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IT: Chapter 2 movie review

It: Chapter two is the sequel to the movie It which was released in the year 2017. It is a horror movie about an entity known simply as It who terrorise and then kill children in a small American town. A group of kids who had defeated It in the first part return to their hometown upon realising that the entity has come back. The movie has been released in India on 6th of September.

How Hollywood has made a successful journey in India from 1994 to 2019

Since the release of Jurassic Park in 1994, Hollywood has had a steady presence in the Indian market. After occasional big successes in the first two decades, things have become very bright for the Western cinema for the last four years as their market share has grown quickly owing to some big blockbusters. This article offers a glimpse of the journey of Hollywood films in India since 1994 till date.

Crawl - Hollywood horror movie review

Crawl is a horror movie that was released in the month of July in the USA. The movie is about a father and daughter who, along with their pet dog, must confront a category 5 hurricane as well as hostile alligators from a nearby lake in order to stay alive. The movie stars Kaya Scodelario of The Maze Runner Series fame.

5 Most anticipated films of Hollywood from fall 2019

The summer movie season of Hollywood has ended on a good note and the studios have some very big movies lined up for release in fall and winter. This article gives brief information about the 5 most anticipated Hollywood movies that will be releasing between September and December 2019.

Hobbs and Shaw: Hollywood film review

Hobbs and Shaw is a recently released action movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. It is an official spin-off of the Fast and Furious franchise. The 200 million budgeted movie is about a virus with a potential to destroy a major chunk of the population. The situation forces the cop Hobbs to work with the criminal Shaw in order to save the world as well as the latter's sister.

Review of 'Super 30' movie

This article reviews the recently released Bollywood movie 'Super 30'. An outline of the plot has been given along with the areas where the movie performed well and the areas where it could have improved. Do enjoy reading this article.

Top Breakthrough Rappers of India

Rapping has become very popular in the Indian Music Industry. Mentioned in this article are some of the famous Indian rappers who paved the way for Hip Hop genre and changed the conventional hip-hop outlook in our music industry.

A review of Shantata! Court chalu aahe! Marathi movie, 1971

This article talks about Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe!, a Marathi movie released in 1971, which was a ground-breaking movie of its time. The movie and its relation to the question of our perception of women are talked about. An analysis of the plot as well as a review of the technical aspects of the movie shall form components of our discussion.

A review of Impractical Jokers TV Show

Have you heard of the famous American TV show 'Impractical Jokers'? Impractical Jokers is one of those few surviving TV shows which can either make you laugh heartily or make you disgusted. Read this article to know more about this show.

Review of Hindi Movie - Kesari.

Kesari is a Hindi movie having a patriotic note. The film depicts the war that happened in the year 1897 between a handful of brave Sikh soldiers of the British Indian army against a mighty Afghan troupe at Saragarhi. This article presents a review of this movie.

A review of 'Hyouka' light novel

Recently, I had the fortune to read the famous Japanese light novel series called 'Hyouka'. In this article, I have tried to provide a review of the novel series, including its plot as well as the points on which it can be praised and criticized. An introduction to what exactly is a light novel is also provided at the beginning of the article.

Review of Bharat Ek Khoj Doordarshan television show

There was a time, not all that long ago, when Doordarshan was at the apex of Indian television, featuring the best shows of its time. Released in 1988, Bharat Ek Khoj is still one of the best Indian historical TV shows. In this article, a review of the show is provided. An attempt has been made to look at those aspects of the show which make it unique when seen in comparison with other shows of the same genre.

How to stop playing PUBG?

PUBG has become an intense addiction for all mobile gamers. People have started wasting their precious time in this game. This article will help you to prevent playing PUBG. Hope, you utilise your time well after reading this article.

Review of the movie - Accidental Prime Minister

The movie 'Accidental Prime Minister' is based on the book of same name by Sanjay Baru. The movie is a satire based on UPA governance from 2004 to 2014 and depicted the regime in which Dr. Manmohan Singh worked as the PM. This article presents a review of this movie.

Petta Movie Review: Rajnikant in a totally different avatar that does not click

When a Rajnikant movie releases in Tamil, Hindi and in Telugu, all over the world, it creates huge excitement. As usual, the Tamil movie fans take at least forty liters of milk to the cinema halls and pour it down on the posters of their Superstar. Here is an unbiased review of the new blockbuster "Petta". The attempt has been to present a holistic review.

Rajanikanth and Shankar's Indian Visual Wonder 2.O Movie Review

S. Sankar's visual wonder 2.O acted by Rajanikant, Akshay Kumar and Amy Louise Jackson is an eye feast for the movie fans. The movie belongs to a Science fiction genre and finally, it amuses the spectators with its visual effects. The visual wonder offers a social message too for the audience.

Dyslexia and relevance of Taare Zameen Par for parents and children

The parents of a dyslexic child should be aware about the problem so that they are able to help their child. Taare Zameen Par, directed and produced by Aamir Khan, is a story of one such child who is initially struggling in school due to his inability to learn and how he overcomes it after meeting a Godfather who discovers his true potential of art. This article talks about the movie and the problems parents face in raising a dyslexic child.

The Making of Rajnikanth, the Superstar of Tamil cinema

There are thousands of actors in India, across so many languages. While Hindi movies do find a big audience North of the entire South, films in other languages have also been making a big impact. However, Superstars such as Rajnikanth from the Tamil movie world are now worth billions. This article traces some glimpses of the actor's rise from nowhere to a cult figure.

Deiva Magal review: Need for social control over serials

Deiva Magal is a Tamil serial which captivated Tamil audiences for almost five years. The gripping story and action-packed episodes were interesting. It did have some good messages on honesty and integrity. However, there were aspects which underline the need for some control over the story line of such serials.

Most inspirational Bollywood movies

We all watch Bollywood movies for fun and entertainment in order to get a break from routine life. But there are some movies which give us a good message of life and we tend to remember them. In this write up I am making an attempt to list some of those Bollywood movies which are motivational and I have personally liked them.

Bollywood movie 102 Not Out review

How is the latest movie 102 Not Out? How is the chemistry between Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in this movie? What is the story line of this movie? Know the interesting facts about the Bollywood movie 102 Not Out in this article.

Types of Ukulele and why it is popular

In the recent years a musical instrument has become very popular, the Ukulele. This small and simple string instrument has become the internet's favorite. What exactly makes it so popular and lovable? This article is an attempt to answer that question.

Live registrations open tonight for 2018 KBC 10 Sony TV reality show

What is the KBC 2018 registration first question? Want to know how to register for and participate in auditions of 2018 KBC 10? Registrations begin tonight on 6th June! Know the first question from this article, which also provides the schedule of dates when registration lines will be open for participation in 2018 KBC. You will also get details about how to register via the KBC app and via SMS.

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