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This section on IndiaStudyChannel website is a reference to the various projects going around in India and related to the Engineering domain. Get to know about the various projects performed in the Civil area which helps the working of the construction and designing of public projects. Electrical Engineering projects are towards providing more energy efficient solutions to the electrical network and to improve safety standards and solving various issues.
Looking or a place to contribute your knowledge about electronics developments and about how Electronics bring in miniature size of equipment and to discuss about the principles of Electronics?
Help design automobile design and provide knowledge and expertise articles on mechanical projects. This section is one of the best areas to work upon and present articles to members to understand. Get an opportunity to present Computer application projects and also to put up Administrative projects and how complicated tasks be projected and executed with ease.

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Calculations in C programming

Your computer is actually a big calculator. Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie or playing a video game, your computer only do calculations. This article will teach you to make the most of the calculations a computer can do. We will reuse what we have just learned, namely variables. The idea is just to make your calculations with variables: these variables add, multiply, store the result in another variable, etc.. Even if you're not a fan of math, this article will be absolutely essential.

Project details on Employee perception with a questionnaire with reference to Hospital Industry

I have made an article with the questionnaire that would help the management students to get an idea on the project both summer and main project. I have used the topic employee perception to discuss the project and I feel the Questionnaire will provide a basic information on how to prepare a questionnaire and what tools may be used to elaborate the study on a particular aspect.

Illustration Of Ohm's Law And Kirchhoff's Laws

It is the student’s mentality to think that electrical engineering is difficult. Electrical laws are basic building blocks for all the subjects of electrical engineering. Staring from Ohm’s law, every law is important in electrical engineering. This article introduces the important laws of electrical engineering and also gives the idea of apply them correctly.

Unisys announced Cloud 20/20 ver 7 Contest winners for Technical Project

In this article, you will know how to participate Unisys Cloud 20/20 technical project contest, who is eligible for Cloud 20/20 Contest, how to approach Unisys for it and so on. Also, find Unisys Cloud 20/20 version 7 Contest winners for Technical Project detail. Read this article for more info on this.

Energy Management in Distribution Transformer

This paper presents the effect of power supply voltage in distribution transformer losses.Finally it recommended to maintain the 11KV power supply voltage of Tamilnadu Electricity Board between 10.8KV to 11.2KV to minimize the distribution transformers losses.

Lecture notes Reinforced concrete structures part 1

Are you a civil engineering students looking for lecture notes for reinforced concrete structurs. Here you can find the RCC lecture notes in PDF file. This notes include design of singly reinforced concrete beam and solved problems.

How to use Live projects to hone technical skills

Project activity enables you to put your theory to practice. Project is an independent activity with little hand holding from mentor or a guide of solving building a prototype or solving a problem. In this article I have explained the basic concept of what a project is and why it was introduced in the curriculum. Further, I have described the advantages of doing a live project and thus honing substantial technical skills.

An introduction to gear trains and their working

Here I am going to discuss about the gear trains and their working principle. Gear is a basic element which is used to transmit power from one shaft to another. In this section the important types of gear trains are descibed.

Working of a Pulse RADAR and its applications

In this article, a brief introduction is given about the basic working concept of a RADAR system along with block diagram. RADAR is a system similar to SONAR. But difference is, SONAR is used to detect under water objects. Now a days RADAR is finding a vast range of application in various fields. Some interesting applications are discussed in this section.

Important notes on bridge engineering their contents and requirements.

If you are a civil engineering student and want to prepare for the bridge engineering. Then you are at right place. here you find important details about the bridge engineering and its various components. For more details about components, requirements and notes related to bridge engineering, then read the following article.

Bridge introduction and its types in civil engineering language.

Are you a Civil Engineering student and looking for some notes related to bridge engineering. Then, you are right here. Read on the following article, if you want some more details about bridge engineering. You can also download the flow diagrams that are attached below.

Lecture notes about wall, their types and importance in nature.

Are you a civil engineering student and looking for some notes related to the building construction. In this article, I explained about the different type of wall, their purposes and importance in building construction. Read on to get the information about this article.

Lecture notes on portal frames from advanced R.C.C. design

In this article, I explained about the different types of frames. They are used for the construction of industrial buildings. Read on to get the information about the different types of portal frames, their uses, and construction etc.

Exhaust Absorption Automobile Compartment Cooling

The project titled “Exhaust absorption automobile compartment cooling” deals with the efficient way of running the ac of the automobile with the aid of the exhaust gas. This project works on the theme of vapour absorption refrigeration cycle. The exhaust gas from the engine is made as source for the cycle and so the thermal power of exhaust gas is converted into cooling effect. So through this air conditioning effect is obtained without loss of any crankshaft power.

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) in detail

In this article, I will explain Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) along with waveform and block diagram in detail. This article is easy to understand, clear and with all the information. Suitable for engineering and diploma students.

Computer program projects for MCA students

MCA project must be unique.It may be on social networking site which becomes live in future.It may be any game which is not present in the market yet.It may a software in the form of .exe file.Students have to learn more and more things to make their projects good and unique.

An overview of Plastering in Civil Engineering

Plastering is important process in the construction field. In this article, I am going to explain about objective of plastering, its types, requirements and methods of plastering. This article will be very useful to the Civil Engineering students. Read on to get the concepts of plastering.

Computer networks in detail

In this article, I will explain computer networks in detail. In this I explained types of networks including Point-to-Point system, Client-server system, Types of networks / network classes and Network Topology in detail with the help of neat sketches.

Voltage Regulators in detail

A voltage regulator is an element that can stabilize a voltage at a fixed value, which is necessary for the electronic assemblies in need of a voltage that does not fluctuate, even if that bit. In this article i discussed the concept of voltage regulation with necessary examples.

Cellphone controlled Land Rover: DTMF Technology

In this article, we will learn about the DTMF Technology on which, land-rover working. As we see remote controlled car which plays by many kids but have you noticed a thing that it works only in the confined area. It will not work if goes out its RF range. So, DTMF technology overcome this issue and makes this project more useful in many applications.

Track the Stolen Object Using GPS Toy Kit

Do you want to safeguard a object but don't know how to protect it from thieft or from missing? In this articles, lets learn about the anti-theft security tool, GPS Toy Kit. GPS is Global Positioning System used for navigating purpose. Obviously we are going to see the toy kit development for the purpose of navigation of theft things by the department of investigation such as police or CBI. Learn about how the GPS Toy Kit works, cost of doing the project and details in the article.

What is a Real time controller (RTC)?

This is a project on RTC controller which is a circuit that controls operation of a device based on the ON and OFF timing given by the user. Read this project to know how RTC keeps track of the current timing, if the specified timing of any individual device is reached how it is switched ON\OFF using a relay? Here we will use 4 relays to control the operation of 4 devices.

Project on line follower robot in visual basic

In this article i will provide you the programming of simple line follower robot. A line follower robot is an autonomous robot which follows black line on its own.It uses ATMEGA 16 microcontroller which take decision for the robot

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