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Going abroad for higher studies is a dream for many Indians. Due to ignorance and practical limitations, many students are unable to proceed with higher education abroad. Our articles will help you skip all the hurdles and secure admission to international universities.

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How to apply online for 2015 UK Commonwealth Professional Fellowships

Want to study abroad in UK through the Commonwealth Professional Fellowships? These fellowships are applicable for the citizens from developing Commonwealth countries and are offered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), United Kingdom (UK). This article provides complete information on the fellowship amount and other aspects, including how to submit your application through the Electronic Application System (EAS).

How to get admission in foreign universities

Many of us dream of studying abroad in reputed universities which can help us excel in our career path and a glorious future. This article gives you what to look out when you choose university and other useful informations

How to get financial aid to study abroad

Gearing up for pursuing higher studies abroad? Wondering how to get financial aid for your studies in a foreign country? Looking for information on education / student loans for studying abroad? This article provides all the requisite information for students in India who are desirous of availing financial help for pursuing studies abroad.

Education in France: ideal for Indian students

France has been friends with India in many fields. This nation is considered most suitable and ideal for the students of India. The nation has a world class education system and the number of Indian students is increasing by day. The degrees awarded here are recognised on the international parameters. The details are being given in this dissertation for your convenience and needful.

How To Apply For A Study Abroad Program?

On completing or graduation, a host of queries looms over a young educated "What next? Continue higher studies in India or overseas? If it is abroad is it beneficial to go ahead with obstacles like finance, new place and culture?" If so why to study abroad? How to apply for a study abroad program? This write-up answers the queries exploring various benefits acquired from overseas study program and detailed application process to study abroad.

Tips Choose Postgraduate Study Abroad

Selecting post-graduate studies abroad is not easy, especially if you have never had previous experience, or do not get enough information from people who have experienced it directly. For that needed thorough preparation

Studying Abroad- Is it safe? A dilemma For Parents

The following article is about studying abroad and reservations parents have towards kids going abroad to study. This article also talks about the reasons students have to go abroad and how parents should handle such situations.

Why it is important to go abroad for studies

Are you in a dilemma about whether to go abroad for higher studies or not? Many times, others experiences and success stories may not work to convince us for taking any decision so if you are having doubts, go through this article which gives considerable reasons for going abroad and pursuing higher studies.

Considerable things while applying for foreign educational degree

If you have decided to pursue your education from university/country, you might have lot of questions in your mind. How to apply for education in foreign universities/countries? How to choose best foreign university? What will be fee? Here in this article we will discuss all these things regarding completing your education from a foreign university/country.

All about study in U.S.A

Studying in United states of America is a such a dream for Indian students that 'study in America' is study abroad most of the times. A leading nation in all aspects, it provides ample opportunities for Indian and global students to accomplish study in their subjects of interest. This article gives all the possible information about study in U.S. targeting the graduate and doctoral(PhD) programs

Master's Degree in Canada- A guide for International students

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for higher studies for aspiring students. It is known for its quality education, internationally recognised degrees, peaceful, politically sound environment, and excellent healthcare. It is a multicultural country which gives students an opportunity to work in Canada after their graduation is over. So in this article you will learn about the various aspects of studying in Canada which students should know about.

Reasons to study abroad

Studying abroad is a common thing now. But quite a lot of people have inhibitions regarding studying abroad. They don't know when to apply for studying abroad. They don't feel good about getting relocated to a new place. They fear that problem could arise from monetary issues. I tried to stress upon the valid reasons of why one should be studying abroad. So anyone can read this and decide the right time to switch the academics to abroad.

Education in Dominican Republic: known for quality higher education

Dominican Republic is famous through the world over for pursuing higher studies. Though it's yet established as study abroad centre on international level but is already moving ahead in the direction in a very faster pace. This article details the education system of this nation and the courses taught there which are internationally recognised.

How to get Education Loan for Higher Education in Foreign Universities

Find the perfect educational loan or scholarship for your higher studies abroad after careful research, and take one step closer to the career of your dreams. Here is some current information on some of the best loans and scholarships available to Indian students proposing to study in a foreign university.

Gems B School British MBA Admissions

Are you planning to Study Abroad? Do you want to pursue MBA in London? Then read this article which provides you with information about Gems B School's program 'British MBA', the course Details and the Admission Process .

Cambridge Immerse admissions to summer courses 2017

Planning to pursue an A-level UK course? Want to gain prior experience of staying on a UK campus and pursuing a subject in a university in UK? You could enrol for a 2017 Cambridge Immerse summer programme in the subject of your choice to get an idea of what you will study in that subject at the university level. The summer programmes in select subjects are open for students 16 to 18 years. This article provides complete information on the subjects offered and how to enrol.

How to apply online for MHRD, GOI Commonwealth Scholarship 2017 in UK

Seeking information on registration of online application of the Ministry of Human Resource Development of Govt. of India for 2017 Commonwealth Scholarship in the United Kingdom? In this article you will get complete info of the eligibility criteria, details of nomination & awards, how to apply, course details, documents required, important dates etc. related to the Commonwealth Scholarship 2017 tenable in UK for post graduate and doctoral degree programs.

Study abroad LLM Maritime Law programme at University of Southampton, UK

Are you looking for information on a maritime law course offered by a foreign university? This article provides complete information about the one year LLM in Maritime Law programme offered by the the University of Southampton, UK. You will get details of the eligibility requirements, programme fee, scholarship offered, etc.