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Are you planning to pursue your higher studies in Australia? Are you curious to know about the Australian lifestyle in detail? Are you worried about how to get Australian student Visa? If yes, then you are at right place. Go through the below post and get your answers.

About Australia

Australia is a sovereign country and officially known as “Commonwealth of Australia". It has included the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and other several smaller islands.
Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by its area and the largest country in Oceania.
It is surrounded by Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea in the North, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands in the North-east and the South East part is covered by New Zealand.
Canberra is the capital of Australia and the largest city is Sydney. Australia is having such a big size that has a variety of landscapes including tropical rainforests in the north-east, dry deserts in the centre and mountains in the south-east, east and south-west.
The maximum land portion of Australia consists of least fertile soils, semi-arid land with deserts. That is the reason that the population density is among the lowest in the world with around 2.8inhabitants per square kilometre only.
The country has 6 main states names as-Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NSW), Tasmania (TAS), South Australia (SA), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA). It also has 2 major mainland territories named as Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory (NT).

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About Australia

Courses and universities in Australia

Australia has become one of the top international education destinations. It has around 1100 institutions and 43 universities offering different programs from various fields of education. By offering world-class education, it has secured 14th rank in the world as mentioned by OECD.
Below are the details of the courses and their respective universities students need to know about-

Management courses

MBA or Master of Business Administration is among the top courses to study in Australia for graduates. Students can have options of subdomains like information management, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resource, etc. Students focusing on international education in Management consider Australia as their priority because this country hosts the top business schools in the world. Some of the Australian universities also provide culturally diverse learning opportunities with short-term programs and also supports the candidates to have professional experience afterwards.
Below is the list of top management institutes of Australia-
  • Australian Graduate School of Management-It has the duration of 16 months and the average tuition fee is AUD 77,760. The required work experience is of 2 years and GMAT score should be 550 or higher to become eligible for application.

  • Melbourne Business School-It offers MBA with 1-year duration and the tuition fee is around AUD 81,400. It also requires the work experience of 2 years but the GMAT score requirement is 680.

  • University of Sydney-The duration of MBA in this institute is 18 months with the tuition fee of around AUD 25,000 only but it requires the work experience of 10 years.

  • Monash Business School-It is one of the top MBA institutes of Australia which offers 2 years MBA program at the fee of around AUD 65,400 with 3 years of work experience.

  • The University of Queensland Business School-It has a fee scale of AUD 66,144 and offers 1 year MBA with 4 years of experience. The required GMAT score is 550 or higher as eligibility criteria for admission.

Engineering courses

In the field of engineering Australian Universities offer various options to attract the international students. They have multiple specializations like Mechanical, Civil, computer, electrical, Environmental, Aerospace and Aviation, Mining, and many more.
Apart from study, Australia also has scopes for engineers to work and that's the reason that enrolment of students for engineering courses has increased many folds in the last few years.
The top universities for engineering are-
  • University of Melbourne

  • University of New South Wales

  • Monash University

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Queensland

The free structure ranges between AUD 29,216 - AUD48,400.

Hospitality and Tourism Management courses

Australian universities for Hospitality and Tourism Management focuses mainly on industrial leader training and not on the theory based learning and provides an excellent professional environment for students to understand the industry as better level. This attracts the overseas students to enrol in Australian universities to study the same. It gives string business sense and skills for better management for this specialization. They have various specializations like hotel management, Luxury hospitality, Eco-tourism, hospitality finance, attraction and initiative development, event management, tourism marketing, strategic planning, and management, etc.
As the travel and tourism sector is growing very fast in Australia, it also offers good jobs after the course completion.
Below is the lost of institutes offering these course-
  • Griffith University

  • Monash University

  • University of Queensland

  • Victoria University

  • La Trobe University

The fee ranges between AUD 25,000 to 40,000.

Accounting and finance courses

In this field, there are 6 Australian universities who have secured positions in the top 50 universities in the world. Although the standard of teaching is excellent in universities, the number of enrolment of overseas students in lower in comparison to other courses.
Below the top ranked institutes offering this course-
  • Australian National University-It is at 25th position in the world with the fee of around AUD 34,800.

  • University of Sydney-It is placed at 37th position among top universities in the world. It offers the course at fee of around AUD 40,000.

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of New South Wales

  • University of Queensland-It secured 43rd position and has the fee of around AUD 32,160.

Sports management related courses

Australia is among the top sports countries in the world and the Australian universities have contributed a lot internationally like India's Premier League. So, sports management has become an important field for this country and the universities are offering both bachelor and master level program structured by the experts.
The universities provide expertise in different areas like sporting goods, major event corporations, facilities management, etc.
Below s the list of top universities in this field-
  • Griffith University

  • La Trobe Business School

  • University of Technology Sydney

  • The University of Western Australia

  • Deakin University

Quick Facts

  1. The currency of Australia is Australian Dollar (AUD) which is equivalent to 50.69 INR in the year 2018.

  2. The calling code for the country is +61.

  3. The ISD 3166 code is AU.

  4. The population of Australia is around 25001000 as per the data collected in 2018.

  5. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and covers the entire continent of around 7.6million sq kilometres.

  6. Around 7 million sq kilometres of the area is covered by Vegetation.

  7. The world's largest ocean territory is in Australia covering three oceans in around 12 million sq kilometres.

  8. Australian exotic fauna and flora cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

  9. More than 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in this country which includes around 45 Indigenous languages. Some non-English languages are also spoken here like Greek, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc.

  10. According to the research conducted by Australia Day Council of NSW in 2008, 80% of Aussie believe that they have a strong culture which includes honesty, being down to earth, healthy sports and multiculturalism,

  11. Australia is the only place where lungfish can be found in the form of living fossil from the Triassic period.

  12. Around 1.4 trillion bottles of wine are produced in Australia.

  13. Australia is considered as the most obese country in the world despite the fact that they love outdoor sports.

  14. Australia has the largest rate of gambling with around 80% of citizens engaged in some sort of gambling.

  15. Kangaroo meat is available and can be purchased from supermarkets, restaurants and butcher shops and it is considered healthier than beef or lamb.

  16. Australia is the second country which gave the right to vote to their women in year 1902.

  17. Melbourne is holding the world's largest public tram system in the world.

Admission Process in Australia

International students are supported by large numbers of Australian government and Australian university scholarships every year. Below are the details for your reference-

Australian Government Scholarships-

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards-It helps complete financial support to the students from other countries who are pursuing Master's degree or PhD or research work in any of the Australian university. It includes travel allowance, tuition fee, monthly stipend, travel insurance and establishment allowance.
Australia Awards Scholarships-Earlier it was known as ‘Australian Development Scholarships (ADS). It is a long-term award managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It basically focuses on the students from developing countries and supports them in pursuing full-time bachelor's and master's degree programs in TAFE institutions. This scholarship includes return air travel, full tuition fee, and contribution to living expenses, establishment allowance, and Overseas Student Health Cover.
International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)-This award is also focused on international students pursuing a research program in Australia. It is available for 2 years for Master's degree and for 3 years in case of Doctoral programs. This award covers tuition fee and health cover costs of the students.

Australian University Scholarships

Macquarie University International Scholarships-This award provides partial tuition fee only for students with outstanding records to pursue bachelor's or master's degree courses at Macquarie University.
Melbourne Research Scholarships-It was started by the University of Melbourne and is available for research students with excellent performances. The benefits of these awards vary depending upon the circumstances but basically, it includes relocation allowance, fortnightly living allowance, paid sick, full fee remission, maternity and paternity leave and Overseas Students Health Cover.
University of Sydney International Research Scholarships-This award is for international students who are willing to pursue Master's research course at the University of Sydney. It covers complete tuition fees and living expenses for the duration for 3 years. One semester extensions can be availed for valid reasons.
Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships-FIPRS is available for candidates who are suitably qualified for pursuing full-time research-based higher degree at Flinders University. It is available for 2 years for research Master's degree and for 3 years for Research Doctorate degree. It covers the tuition fees, establishment allowances, living allowances, relocation costs, and airfares.
Adelaide Scholarships International-It is available for international students who are willing to pursue research-based programs in University of Adelaide. It covers tuition fees, health insurance, and annual living allowances.

Student Visa Application Process

Australia is famous for great Aussie lifestyle, world-class universities, outstanding English language schools, and practical vocational colleges. This is the reason that international students get attracted to Australian universities for higher education. If you are also planning to enrol in the Australian university, Australian student Visa in an important thing to manage.
Duration of Australian Student Visa-The duration of Visa may vary depending upon the course you select to enrol in. For example, if you enrol for a 3-year course, your student visa will be valid for 3 years and if you enrol for 6 months course, your student visa will be valid for 6 months.
N the basis of the duration of your course, the visa will be granted with additional duration as mentioned below-
  • If the course is of over the 10-month threshold, the visa will be granted for 2 months extra.

  • If the course is having the duration of below 10 months, you will have 1 month extra.

  • For the courses with the duration of more than 10 months, you will be having 3 months extra in your visa.

Fee for Australian student visaThe fee for a student visa for Australia is around AUD 575 with no variation on the basis of duration of the course. It will be the same for vocational courses, degree courses, and even summer courses.

To get an approved Visa, following steps to be followed-
  • The very first step is to get confirmation of enrollment from the Australian university.

  • Prepare the bunch of documents for students visa application. It is a very important step that will save a lot of your time later.

  • Once it is done, you can initiate the online Visa application by creating ImmiAccount.

  • Fill your Australian Students visa application online and upload the scanned copies of documents required for the application.

  • Once the form is completed online; you can pay the application fee which is around $450 in most of the cases. It may vary depending upon your own country.

  • At this stage, your application is completed. Now you can sit back and wait for the call from the visa office. They may seek for some additional information.

It is advised not to book tickets before you get your visa confirmed.
Post-application- The submitted application can be checked or tracked through TRN or Transaction Reference Number. TRN is a unique code which is assigned to every online application.
After submissions of application, the Australian Department of Border protection and Immigration will schedule an interview. You will also be asked for a police clearance certificate and biometric information.
The Visa application takes around 4 weeks but there are other factors which may affect it.


Australian has some guaranteed rights like freedom of speech, association, respect for equal worth, dignity, freedom of religion, gender and law, equality of opportunities and peacefulness.
We can discuss it further in detail-


The Australian diet is always influenced by the weather. They love to eat fresh, healthy and seasonal food. So, Australian meats, organically grown vegetables, bread and fish are usually included in their food.
You may find diversity in cuisine and Modern Australian food is a term derived for a mixture of Asian, British Ingredients, and Mediterranean food. McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Burger King can be found very easily in Australia.
If we talk about some Australia foods, vegemite is one among them. It is a dark brown yeast extract having divisiveness and can be found in Scrolls-pastry baked with vegemite and cheese, breakfast staple and even in pastries. Other famous foods include Anzac biscuits (these are soft and sweet oat biscuits with golden syrup and coconut), Lamingtons (these are small sponge cakes covered with coconut and chocolate) and Fairy bread (white sliced bread cut into triangle shapes and decorated with toppings.)
Pavlova is the meringue dessert which can also be easily found in Australia.

Sports in Australia-

Australians love outdoor activities and their warm climate is conducive enough to support their lifestyle. Australians spend their most of time at beaches, parks or in sports.
Cricket, Football, and Rugby are 3 main sports Australians love. They also participate in the Olympic Games and have secured 4th position in the medal table in the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and 6th in Beijing (2008).
Other games of their interest are tennis, soccer, golf, hockey, and baseball. The survey says that most of the population of Australia does exercise regularly. Other sports activities which can be found in Australia are swimming, aerobics, bushwalking, cycling, and netball.

Australian language-

English is the national language of Australia but still around 200 languages including many indigenous Australian languages are in use within the country. Most of the people speak English but many of them find the Australian accent difficult to adjust.
There is very little difference between Australian and British English including both dialect and spelling but there are some differences we can find like Australian people are informal while interacting with other and address their friends and colleagues with their first name, which is not the same in British cities. Australians prefer handshakes rather than hug just like Britain.

Cost of Living for Students

The cost of living in any country depends on various factors like the size of your family, country of relocation, individual lifestyle, location, commuting habits, accommodation plans, etc. It is as if a single person is living, the expenses will be lesser than the family of 4. The urban cities will be more expensive than the rural Australian cities. Especially, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are the most livable cities and the most expensive cities in Australia.
The living cost is also affected by the individual preferences like if a person likes expensive branded clothes and accessories, like outside food in restaurants, the life will be obviously expensive. On the other side, people with simple choices, preferring hoe made simple food will be having lesser expensive in these things.
Australia is a bit expensive in comparison to other countries. The main factors which are included and counted in the living expenses are house rent, Transportation, Groceries, Mobile, Gas, internet, Electricity and health insurance.

Accommodation cost-If we specifically talk about accommodation cost in Australia, it comes around $560 per week which includes utility charges, insurance, house, internet, TV, etc.
Another part of the accommodation includes sports, hobbies and free time entertainment and it costs around $55 per week in Australia.

Food and GroceriesThe overall cost of vegetables and fresh fruits shopping every week is around $250. The beef and lamb is a bi reasonable in Australia than in the UK and other countries. The fruits and vegetables are grown locally, so their rates fluctuate frequently depending on their stock and supply. Packaged edibles like biscuits and cereals are more expensive in Australia.
If you are able to shop in weekly supermarkets, you can save a significant amount as these markets are cheaper relatively.
Alcohol can be bought from bottle shops only and if you but a carton, it will be cheaper for you.

Schooling expensesFor state primary schools, there is no official fees but each family has to pay $20 as “Voluntary contribution" and $25 to the “Parents and Children association". The stationary cost is around $50 once a year.
In the case of the private secondary school, the tuition fee is around $4600 and some other miscellaneous expenses are there at around $800 per year.
Some private Australian tops schools can be more expensive with tuition fees of around $12000 per year.

TransportTransportation is again expensive in top cities. You may find cheaper options but that will need hard efforts. Public transport options are comparatively cheaper than private ones like taxis and cabs.

Documents for University Admissions in Australia

To apply for student visa, you need a bunch of certain documents as mentioned below-
  1. Proof of Enrolment in Australian University-To apply for a visa, students need to provide a “Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)" issued by the university or the education provider students have enrolled in. Your course must be registered under CRICOS Framework (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) to obtain this document.

  2. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)-It is nothing but a letter which mentions about your intentions that you will be Australia on a temporary basis and will leave the country after completion of your course. You also need to mention that you will be complying with the integrity measures of Australian Students Visa program. This document is then get checked by the respective case officer.

  3. Proof for sufficient funds-You also need to enclose the proof that you are capable to managing financial requirements while staying in Australia and you have sufficient funds or financial support to manage your tuition fees, living expenses, travel expenses, etc in Australia. There is no a fixed amount for the same and it varies depending upon your native country, type of the course you enrolled in, duration of the course, tuition fee, etc.

  4. Language proficiency certificate-English language proficiency certificate is also required to process the student visa for Australian universities. You may get relaxation depending upon the course you will be studying. Students from English speaking countries like the USA, New Zealand, UK, Canada, etc are exempted from this requirement. You may check from the Department of immigration or Border protection for your specific requirement in this regard.
    To obtain this language proficiency certificate, you may appear in tests like IELTS and score good enough to get accepted by Australian universities.

  5. Health related documents-To get a students visa for pursuing studies in Australia, you need to go for medical health examination. This examination may depend upon different factors like duration of visa, your native country, your intended activities in Australia and any significant medical condition at that time.
    You need to pay for all health examinations and in case if your visa application gets rejected, no refund can be claimed for the same.

  6. Character proof-You may be asked to provide a police certificate from your native place or any other country where you have stayed for more than 12 months.

  7. Overseas Student Health Cover/ OSHC-Your Australian student visa application should be registered with an OSHC insurance provider for the duration equivalent to your visa. This insurance is compulsory for all the students willing to study in Australia.
    OSHC is nothing but a special insurance program to support all the international students in case of any potential medical or hospital expenses they may have while staying in Australia. It also covers some ambulance and pharmaceutical costs. Students can but this insurance from multiple options like NIB OSHC, AHM, BUPA OSHC, Allianz Global Assistance and Medibank Private Allianz Global Assistance. You can check the prices and policy details from all of them and then choose any of them.

  8. A valid passportA passport with validity extending at least 6 months from the duration of stay in Australia is required for visa application.

  9. Proof of Tuition fee paid-The document that proofs that you have paid the tuition fee for the course you have enrolled in is mandatory.

  10. Documents related to previous qualification-The certificates and other documents related to your previous qualification is also required to be enclosed with the visa application.

Education in Australia

The education in Australia has different segments named as Early Childhood Education/ preschool, Primary Education, Secondary Education/ High School, Tertiary education which includes TAFE colleges, Universities, Training and Vocational education. They also have the provision of Adult Education which focuses on the education of adults and community education.
The education is compulsory for the kids of 5 to 17 years of age. There are slight variations in the age in different states of territories.
The funding and other regulations of education are the responsibility of the State of territories. The Federal Government also has some funding role in the same.
Around 60% of Australian kids study in government schools and the rest of them go to private or independent schools for primary and secondary education. The University level education is pursued mostly in public universities and students get the benefit of Students loan program through which candidates are supposed to repay the loan only when they reach a good income level.

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