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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

Top five specializations to pursue in MSW post-graduation courses

Are you empathetic towards your fellow-beings? Do you have the aptitude and passion to go out of the way to help those in distress? Do you have the patience to listen to others and the ability and attitude to console them and to offer viable solutions? An MSW degree with the correct specializations can be a satisfying and successful opening for you. Read on to know more about the course, its scope, and career prospects.

Are you interested to pursue a course in nursing

Are you interested to pursue a diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course for making a satisfying career in healthcare and medical industry? Find here the related information and details about this course.

How to make a career plan

Do you want to know how to make a career plan? Are you confused about how to start career planning? If yes, read this article to know how to make a better career plan. In this article, I have discussed the career planning tips through steps.

Guide to be more professional at a workplace

This article explains how should be the attitude, performance, attire and communication of an employee. When everything is taken care of appropriately, an employee will deliver the best and excel in the professional world.

What to do after Bachelor's in Engineering - M.Tech. or M.B.A. or M.S.?

In this article, I will take you through the most confusing aspect of technical education i.e what to do after a Bachelor's in Engineering. I will put forth the various options available that one can choose from after completing graduation in engineering.

9 Reasons Why You Need An English Certification

Read this article to know when you might need an English certification even when you can read this article and write moderately good English. Know where such certification comes in use and why you would need it.

Begin a paid school teaching career through 2021-23 Teach for India Fellowship Program

Keen on knowing how to become a school teacher in India? Learn through this article how you can start a teaching career by applying for the Teach for India Fellowship Program and join the 2021-23 group of Fellows. Details of how much you will get paid, the allowances that are given, who are eligible to apply, school locations and subjects to be taught, and the application procedure have all been provided.

5 reasons why research is important

Do you know research is important for evolving analytical concepts and facilitating better results? Do you know research boosts work and helps gain credibility? Know more more about research and why it is important for almost every career field.

How can private school teachers plan for effective careers

Irrespective of how the New Education Policy gets implemented, there has been a big churning in the private school sector, pan-India. Teachers in such private schools also need to plan to make their careers very effective. This article is a step in that direction.

How to develop the skill of tolerance to face ambiguous challenges in a career

Any ambiguity at any stage is an uncertain situation, where nothing much is clear. This always happens in all careers and to anyone at any level. However, one needs to know the basic steps of developing Tolerance for Ambiguity as an important skill-set. This article is an attempt to focus on the basic steps required.

Time Management: Learning from Lynda Cardwell

The Harvard Business Review HBR) stands out like a fountainhead of universal wisdom, applicable across contexts, and by anyone in the world. For all college students and graduates, it contains pearls of wisdom. Some practical tips on Time Management, from an HBR article, is sought to be discussed in this article.

Career prospects and options to study M.B.B.S abroad

A common notion is that a student committed to life sciences that too medicine (M.B.B.S) has very few chances to make dynamic careers. But it is not true if you are rightly guided & motivated. Infact it is relatively true with study in India but in countries like U.S, you have lot of opportunities one of which may definitely suits your need. I would like to brief up the broad chances to go after M.B.B.S in India and U.S. I have mentioned research options(PhD) after M.B.B.S in India and abroad as well.

Here's How to Select the Right College or Grad School

Read this article if you are struggling to decide the right college or Grad school for yourself. Know what criteria to weight in while making the decision of selecting the right college for your future education. Know the institutes which give the maximum exposure and best education.

The Art of Becoming Effective Executives: Learning from successful experiences

There are many things that we learn from others. Learning from successful experiences on how to become effective executives always happens over a period of decades. Based on observations of at least 25 successful and effective executives spread over four different businesses, this article is an attempt to discuss the main lessons in some detail.

How to make Corporate lessons from Jack Welch work for managerial careers

Lessons from Management Gurus can be very useful for all management students from University colleges, to learn about "how to do things" in their careers. Once they understand the practical implications of certain basic lessons, their knowledge in this direction will be far better. In this article, we will focus on some such lessons from Jack Welch, the former big boss of GE, a world-class organization.

How students and parents should become street-smart in career planning

Career guidance is a big street-smart art in itself. There are so many important points that need to be taken into consideration. It is not a one-off activity. Some actions need to be taken by parents and students. At a later stage, the student has to decide for himself or herself. Some nuances of such street-smart preparatory actions to plan a career are discussed in this article.

Career after bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering

Do you want to start your career as a Chemical Engineer? Are you searching for career opportunities in Chemical Engineering? Have a look at this article and get more information regarding the career prospects, work profile and the job opportunities available for chemical engineering in India.

Importance and necessity of soft skills in professional life

A perusal of this article will let you know as to what soft skills are, how they can be imbibed into your character and the importance of soft skills in the life and profession of a person. I have not gone into many details but have tried to provide a comprehensive brief of all related points.

Professional Courses To Become A Successful Businessman

After the publication of of various board/entrance exams, many students dream to be engineer, bank officer or doctor or judge/barrister. But why these so used boring jobs? You can change your track. You can be self-dependent with the help of , if you have self-confidence. In this article I am going to discuss some of the courses where you can get success. Check it out.

How does professional skills help to succeed in career

Professionalism is the quality that differentiates a professional from the rest in the crowd. This article explains how a professional attitude helps in career development and a list of top professional skills essential for helping career reach new heights.

Role of parents in shaping careers of children

Today, there are many new careers that have opened up. Gone are the days when one chose to be either a Doctor or an Engineer. However, in the new scheme of things, the parents have a crucial role to play in guiding their children in terms of choosing the right careers. This article is an attempt at discussing some nuances of such roles of parents in some detail.

How to choose the sector in Interior Designing

Are you an Interior Designer and not knowing the sector to be working in? Or are you stuck in a sector where you are not interested ? Then, why not switch to a sector of your choice and interest! Read on to know about the different sectors where you can work in Interior Designing.

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