Internship Opportunities in India

Internships are very much part of academic curricula, generally in the final year of a course, in a majority of educational institutes, especially in the top engineering and B-schools. There are also internship opportunities outside of the regular course curriculum that is available for students on weekends, during vacation breaks or just after graduation.

Even finance companies, a private office of a Chartered Accountant, legal firms, NGOs, training institutes, etc provide useful internships to enable you to get hands-on work experience and develop your skills.

If you are searching for the best internship opportunities in India, then check out the articles that provide detailed information on internships.

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Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation Internship for Postgraduate/Research Students

Are you searching for internship opportunities in statistics? Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation(MoSPI) is conducting a summer internship for the postgraduate/research students of Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research, etc. Read this article to get the details like eligibility criteria, selection process and procedures to fill the internship application of MoSPI Internship Scheme.

How to apply for law internships at the National Judicial Academy (NJA) India

Are you searching for law internships in India? National Judicial Academy conducts full-time and part-time internships for students who are pursuing LL.B and LL.M degree programmes. Read this article and know the eligibility criteria, selection process, remuneration and procedures on how to submit the internship application for National Judicial Academy(NJA) India, Bhopal.

Significant key features and types of IIT internship programs

Are you considering enrolling for an internship program at an IIT? This article provides an informative insight into various major aspects of internship opportunities at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), giving a comprehensive checklist on what are the significant features that you need to know about.

Internship opportunities for Postgraduates at MP-IDSA

Are you a Postgraduate or a final year student of a Postgraduate program and willing to learn about how the defence and security policies of India are formulated? The Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis (MP-IDSA) is offering internship opportunities in various areas related to their research for both Indian and foreign nationals. This article has the details about the program, the research areas of MP-IDSA, eligibility criteria and the procedure to apply for the internship program

IISER Mohali Summer Research Internship Program for B.Sc. & M.Sc. Students

Are you looking for a summer research internship? Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali offers an opportunity for summer research internship to the science students. Read this article, to know the information on summer research internship, eligibility criteria, facilities, the application process, etc.

Significance, unique features and requirements of B.Ed. teaching internships in India

Want to know what happens in a B.Ed. teaching internship and the activities required to be completed to pass? This article provides an informative guide on the duration, pre-internship work, lessons to be prepared and activities, including the reflective diary, that are part of a B.Ed. course internship in India. You will also understand why it is important to do a B.Ed. internship, the benefits that students get through it, the appraisal aspect and how to select a suitable school for the B.Ed. internship.

Beneficial tips for law students to excel in the law internship

Law internships help students to gain practical exposure to the legal field. This article explains how law students can gain maximum practical experience while interning in law firms. It also explains professional behaviour they should inculcate in them.

How to address a follow-up letter and email for internship

This is an article that should be seen as a continuation on the previous article on "How MBAs from unbranded University colleges should seek internships?". This article will seek to address the finer details of the letter and the email as a follow-up of the personal visit, that has already been addressed in the article recently submitted and under reference.

How MBAs from unbranded University colleges should seek internships

The MBA students from colleges have many problems related to their internships. They do not get good internships. They are not guided well, as their teachers only teach them. They also lack direction. This article is an attempt to address these issues and guide them to get good internships.

Six types of internships for Journalism and Mass Communication students

Are you a journalism student, and do you want to know about the internships? Are you aware of the types of internships available for the would-be journalists? Do you have an idea of how to find the right opportunities to work as an intern? Well, the article given below will answer all your questions regarding the internship in journalism.

How to apply for Internship program at Sports Authority of India for UG & PG students

Are you a sports student and searching for an internship? The Sports Authority of India (SAI) provides internship opportunities in several disciplines in Sports Science and Sports Medicine Centers. Read this article to know the information on the internship opportunities available at SAI, India and learn the application procedure and other details.

UG & PG In-Campus Internship at TERI- School of Advanced Studies

Are you looking for an internship in sustainable development? TERI School of Advanced Studies offers internship opportunities to the students. In this article, the candidates can get the information of the TERI SAS internship like duration, facilities, eligibility requirement, application and selection process, etc.

National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) Internship programme for UG/PG Students

Are you searching for internship opportunities in the field of renewable energy? Do you wish to do an internship in Chennai? National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) is providing internship opportunities for the Science, Engineering and Management Students. Read this article and get the details like eligibility criteria, selection process and application procedures of NIWE, Chennai.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) internship programs for PhD and Postgraduate students

Have you enrolled for a Master's Degree or a PhD program and looking for an internship in an organization of international repute? Asian Development Bank is offering 17 internship programs in various divisions in their headquarters and 3 of their Resident Missions. This article has the details of the Divisions, eligibility criteria, advantages of these programs, application procedure and all other relevant information

Infosys Instep global internship program for IIT students

Do you want to kickstart your career in the corporate world and gain world-class exposure in the technology-driven industries like Infosys? Do you want to learn from the global subject experts? Here in this article, I will discuss Infosys Instep internship program, eligibility and other important details that will unfold opportunities for you in the corporate world and open doors for success.

Top 5 organisations in Hyderabad for internship for CSE graduates

The internship is very useful to the students to get on-job training and for acquiring additional skills. These days internship is also a part of the curriculum for many courses. In this article the best 5 organisation which are providing good chance to students to get their internship done and making them ready to take up the career in Hyderabad are discussed.

UG & PG Internships in various disciplines at MoEFCC, New Delhi

Are you an under-graduate or post-graduate and looking for an internship? The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change provides internship in various disciplines for UG and PG students. Read this article to know the details of internship for the students, eligibility criteria, application process, selection process, etc.

How to apply for RBI summer placement internships for Indian and foreign students

Are you looking for a short-term internship with RBI during the summer months next year? This article provides complete information about the summer placement internship programs scheduled each year at RBI during the months of April to July for Indian students and July to October for foreign students. The details of the eligibility requirements, stipend gives, and the application procedure are provided in this article.

Ministry of External Affairs internship opportunities for UG students, Graduates, Research Scholars

Are you a graduate/research scholar/undergraduate interested to learn about the foreign policies of the Government of India? The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is providing an opportunity for an internship at their Headquarters in India and at their Missions/Posts abroad. This article has the details of the internship program, eligibility criteria, application procedure and all other relevant details associated with the program.

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