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This category of IndiaStudyChannel Articles section is related to Travel and Tourism in India. India is a vast country and has diverse geographical conditions and areas. Touring in India is like visiting the whole world in one country and yet get to enjoy the different places and satisfy your satiety of pleasure and adventure. Share your experience about traveling in India and the tips and different modalities that you made use of while traveling to get maximum comfort and best use of time while going to various tourist attractions and pilgrim places in India.
Share your experience while climbing the mountains and crossing the rivers and about how did you interact with the local people. Describe your words with photos you took on your trip to India and what would be your advice and tips to other travelers.

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Buddhist pilgrim sites in Andhra Pradesh

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has nearly 150 Buddhist sites most of which date back to the 3rd century B.C. This indicates that Buddhism might have had its heyday in the past in Andhra Pradesh but unfortunately gradually faded out in the modern era. In this article you can know about the important Buddhist pilgrim sites of the state.

How to register and submit online applications for Government organized Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

Are you keen on travelling to Kailash Manasarovar in 2019? Want to join the Govt. of India organized 2019 Kailash Manasarovar Yatra and know the fees for the trip? This article provides the complete information on the registration and application process for the 2019 Kailash Manasarovar Yatra organized by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. Details of the two optional routes, fees for the trip, eligibility requirements, etc are all provided in this informative article.

Important tips to make your bus rides comfortable

Not willing to take up the bus journey fearing the many discomforts in the bus? Well, here are some easy and simple ways that you can adopt while planning a bus journey in order to turn it out to be a comfortable one.

“Dev-Bhoomi” Himachal Pradesh: The Land Of Gods And Goddess

Himachal Pradesh is situated in the shadows of the great Himalaya in the Northern part of India. Himachal Pradesh is the land of Gods and Goddess, thus called “Dev-Bhoomi”. It is the place of diverse cultures, land of fare and festivals, land of peace and joy, a place where you can see nature at its best. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with the wonderful . It is one of the best known location to spend your holidays and have a lifetime of a experience.

Why Kolkata is an amazing city of firsts

Are you keen to learn about why is Kolkata a heritage city? A visit to the city through this article highlights a list of fascinating facts and figures about Kolkata and learning about it would make you nostalgic due to its immense historical relevance.

Little-known tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, the easternmost state of India, presents many beautiful and unexplored tourist spots. The author mentions five little-known, exquisitely beautiful tourist spots in the state. Read on to learn more.

Ramchandi – the famous tourist spot in Odisha

Have you visited Ramchandi in Odisha? What makes Ramchandi a famous tourist place of India? Check out this article to know the details of tourist attractions here so that you can plan your trip next time to Ramchandi.

Tulip Garden Srinagar Kashmir: a scintillating glory

Tulip Garden Srinagar with a variety of colorful tulips blooms on the banks of Dal lake. People throng this garden from different parts of the country. The enthralling and pristine glory lures visitors all over the world. Read this article to know more about this beautiful Tulip garden Srinagar.

2019 Central Railway Summer Special Trains from Mumbai and Pune ticket bookings open

Searching for train timings of Pune to Ernakulam trains? Would you like to travel by train from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram? You could book a Central Railway ticket to Kochuveli railway station of Thiruvananthapuram city. There are also trains from Mumbai and Pune to Gorakhpur and Manduadih railway station of Varanasi and a train from Pune to Ernakulam, Kochi. This article provides the complete schedule of the CR summer trains to all these places.

2019 Western Railway Summer Special Trains Schedule from Mumbai

Are you looking for special fare trains from Mumbai to New Delhi? Planning to travel from Mumbai to Indore in May 2019? This article provides the complete April to July 2019 schedule of Western Railway train timings and dates between Mumbai and New Delhi, Indore, Gandhidham and Mangalore.

Best places to visit around Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh

Looking for the best places to visit around Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh? Check out this article to know the attractions of Andhra's second largest city which includes Kanaka Durga temple, The Bhavani Island, Undavalli Caves, Kondapalli fort, Hazratbal Mosque and many more.

The joys of spending winter in Kashmir - best tips from a local

Have you ever visited the place covered with white sheets of snow? Have you participated in snow sports in winter? if not, I have chosen a place for you with vast beauty and encompassed in the snow where you can get to experience breathtaking beauty and snow. It is called paradise on earth! Yes, it is our Kashmir. Read on to know more.

Vande Bharat Express: Features, Schedule and Train details

Vande Bharat Express has successfully completed all the trails and started its journey in the mid-Feb 19 between Varanasi and Delhi. All the information related to Train 18 is provided here. Go through this article and get the details regarding the train schedule, timings, route and the special features of Vande Bharat Express.

Jagadalpur - A tourist destination during the Christmas vacation

Have you ever heard of this place where the conglomeration of waterfalls, forests, wild life and tribal art & culture live together bringing happiness to the naked eye of nature loving human being? It is also well known as the Kashmir of Chattisgarh where you can have the glance of the Indian Nayagara waterfall. To have a splendid trip during your Christmas vacation, chalk out you plan to visit Jagadalpur, the most beautiful place which hosts the above feature of nature. Have a glance look at this article.

Places to visit in and around Kanchipuram

Kanchi is known as the city of temples. This is very near to Chennai. The town is well connected by road and air. The town is having good hotels and restaurants to stay and eat. There are many temples which are worth to visit. The Silk Sarees made in this place are very famous. The details of this place are discussed in this article.

What to do immediately in case of a car accident in which you are traveling ?

Day in and Day out we are observing many road accidents involving two vehicles or vehicle and pedestrians. Suppose there is an accident for the car we are traveling? Do you know the immediate actions needed to be taken? Check out this article to know the actions like informing the police, arranging the treatment for needy, informing the kith and kin and insurance company.

Gokarna : A pilgrim place in Karnataka

Gokarna is a small town in Karnataka on the seashore. This town is very famous for Hindu temples and many pilgrims visit this place to have the darshan of deities in various temples located here. In addition to these temples, there are many good beaches which attracts tourists. The beaches here are very good and people who can't go to Goa can spend some time in the beaches. This article presents some details about this place.

Ten best tourist spots in Mysore of Karnataka in India

Mysore is one of the most amazing tourist centers comparable to Agra in UP. Mysore city is a blend of both old and new cultures. This old city is bestowed with beautiful palaces, hills, gardens, museums, Zoo's, Churches etc. In this article, I have provided an account of 10 beautiful and historical tourist spots that can be visited in Mysore tour.

Chardham tour in the state of Uttarakhand.

Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri of Uttarakhand are considered to be Chardham Yatra. Kedarnath is the abode of Lord Siva, Badrinath is the abode of Lord Visnu, Gangotri is the place where river Ganga started flowing and similarly, Yamunotri is the place of river Yamuna. These four places are considered to be the sacred places of the country and a journey to these places is considered to be a way to salvage our life. The details of these four Dhams is brought in in this write-up.

What to do for the safety of your luggage while traveling

Do you worry about the safety of your luggage while traveling? This article provides information about the protection of the luggage while traveling. You will find some important tips for the protection of your luggage. You will also find the step to take if your luggage is lost.

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