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Meaning of Book Closure, Record Date, Cum Bonus, Ex-Bonus in Share Market

Assuming that the Company decides to reward the shareholders by issuing Right shares in the Ratio 1 : 2 that is one share for every 2 shares held at Rs 150 per share when the current ruling price is Rs 450 per share. For these benefits, as discussed in the previous paragraphs,ex date, Record date and Book dates are kept. If on the other hand instead of issuing Right shares the company wants to split the face value of the ....

Invest in Dividend Paying Stocks

When the markets are down and volatile the most sought after stocks and shares by an investor are the defensive stocks and shares. The defensive stocks are mainly of blue chip companies

What Is Insider Trading?

Insider trading means speculate share of company to make huge profits on the basis of leaked information by key.... Any person found guilty of insider trading may be held guilty and punished accordingly as insider trading is banned by most of world known stock market in interest of common investors.

Understanding Alpha and Beta of Stock Portfolio

Stock portfolio is a very important concept in investing and it is very necessary to understand these concepts. In this article we have tried to unravel the mystery of these terms. Once you understand the concept you will be able to judge performance of mutual fund manager.

Is ETF Better Way to Invest In Gold?

Exchange Trades Funds are becoming popular these days as preferable method of investing in gold. Reason is that it is convenient and offers many benefits as compared to buying physical gold. You have to just call your broker in order to buy the gold and gold units will be deposited in your demat account.

Curtain Raiser On Blue Chip Stocks In The Indian Stock Market

People think that Stock Market is a place for gamble. Some of them think that it is scientific. Some others think that it is quite unpredictable. However, in this article, let me discuss about some the blue chip stocks in the Indian Stock Market, its advantages and disadvantages. Please read on.

What is dividend and dividend dates

in this article I shall let you know regarding about dividend and its dates. The retail investor is usually get confused regarding the dividend dates. This article will help that retail investor who is want to know that dividend dates. We have to buy some good dividend paying stocks for get higher return from their investment.

How to recover loss from purchased shares

This article brief you how to recover lost from purchased shares and how to proceed to buy and sell the shares also you will know when to buy and sell the shares. From this you will know many ways to recover lost from purchased shares.

List of Penny Multibaggers Stocks for 2013 - 2014

This article explains the penny and multibaggers stocks for the year 2013-2014 and definition of penny and multibagger stocks. List of stocks are given so as the risk and return associated to that. One should go for such stocks only if investor has high risk high return taking capability.

Plight of small investors in the midst of 'Share Market Crash'

The less the size of boats would be the more would be the danger surrounding it in the midst of overflowing rivers and virulent storm. This article hopes, if you are a regular watcher of share market, you must have salvaged your capital by now, because for the several past weeks, enough time was there for you to have booked your loss. This article suggests, however, if you have not done this, there is no cause to worry. Let us understand this to extricate out of this jam through this essay.

Top 10 ideas for investing money and gaining profits

10 simple and easy investment tips to make money in Share market. To become successful in Share market, read the money mantras and the stock ideas for short term or long term investment. The best ideas for financial management are included here.

How to make money online by implementing the right day trading shares strategies

The article talks about ways by which you can earn money online through share trading on a daily basis, by buying a stock and selling it on the same day. One needs to understand the market movements, especially the value of Rupee, Dollar and Euro, the losses and gains, before getting into day trading. It sure is risky, but if you implement the right strategies, you can become a successful day trader.

What Are Depository Receipts And How Are They Classified?

Depository receipts are one of the best modes of investing in one’s home country from a foreign country with lot of ease and flexibility. This article explains about the depository, depository receipts and different forms of depository receipts available for investment purpose.

Know about financial derivatives and their classification

The principal objective of any investor in the financial market is to maximize the returns and minimize the risk.One of those instruments which help in mitigating the risk are financial derivatives. This article gives a basic understanding of financial derivatives such as futures, options and warrants and also explains the difference between so that the reader gets a basic idea about these financial instruments.

Procedure To Open A Demat Account

Investors can make attractive gain through share market. SEBI has arranged strict rules and regulations in order to assure the security. This article deals with all the basic procedures to open a demat account. It also traces all the basic of Indian share market.

Some Tips To Select A Best Broker For Share Market

Investors can’t undermine the service of an expert broker in share market. Investors have to select an expert broker in order to get sufficient gain from share market. This article will provide you important tips to select a best broker.

How To Buy Stocks And Shares From The Share Market?

Purchasing stocks and shares is considered to a technical thing. But in reality it is not that difficult. If a person wants to purchase shares he has to take a few steps first. In this article I will discuss the steps one has to take to purchase shares.

How to open a demat account?

Demat account is the electronic listing of shares like security certificate. Read this article to grab the benefits of having demat account and also to know how to open a demat account. This article also deals the different charges in Demat account.

ETF - Exchange Traded Fund - Investment In Gold In Stock Market

This is article on investment in gold in stock market via exchange traded fund on exchange. There are benefit of this investment are explained here. There are many limitation on gold investment but by exchange traded fund this is made very easy for individual investor. One can invest in multiple of one gram.

What are the investment options for women?

The most vital factor that plays an important role for investment is the risk taking the capacity of the investor i.e. how far can he go to take risks because upon it rests to a greater extent the likely returns. Well, let’s see the investment options available after taking into account the risks involved.

How to Trade in Share Market

If you are a share trader this trick will help you to make money from share market. It's very simple trick. Any trader can apply this trick in their intraday trading. This trick works always. some time it's may be fail becouse 100% not fix in share market. Use this trick in our intraday trading and start earning money from today.

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