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Travel tips for tourists travelling to Punjab and Chandigarh

This article deals with travel tips for tourists, who may be visiting Punjab and Chandigarh. In the introductory note on travel tips to Punjab and Chandigarh, it is told when one should visit Punjab and Chandigarh. The tourist is also briefed as to what places must be visited in Amritsar and Chandigarh. How one can reach Amritsar and Chandigarh is explained next. An exhaustive list of general travel tips, especially for visiting Punjab and Chandigarh visit are given in the end of article.

Best ways to prepare for trekking around Ladakh

Planning for trekking in and around the Ladakh this season? The landscape and the valleys of the place are sure to leave you spellbound. But, you also need to build up your body to suit the demands of trekking. A little preparation prior to the adventure would benefit you during the trekking. Learn to prepare and train yourself for the adventurous holidays.

Few tips for planning a trip and a happy travel

Summer vacation to the children are ahead. Are you planning for a break with your family members? Then design your trip in such a way that all of you would enjoy it without any disappointment and extra expenditure to your pocket. Here are some commonly done mistakes by everyone and let us not commit again. Don't ignore saying an'old wine in a new bottle'!

Luggage tips to flight travel with kids/infants

Handling kids and luggage during flight travel is difficult. Check in process and security check up makes this more difficult. In this article, I suggested the travel things that need to be carried and flight facilities that could be acquired to ease your journey.

Things to know before travelling to India

Travelling to India? Learn the customs and traditions before you arrive in India. Know how to handle different situations in India. Distinguish between proper and improper ways of doing things in India. Consider all these aspects for having an enjoyable and memorable trip to India.

Best tips to visit tourist places in Jaipur

Any place which can really reflect our tradition and culture so perfectly is Jaipur. In the following article, best tips on places to visit in Jaipur are shared with some really useful dos and don'ts while visiting there.

Travelling peacefully and comfortably with infants and kids

Many a times we travel long distances with infants and kids. The journey becomes a total mess and hectic if the first time mom is also a first time traveler. There are many things one needs to keep in mind while travelling with kids and infants. Even if we have an elderly person or caretaker for help, there are certain pre requisites one should keep in mind and arrange for before planning to travel.

Hotel and other accommodation in India for tourists

Visiting India and concerned about accommodation? Hotel accommodation is easy to find in India. From luxury hotels to budgets hotels to lodges and dormitories and homestays, there is a vast choice. The room tariffs are reasonable.

Travel tips to stay comfortable in long international flights

Travelling on a long air trip from one country to the other and getting worried on how to make your flight trip a comfortable one? Keep your worries aside and go through this article which will give you the best travel tips for staying comfortable in your long air travels.

Useful tip for first time travellers to India

Travelling to India? Do you have a travel Itinerary? For an enjoyable trip to India, come prepared with a travel plan. Know the places you want to visit, before arriving here. Chalk out a travel plan, depending on what you want to see. Use the tips as a guide when planning your India trip.

Tips on essential items to take along when travelling to India

There are a few items that must be in every traveller's baggage when travelling to India. Items that are essential for your safety, comfort and convenience. This list provides the absolute must haves in your baggage. Read on to know what you need to bring with you on your trip to India.

Tips on how to avoid jet lag

Jet lag makes you feel like a zombie. It can zap energy levels and cause fatigue, nausea and lack of concentration. The good thing is that these symptoms can be reduced. Try some tried and tested methods used by seasoned travellers to combat jet lag.

How to have a comfortable travel?

This article describes about how to have a comfortable travel. Some tips are given to make your travel easier and pleasant. How a traveler can avoid boredom, fatigue and feel positively during the journey is addressed in this article.

How to get over jet lag after long international flights

Is jet lag taking away your time and fun of having a vacation? Want to know how you can get over the jet lag after you fly from India to the U.S or from the U.S to India? Check out the best tips to deal with jet lag on long haul flights.

How to avoid constant Invalid Captcha error during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking

Frustrated at getting "Invalid Captcha" error message repeatedly even after typing the correct Captcha during IRCTC Tatkal ticket booking? IRCTC limits the number of users trying to login during Tatkal hours by displaying a complicated Captcha image and giving "invalid captcha" error message. This article gives some tips & tricks to avoid the captcha error and login quickly. Follow these instructions and get a confirmed Tatkal train ticket.

Travel tips for first time visitors to India

If you are visiting India for the very first time, it would be a better idea to prepare a perfect checklist for the journey. Not that, we are trying to demotivate you from visiting India, but being a country so vast and diverse – you will need to be prepared to have a realistic experience.

Travel Guide to Jaipur the Pink-City of Rajasthan, India

Jaipur, the Pink city of Rajasthan, India is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Jaipur is ranked 7th place in Asia for tourism. Are you looking for complete information about Jaipur, its tourist & historical locations? Know all about the city, its festival & events, the popular places to dine & shop, etc from this article.

Tips for first time traveler to abroad

In the life time, most of us want to visit other countries for some purpose. But when it approaches the travel date we all have tension about the travel like what we should carry or what we have to take care in the country etc. Here, I am sharing some of the tips for the first time travelers.

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