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Name: pallavi   
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Review Date: 04 Jan 2014
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All Saints' College, Nainital Review

Me and my parents were under the impression that All Saint's College is a very good school and that time in 1987 Mrs. Mani was the principal of the school. I took admission in class VI and Mrs. Banerjee was my class teacher who was one of the worst teachers in school. The other teachers who were brutal and cruel as well who were Mrs. Amita Singh, Neeta mam, etc. The torture began.

Class XII students used to control the students and all the seniors used to rag the juniors where Class VI students were being ragged by all the classes as this was the junior most class in the school. From 1st class to V the class the students use to stay in the dormitory that was down somewhere far from our dormitory.The brutal behavior of seniors and teachers not only affected me but even my other class mates. We all used to cry together but these people had no mercy.

Seniors used to take our eatables which our parents sent with so much love. They used to make us work, like getting buckets of water for them from downstairs, changing their bed, passing on their messages, etc. We even got abused very badly where the seniors used to call us by abusive names, like we were there maids and our parents have sent us to serve them and not to study. Just because of all their physical torture, my hand got fractured and the worst department in the school was the infirmary where the sister or nurse could not understand what has happened to the student.

For two months I was in continuous pain, crying, could not do work properly, even wearing my own dress and shoes was a huge problem. Our seniors on top of that used to make us kneel down on the ground that was full of thorns which resulted in bleeding of the knees. No mercy on us at all.

We were 40 students in class six, out of which about 25 were in the hostel and rest were day scholars. Slowly and gradually, most of the class VI students left the hostel and became day scholars because of ragging. I was disturbed and could not sleep. Finally only 6 to 7 Class VI students were left and I was one of them. There was no one whom we could approach and if we approached anybody, we were treated more badly. I never heard such words in my life and when I went in this cruel school, I got to know the meaning of all wrong words.

I even saw junior girls are fans of senior girls, giving them chocolates and gifts and even cutting their hands for girls like lovers. It looked like they were all insane. A girl falling in love with a girl. How disgusting could it be and what a Class VI student must have thought, you can imagine.

I am writing this review for parents to understand that their child can never be happy in this school. I am happy that my parents took me out of the school at the right time. I completed my 6th standard in this school and finally in December when it was time to go home, I was asked by my seniors, will you come back? I said in my heart what for? To get abused. I passed one year in this school and lost my self confidence.

When I went home I felt something within me has destroyed and I will never be able to get it back. I use to get up every night at 3 am and cry for hours. My parents could not understand as well. Mom did feel that I was tortured and she understood but I had to fight this bad feeling alone. I don't wan't any child to face such issues. The school does not do anything for anyone. Stealing things was one regular part in this school and I lost ample things here. So, just imagine what you will make your girl here. She will be a high headed female full of ego, who knows how to abuse, how to mistreat others, etc. Don't spoil her future. She can do much better with you.

I failed my examinations in this school so I took admission in my home town and somehow got admission for the third term. My marks were surprisingly good. My mom understood that how much torture I went through when I was in All Saint's College. There is no saint in this college. I used to write letters to my mum that I will die if you do not come to meet me. She used to come every Sunday in the college to meet me for just two hours and all I did was cry. She was ready to take me then but I thought to complete my year and that was my biggest mistake. Whatever eatables she left for me, it was snatched by the seniors.

What has happened with me, I don't want that to happen with others. If I would have stayed in this school, I would have been a heartless girl full of ego. I would have never been able to be a good human being.Today I am now 27 years old but this past is unforgettable and I have had a rough life but this was something no student of Class VI should experience. Your child is precious. Treat your child in a special way. Try to stay with them and be there when they need you else they will learn to live without you and when you will need them, you will get nothing. This may not happen with everyone but this is my story and I share for those kids who are innocent and need love. Don't deprive them of love. This college is the worst college on earth.

[The views expressed in this review are those of the author]

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Updates & Comments:

Posted By: Kirtana Banskota    Posted Date: 08 Dec 2015   
Dear Pallavi.
I am sorry you had such a bad experience in All Saints College. I started in this institue in the sixth grade as well in 1998. When I started I did not speak a word of Hindi, was completely unaware of the Indian culture besides what I had seen in Bollywood movies and of course, the whole notion of being around hundreds of women all the time was daunting to me since I had grown up in a house full of boys and all my best friends back at home were boys.

Fortunately, I had a completely different experience in All Saints College. I am who I am because of my Alma Mater today and the best thing is thousands of women around the globe can attest to this right now.

Let me take you back about 2 decades ago. I was the girl who stayed in school during holidays. The only time I went home was during the summer and winter break yet I was always happy. You were lucky that your mom could make that trip to see you every Sunday; my parents even if they wanted to come once in three months could not make it since it was far and I always told them it was a waste of time and resources. But then again we are both very different. I challenged myself everyday, fought with the bullies instead of crying, made sure my teachers knew who I was and what I wanted instead of cowering away and ultimately ended up being the Games Captain. I am not saying everyone is like me, however, All Saints College did make me strong - much stronger than I could have ever been if I had lived in Kathmandu or the US. Let me remind you every school has bullies, it's how you deal with them that matters in the end.

Pallavi I really hope you someday find it in your heart to forgive the girls who bullied you. That's how they grew up and that's what they learned so that was cool.

Again, I am sorry that you had a bad experience and that even now instead of the catastrophe that the world is undergoing haunting you, the one year you spent in All Saint's College does, to which I do apologize. I hope someday you do try to see the positive of that one year and instead of blaming the school understand that there might have been something you did learn in that one year.

To all the parents who are looking to send their beautiful daughters to All Saint's College- Take it from me and a thousand other women, Your girls are safest, most protected most challenged there. Mrs. Jeremiah is the best thing that could ever happen to a school in decades. You can check out the list of alumni's including Niharika Singh and Kiran Jain to name a couple and reach out to them.

Kirtana Banskota (2004).

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