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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

Career Planning: How to Create Career Path Plan

In this article, we discuss how to plan for your career. Know how to make a good start in your career and how to keep growing in your career by working on various aspects. Know how to chart a career path and how to research various avenues that touch the realm of your chosen career.

How to make a career plan

Do you want to know how to make a career plan? Are you confused about how to start career planning? If yes, read this article to know how to make a better career plan. In this article, I have discussed the career planning tips through steps.

Career opportunities as a Sports Medicine Doctor after MBBS

Want to know what are the unique, hot career options after completing MBBS? This article focuses on one such option, giving an insight into how to become a Sports Medicine Doctor in India. You will get an overview into the work profile of a doctor in Sports Medicine as well as information on online courses and study abroad options in sports medicine.

What are the influences of Covid-19 on fresh graduates' employment?

Covid-19 has a significant and negative influence on the world economy. Unemployment is increasing in a number of countries. There is concern that these trends will have an unfavorable impact on young people. This post presents the perceptions of fresh graduates and employers.

How to improve your soft skills in a few easy steps

Have you heard of soft skills before? This article, which I wrote using my writing and communication skills, will assist you in improving your soft skills when you want to advance your education, expand your work options, or even earn a higher salary.

What are the main factors influencing career changes and development

Career development is a lifelong enterprise, and doesn't end after you choose an occupation. Many employed people need advice on career development due to problems in their present jobs. In this article, I highlight some influencing factors you can consider while looking out for a new career or career change.

How am I performing in my career? Am I distinctive enough to be followed?

You might have seen people who claim to have everything in life but are inwardly unhappy; people who are higher paid than expected yet do nothing more than fuss; people who have a high-status position with all the associated benefits but are dissatisfied. What about me? This post tells you about my career accomplishments.

Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing can be chosen as a great career. In this article I have given information of the different competitive examinations held for pursuing careers in Fashion Designing. Eligibility criteria, courses offered, famous Institutes that offer the courses and the future prospects of the career in fashion designing.

Best career option in music field.

Are you looking for a career in the music sector or do you also feel that music is not only a hobby but a passion and whether you are interested in making a career in any field which is related to music? Many course options will help you in making a career in the field of music.

A road map to a career in animation courses In India

Do animations and visual effects amaze you? Do you possess the right skills for an animation course? Know more about animation courses in India, the eligibility criteria and the skill sets required, where to study, and which kind of course to take up before you make your tough career decision in animation.

How to become a Chef- Courses in India and career guide

If you have a passion for cooking and enjoy experimenting with recipes then you are cut for becoming a chef. With this article learn how you could earn through your culinary skills. Get an overview of what a chef is, where to train in India and abroad and the opportunities and salary available in this profession.

How to decide on a Career

Are you confused about how to choose a career and is it creating a lot of tension in deciding about where to go? Read this article to get an idea in short about how to think and decide about your future career.

Best offbeat career options after 12th

Are you looking for different offbeat courses and want to do something different from traditional studies? Then there are some off-beat courses available for you through which you can build a successful career.

Top Professional courses for the IT sector

Are you looking for different courses in the emerging field of information technology like artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., and want to grow your career with IT industries? Then there are some professional courses available for you through which you can build a successful career.

How to Apply to a University Abroad

Are you interested in getting an education abroad? Read this article to know what steps you need to take before you can apply for admission in a University aborad. Know the do's and don't for your admission application, what all to attach and how to prepare the application in this article.

Guide to be more professional at a workplace

This article explains how should be the attitude, performance, attire and communication of an employee. When everything is taken care of appropriately, an employee will deliver the best and excel in the professional world.

Tips to improve your communication skills in workplace

Are you heard by your team members and your seniors without making too much of an effort? If not, then you really need to work upon your communication skills for your workplace. Take down the tips given and practice them to develop effective communication skills.

Top five specializations to pursue in MSW post-graduation courses

Are you empathetic towards your fellow-beings? Do you have the aptitude and passion to go out of the way to help those in distress? Do you have the patience to listen to others and the ability and attitude to console them and to offer viable solutions? An MSW degree with the correct specializations can be a satisfying and successful opening for you. Read on to know more about the course, its scope, and career prospects.

9 Reasons Why You Need An English Certification

Read this article to know when you might need an English certification even when you can read this article and write moderately good English. Know where such certification comes in use and why you would need it.

Begin a paid school teaching career through 2021-23 Teach for India Fellowship Program

Keen on knowing how to become a school teacher in India? Learn through this article how you can start a teaching career by applying for the Teach for India Fellowship Program and join the 2021-23 group of Fellows. Details of how much you will get paid, the allowances that are given, who are eligible to apply, school locations and subjects to be taught, and the application procedure have all been provided.

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