How to clean few things at home in a simple way

Are you fed up of cleaning things at home? Looking for some simple ways for doing so? Read this article to find some simple and easy tips for cleaning certain things at home.


In the present hectic / ever busy life, cleaning things at home has become a cause of concern. Most of the time you neglect the work, though we know the techniques particularly employed ladies who seldom find time. When these things at home are left without cleaning for few many days, it becomes difficult to clean those later and you have to struggle a lot with the cleaning work.

Simple tips on how to clean stuff in the kitchen

Employed ladies have a tough time in keeping their kitchen / home organized as they hardly find time to balance their work life with the domestic front. Following are some important tips:
  • Get up few minutes early than your schedule wake up time to avoid rushing when the time runs out.

  • Indian cooking makes the kitchen sticky and messy with oil stains / marks on the stoves, counter tops, floor, sink and tiles. Most of the working woman cook in a hurry and keep postponing the cleaning part. Spare a little extra time in the kitchen and immediately clean the spill overs. Otherwise these become stubborn and you might find it difficult to clean later. Keep either a roll of paper towel / kitchen towels / reusable cleaning cloth handy. Keep wiping off any kind of spills on the stove or on the counter tops to save time and to keep the kitchen clean.

  • Keep the items in the kitchen organized to save time. A well organized kitchen keeps you in good moods and you really enjoy cooking. On the contrary if the kitchen is left messy, you need to spend lots of time even for searching a small spoon or other such small items. And naturally you get irritated when you have to search a lot for a small item in the kitchen.

  • Keep a covered trash bin / dust bin underneath the sink or in the utility area. Keep paper rolls handy. Spread a sheet of paper on the counter tops and peel / cut vegetables on it. Once cutting / chopping of vegetables is over, you can easily roll on the paper along with the peel and throw in the trash bin. By doing so you can avoid making the kitchen messy and it even saves your time. You can spend time in the weekends with your family and friends instead of spending time for cleaning during weekends.

  • While you struggle in the kitchen, clean / wash few small and easily washable kitchen stuff like small spoons, tumblers and small bowls instead of dumping these in the kitchen sink. This would make your work tougher when the maid servant takes an unexpected off the particular day. By helping out yourself, your kitchen remains neat and tidy even when your maid takes unexpected off. Otherwise, on returning from the office, your mood will be off, you get tensed and feel nervous on seeing unclean utensils dumped in the kitchen sink.

  • Keep the kitchen stuff organized and maintain the same even while cooking. When you happen to take out a certain thing from the shelf, then don't forget to place it back in the same shelf / place instead of leaving it somewhere else. This would make you more confused while cooking and it consumes a lot of time while cooking as you need to keep on searching again and again for a particular thing. Finally you end up with confusion and gets disgusted. For instance, salt is one stuff which is used a several times while cooking, so keep on placing the salt tin in the same place / shelf each and every time you use it. Keeping things organized in the kitchen and of course maintaining the same helps in saving lot of time and avoids confusion.

  • When you prepare tea or boil milk, at times these overflow and spill on the stove. Wipe off / clean such spill overs immediately lest these will get burnt / charred and leave a black stain on the stove when you cook without cleaning the spill of tea / milk. Later it becomes too difficult to clean the stove, you need to spend lot of time scrubbing and scrubbing yet at times the black marks become stubborn and give an ugly look to the stove. So always spare some time to immediately wipe off / clean such spill overs.

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen spend little extra time on cleanings.

Simple tips on how to clean the other stuff at home

Spend some time and keep all the things in your home organized. And periodic cleaning of various things in the house helps in retaining the new look. Try out the following simple tips to give a clean and new look to the things at home:
  • For removing the oil stains from the counter tops of the kitchen, sprinkle little gram flour / besan on the oily part leave it for a while and wipe it either with a cloth or sponge or a paper towel. After removing the oily part, clean the counter top with mild detergent powder mixed in little hot water for getting a good result.

  • For removing the green sticky moss patch formation in the kitchen sink (in case it is not a steel one) / bathroom floors and floors in the wash area (in case these are old type cement floor), sprinkle either little bleaching powder or lime / choona or even powdered brick on the affected area. Leave it for some time and then scrub the area. Wash it with water for a clean and sparkling kitchen sink / bathroom or wash area floor. In fact, powdered brick gives a good result.

  • To remove stubborn stains from the floor tiles, apart from scrubbing the area with commercially available cleansing agents, use kerosene oil / petrol or even vinegar. Apply on the stained area, scrub the affected area with a steel scrubber and wipe it off after few minutes . After wiping, clean the area of the floor with a cleaning agent like lyzol. This will leave the floor tiles sparkling white.

  • Apart from cleaning the glass of the windows / showcases with Colin spraying, you can even try out this. Sprinkle little talcum powder on the glass and wipe it with a paper towel or tissue paper or even facial tissue. You will get back the sparkling of the glass.

  • For retaining the sparkling look of the taps in the house, in case of brass taps use tamarind extract or powdered brick for cleaning, scrub the taps thoroughly and then wash it. This will leave the taps as sparkling as new ones. In case of steel taps you can just use the dish washing liquid or soap, scrub with a steel scrubber and then wash for getting back the new look of the taps.

  • For cleaning the wooden stuff in the house including the doors and windows, you need to stalk either wood oil or turpentine oil in the house. At the time of cleaning dip a part of either a paper towel or a thin cloth in the oil and wipe the wooden stuff with this oily paper / cloth. This will remove the accumulated dirt on the wood and gives a clean and new look to the wooden material. In case of non-availability of these oils you can just use coconut oil. But remember to wipe these again with a clean paper towel / cloth to remove the oil if any, lest the oil will accumulate more dust on the wooden stuff.

  • For cleaning the refrigerator, you need to remove all the stuff from the refrigerator and wipe the inside as well as outside of the refrigerator with a paper towel or a clean thin cloth. For removing the marks / stains inside or outside the refrigerator, use a wet cloth for cleaning and wipe it a bit hard till the stain is removed.

  • For cleaning bath tubs or wash basins, besides using the commercially available harpic bathroom cleaning liquid, you can even try this out. Dissolve leftover soap pieces in hot water and use this water for cleaning the bathtub / sink / washbasins. After cleaning place naphthalene balls on the mesh of the drains to avoid the entry of unwanted guests like cockroaches and other insects.

  • For cleaning fans / blades, use mild liquid detergent like mixing little surf in warm water or mixing little liquid tide in warm water. Wipe the fans / blades with a thin cloth dipped in these cleaning agents or with a sponge dipped in the liquid detergent. This gives a new look to the fans.

Simple tips to clean metal items like silver / gold

Silver is one metal which easily gets oxidized when exposed to air. It forms a black coat (silver oxide) on the silver articles making these dull to look. For cleaning silver articles try out the following simple ways:
  • Rupali is a commercially available liquid for cleaning silver items. However, this liquid has a terrible strong pungent smell which is intolerable. If you are averse to the smell, you can use either finely powdered brick or any tooth powder or white tooth paste for cleaning the silver stuff. Apply the cleaning agent on the silver stuff, leave these for few minutes and then scrub these with a Scotch bite / scrubber / new tooth brush. Wash these with clean water. You can even try out cleaning the stuff with shikai powder. But the best option is either finely powdered brick or tooth powder / paste for cleaning silver items.

  • Clean your gold / silver items with rita powder or juice / extract. Leave the gold items in rita juice or the powdered rita mixed in hot water, for a while. After few minutes, clean these with normal tap water. After cleaning, store these properly. Wrap the gold items in the pink color papers which you get at the time of purchase. Store these in the jewelry box to retain the luster.

  • Clean the brass items with commercially available cleaning powder i.e Pitambari. Besides Pitambari, you can use tamarind extract / juice for cleaning the brass items. Apply tamarind juice on the brass items and leave these for few minutes. Clean with water after few minutes. You will be amazed to see your brass items with a new dazzling look.

Cleaning is an important aspect in our routine life and it is necessary to keep the things clean at home. For a simple and easy cleaning of things at home, you need to follow certain tips. Periodic cleaning of things at home is important as it saves time, retains the new look of various items. It makes your home environment happy and enjoyable.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Author: K Mohan03 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Very good tips given by the author as to how to keep the home clean especially the kitchen area which is always vulnerable to dirt. What I feel is that one should not keep the dust bin in the kitchen at all. That gives the household the excuse not to clean the area on hourly basis and they collect all the dust and dirt inside the house and pile up in the kitchen dustbin. Small cockroaches once taken shelter in those dust bins won't move and they multiply and thus cleaning the kitchen in long run would be problem and one has to fumigate to remove all the cockroaches and other insects. Moreover when fried items are made, make sure that the kitchen walls are cleared from the smudges of oil remains. Otherwise those areas would be the home for the insects to stick and create nasty situation for the house holds. Never keep the eatables in open. Put a plate, pour some water and then keep the eatables on that with secured lid. That will prevent entering of ants and cockroaches inside the vessel.

Author: Umesh08 Jul 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The author has given an exhaustive agenda for cleaning of household items and specially the kitchen place which is a challenge for most of the housewives.

I want to add some tips that are really helpful in our household up-keeping and ease of working.

When kneading wheat flour for chapatis spread a newspaper below the pan in which you are doing the kneading activities. It will help in cleaning the mess so easily after kneading. This tip is applicable to cake making also as during cake making preparation lot of things are thrown out of the pans specially while mixing refined flour with butter etc.

Keep small rags of clean clothes preferably cotton in a approachable place in the kitchen. These are of immense help in the kitchen for various absorbing and cleaning purposes.

Use of disposable plates or cups or bowls wherever possible reduces the burden in the sink.

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