5 things about personal finance and savings all women should know

A small article on simple things in savings and personal finance every layman (or woman) should know. All too often the terms "tax" or "SIP" make women apprehensive. It need not be so. Women are natural investors and risk takers. Just a basic understanding of a few savings and finance instruments will go a long way in making one financially empowered.

Bank lockers - Procedure, Nomination, Guidelines and Precautions

Do you want to keep safe your contents like coins and jewelleries? Then bank lockers is the best choice. This article presents all about safety deposit lockers, the process followed by banks, monthly payment for this and tax. This article also explains the tips you have to follow to keep safe and how to remember the things which you have deposit in Bank locker. Go through the article for more details.

What are the charges on SBI and other bank cash transactions and ATM withdrawals

Want to know the charges levied by banks on ATM cash withdrawals? How much penalty will you have to pay for a cash withdrawal from your savings and current bank account? This article provides answers to your queries about charges effective 1st April 2017 which will be levied on cash deposits and withdrawals and ATM transactions.

How to make your financial planning a simple process

Let me explain that finacial planning is managing your cash inflows to match your cash outflows at various stages of your life or vice versa. The crux of finacial planning lies in controlling or regulating your cash flows. Here are some simple tips to understand and regulate the cash flows.

How to Save Tax in India in 2017

Most of the tax payers in India are looking for ways to save tax. However, there is very little awareness among the masses. As a result, they end up paying higher taxes. There are various options like PPF and life insurance schemes that can help people save tax in India in 2017.

Tips for easy approval of personal loan

Do you worry about your application for availing personal loan will be rejected? Are you concerned whether there will be delay in the approval of your personal loan? If you abide by the following instructions perfectly, your application for availing such loan may get approved in two or three days.

Post Office investment schemes in India

There are a number of investment schemes offered by post offices in India. Some of these schemes are exclusive to post offices which means that Indian banks do not offer them. Read this article for more information regarding the latest post office investment schemes in India.

Types of Riders in Term Insurance and how to choose them

Most of the people in India are not aware about additional facilities offered along with term insurance plans. For instance, there are riders which provide added coverage. There are different types of riders as well. Read this article for more information regarding riders available with term plans.

How to change your Term Plan

If you had already purchased a costly term plan for yourself or a family member and now getting better offers, you should consider switching to new plan. However, you have to consider some points like your health condition before changing the plan. Should You Change your Term Plan: Why and How is what this article will tell you.

Precautionary tips to consider before starting a business

If you are thinking about starting a new business in India, there are some important aspects to look after in advance. For instance, you need to be careful with the initial expenses. Read this post for more information regarding the precautions you should take before starting a business.

Investment schemes and options in 2017 in India

We are almost at the end of this year and 2017 just a month away. If you want to achieve financial security, it is important to invest your savings in right schemes. Read this article for more information regarding investment schemes like bank deposit schemes, recurring deposits and mutual funds.

How to open a PPF account in SBI

If you want to open a PPF account, you can consider different nationalized banks like SBI, PNB or Bank of Baroda. However, SBI is one of the most reputed banks and thus people prefer it for PPF. Read this post for more information on how can you open your PPF account in SBI.

How to oppen a PPF Account in India: FAQs

If you want to open a PPF account in India, you have to approach a bank and then follow certain steps. Some of the banks may require you to open a savings account before getting a PPF account but it is not compulsory. Read this article to clear all your doubts regarding PPF account in India.

Banks with Highest Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits in India

Different banks offer different interest rates on fixed deposits. Most of the bank offer about 4% interest rate on fixed deposits but some of the private banks have started giving higher interest rates to gain more customers. Read this post for more information regarding banks with highest interest rates on fixed deposits in India.

How to open SBI Gold Deposit Scheme (GDS)

Eager to deposit idle gold in your SBI branch? This article provides complete details on the eligiblity criteria, interest rate and application process of the SBI Gold Deposit Scheme (GDS). You will also get a list of the SBI branches which offer the GDS.

Best bank to open savings account in India

Searching for the best bank to open savings account? Need to know which bank offers highest interest for savings account? Read the article below to know more about savings account in different bank. Below I have given the best nationalized and private bank to open savings account.

How to get a home loan

Many people have questions on how to apply for a home loan and do not have the basic information. In this article I will provide general information on the home loan procedure. I will talk about the requirements of the bank and how one can go about it.

Cash Reserve Ratio And Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity ratio – CRR and SLR are the major monetary tools of Reserve Bank of India, to control liquidity and maintain healthy monetary transmission in the economy. Questions like what are CRR and SLR? What are the legal provisions for them? Etc. can be understood from the article given here

What are the various electronic payments in India

Electronic payment in India was introduced to provide cost-effective, hassle-free and quick payment experience in comparison to the previously used paper-based traditional method. In this article, you will learn about various electronic payments prevalent in India.

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