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How to reduce divorce rates in India

Unlike the decades that have gone by, when our parents and their parents did all that was essential to keep any marriage going and become a big success, the present day younger generation is on what they themselves call fast track. When the negative ramifications of such fast track thinking or action dominates their marriage, every thing goes for a six. The result is that divorce rates are climbing up all over India. Some nuances of reducing these divorce rates are discussed in this article.

Sample letter: Application for new ATM PIN

Have you forgotten the ATM PIN of your bank cash card? Do you need to request for a new PIN to your bank? Wondering how to write a letter requesting for new PIN? Go through the sample letter in this article.

Advantages of rural/small town life

Contrary to all public perception, rural India does have its own charms. It is absolutely ridiculous to assume that only city life has all the advantages. Rural life has its own charms and it's advantages too. Some of such advantages are discussed in detail in this article.

Online applications for Indian Navy 2019 recruitment Executive and Technical Engineering branches

Are you a fresh Engineering graduate looking for opportunities to join the Indian Navy? Online applications will be open from 12th January to register and join the Indian Navy in the Executive and Technical Branches. This article provides complete information on the eligible engineering streams and other criteria to join the Indian Navy as PC or SSC Officers in the executive and technical branches.

How to make your kid start liking maths?

I have observed that kids normally don't like doing maths as they find it tough to solve the numerical. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry are few of topics which are tough to learn but if they are understood well then they become easy and interesting for kids to learn. Here are a few tricks which when applied can make maths easy to learn for your kids.

How the unemployed can find opportunities to earn

Contrary to public perception, unemployment is not such a big curse as it is made out to be. Yes, living out of limited resources of parents is indeed painful. Yet, a careful assessment of what can be done in a given situation are discussed in some detail in this article.

Seven mistakes that should never be done in Interviews

The interview is as much a test of skill as it is about tact, patience, and presence of mind. There are several mistakes that candidates commonly commit in an interview. Seven of such important mistakes are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

How faith can move mountains and trust can strengthen it too

The Bible originated the phrase that faith can move mountains. It simply means that faith is very powerful. In the real world, it is always observed that those who combine faith with trust can do wonders. Be it an individual or an organization, faith, and trust go together. Some dimensions of how these two variables sail together in the real world are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.

Important do's and don'ts for JEE Main on the exam day

Are you going to appear for the JEE Main exam? Want to know the rules and regulations concerning the test on the exam day? Learn here the important advisories released by the NTA for the candidates appearing the JEE Main.

How commitment forms the vital variable for sustained success

Of all the variables that convey a deep attachment to a cause, commitment would positively rank as number one. The synonyms listed in the dictionary include loyalty, dedication, duty, and faithfulness. In fact, it would include each of these in the deepest sense of the words. Some dimensions of commitment are sought to be discussed in this article.

How to protect girls and young adults from negative environmental influences

Protecting the girl child and even women in the age group of 18-22, who are largely unmarried, is no mean task now. There is a lurking danger everywhere. Even two-year-old girl children are no safer. The older girls are even more vulnerable, with the availability of the most advanced information technology in the form of cell phones. This article discusses some methods of doing the best in the most difficult of circumstances.

Bottle feeding techniques and tips

Bottle feeding is the common alternative to mother's milk. Sometimes, additional bottle feeds may be given along with mother's milk, if the milk supply is inadequate. Bottle feeding is not only just pouring the liquid into the bottle. It is very important to give careful attention while preparing your baby's milk. Here are some tips and techniques on bottle feeding. Feed your child safe by following this bottle feeding guide.

How globalization has changed our lives

Globalization has had a superb journey in India. There are still hundreds of thousands who think that it has brought about misery. This is far away from the truth. There have been tremendous advantages in each industry. There are some dramatic changes that have changed our lives altogether. These changes are discussed in some detail in this article.

How to learn Sanskrit through correspondence courses in India

Are you keen on enrolling for introductory courses in Sanskrit through correspondence from an Indian institute? Searching for Sanskrit correspondence courses for housewives? Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, which is a Deemed University in New Delhi, is offering correspondence courses in Sanskrit. There are no exams and no age limits. Students, housewives, senior citizens, research scholars, etc can all get enrolled for the Sanskrit introductory and higher introductory courses.

How to develop empathy

The world has been a good place to live, only because there is empathy. Whether it is India or some other country, there are hundreds of thousands of people who voluntarily render services to mankind virtually free of cost. How do we develop the art of empathy and emulate them? This article is an attempt to discuss some nuances of developing empathy.

Courses after BCom other than MBA

are you a BCom graduate? Want to know the best courses after BCom other than MBA? Here we explain the best courses like CS, CMA, ACCA, CPT, CA Coaching Centres in Ernakulam who offer brilliant career choices with high earnings.

Why Engineering is a Great Career Option after 12th?

Engineering is not the only option after 12th, there are a plethora of other career options out there. Still, engineering is considered as one of the sought-after careers in India today. Wondering why? Read this article to know about What makes Engineering a Great Career Option??

2019 CBSE class X and XII exam dates declared

Are you going to appear for the forthcoming CBSE board exams? Eager to learn when the board exams for class X or XII are going to begin? Learn here from this page the important dates and the necessary details of these two prestigious exams.

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