication, we can help them realize their own potential. They can also go on to make their own careers. This article is an attempt at discussing some of the basic steps that we need to take in this direction.

How to start a career in cartography

This article is about becoming a cartographer and designing maps to provide geographical information to various institutions and various departments. So, to build a career in cartography, the students should develop some skills and should focus upon some subjects at degree level. Then they can study a master's degree or a post-graduate diploma in cartography. In this article, the roles and responsibilities of a cartographer are also discussed.

Best career options for housewives

Housewives have plenty of talents that can be creatively tapped. They can have their own careers. All that needs to be done is to go a bit deep into the options and understand them. This article is an attempt to discuss such career options for housewives in some detail.

How to be street-smart in being ahead of learning curves

Being street-smart is not only applicable to entrepreneurs. It is also applicable to professionals. From sheer common sense to applying thought to any situation, professionals do stand out. They implement strategies and are ahead of the learning curves in their professional domains. This article deals with certain aspects of such street-smart moves.

A road map to a career in animation courses In India

Do animations and visual effects amaze you? Do you possess the right skills for an animation course? Know more about animation courses in India, the eligibility criteria and the skill sets required, where to study, and which kind of course to take up before you make your tough career decision in animation.

A basic road map to a career path in Fine Arts

Looking for career opportunities after completing a course in Fine Arts? Know through this article how to enter the field of Fine Arts through information on courses and a general idea of job opportunities later in the specialization that you took up through a Fine Arts course.

The art of effective Inter-personal relations at work

Inter-personal relations is so important at work. Any individual with a good ranking on this count, can easily go up the ladder and achieve success. Such an individual is also likely to be appreciated by all. The most important point is that no one should be offended at any cost. Such credibility takes time, but can be achieved. Based on huge practical experience, this article is an attempt at discussing some relevant, "must do" steps in this direction.

How to effectively apply Loop learning in social sciences and MBA courses

Loop learning is a fairly simple concept to understand. It involves a good deal of attention to detail. It also involves inference of data collected and it also involves a certain amount of group study and also continuity of learning at any point in time. Some nuances of this type of learning is sought to be explained in this article.

How to keep your anger under control

It is a natural tendency of humans to become angry many a times in their lives. But sometimes people be in a fit of anger and lose to control the anger. Go through this article where in you can find few simple and easy tips on how to control anger particular when it is out of control

The importance of a referencing stylesheet in academic research

Are you new to academic research and are confused by the stylesheets? Are you confused by the plethora of stylesheets available, like MLA, Chicago, and APA? Learn from this beginner's guide why stylesheets are necessary in academic writing, and which one should you choose for your research.

How to effectively plan careers in a post-Corona scenario in India

The Corona scare is real. There are predictions that except for India and China, the world economy will go for a toss and that Europe in particular, would be severely affected. Even the USA has not been spared. However over a 36 month period, the Indian economy is likely to show a revival of sorts. This article discusses some pragmatic strategies for the educated unemployed in the emerging Indian context.

How students and parents should become street-smart in career planning

Career guidance is a big street-smart art in itself. There are so many important points that need to be taken into consideration. It is not a one-off activity. Some actions need to be taken by parents and students. At a later stage, the student has to decide for himself or herself. Some nuances of such street-smart preparatory actions to plan a career are discussed in this article.

Rising Demand for AI Engineers in Bangalore

Read this article to know how there is a boon in demand for AI Engineers in Banglore. Know which companies are looking for AI engineers, the packages they are offering and how you can train for the career choice of becoming an AI engineer.

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