Study in Algeria

Do you want to study in a country which saw the rule of many kings? It is the second largest country of Africa and the tenth largest country in the world. Surrounded by other beautiful countries like Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, this country has a strong historical background. Find out more about studying in Algeria from the following sections.

Although this is the largest country of Africa, it is mostly inhabitable. This is because most of the country is covered by desert. The maximum area of this country falls under the warm desert climate. Very little part of this county falls under the warm Mediterranean climate. Since most of the country is covered by desert areas, the temperature is very hot during the daytime. At night it is just the reverse. So it is quite chilly during the night time. You can expect some rainfall during the season of autumn. So if you come to study in Algeria, you would require not only summer clothes, but an adequate amount of winter clothes too.
The clothing should be at par with the climate of this country. Along with this it must also be remembered that it is a Muslim country. A part of this country contains villages, which are very conservative. Head scarf is a must in those areas. Although it is said that the northern area of this country is a bit liberal, nonetheless the women must cover themselves fully when they go outside. If the dress of the women is not at par with what the Algerian women wear in that area, it may lead to an agitation. Men also need to follow some dress code. The male members of the society are not allowed to wear shorts.

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About Algeria

  • Geography-This country is bordered by several African countries, namely, Morocco, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Niger, Muaritania, Western Asia. Therefore, you can see some parts of the famous Sahara desert in Algeria. Morocco and Algeria have been in constant battle with each other. At some point of time, their tussle remained for more than two decades. The battle is mainly over getting the control over few provinces of Algeria. The relationship of Algeria with Libya is equally worse. This is also due to the rising number of insurgents in this country. The relationship of Algeria with rest of the countries is not that bad as these two countries.
  • History-This country was infested by the Turkish pirates and Spanish invaders during the 16th century. It was just after the fall of the kings of the Berber dynasty. In the early 19th century the Muslim population started to grow in number. Such constant growth led to some amendments in the Algerian assembly. The Muslims became a part of the electorate in the year 1947. There were some other changes in the assembly as well.
  • Economy-The economic regulations of the country are centralized. The government has control over a lot of things. Even then, the GDP growth of this country is not much. The generation of the revenue is highly dependent on the hydrocarbon sector. Nonetheless the inflation rate of this country is quite high. But it is expected that in the next two years, the GDP of this country will see a stable growth.

Quick Facts

  • The currency of Algeria is Algerian Dinar.
  • This country celebrates its national day on first of November.
  • There are a lot of mountains in this country. The highest peak of Algeria is Mount Tahat which is at a height of 3000 meters.
  • The total area of this country is 2,381,740 square kilometers. As you may notice that the area is huge and therefore, it is the tenth largest country in the world. But the main problem is that most of the country is covered with hot and torrid desert. The population of this country is moderate. But here also there is a basic social problem. Maximum children are school dropouts in this country. Maybe with the increasing GDP of this country, the scenario may change in the next two years.
  • Algeria is the largest exporter of Butane in the world.
  • The national anthem of Algeria is Kassamman. There has been some controversy regarding the lyrics of Kassaman. It has been said that this national anthem has some anti-French views in it.
  • Nelson Mandela was trained in Algeria for long. He has confessed that the Algerian army developed him “as a man".

Admission Process in Algeria

  • You must download the admission form from the official website of the university. Fill in all the required areas. Don't leave any place blank.
  • Along with the application you will have to attach at least one passport size photographs. Just like the photograph supplied for the visa for studying in Algeria, the background in this photograph should be light. The photograph should be colored and it should project the entire face of the candidate. Some universities might require more than one photograph. You must submit as asked by the university.
  • The passport of the candidate must have a validity of more than six months. In my suggestion, apply for a course when your passport has a remaining validity of more than 1.5 years. This is because; the process of application, acceptance, application for accommodation, visa, etc., and their acceptance may take a time of more than six months. In that case, all your hard work will be wastage.
  • You will have to provide the transcripts of your past academic records. It would be better if it is authenticated by the principal or any other higher authority of your school or college. There is a format for submitting the transcripts. This format could be same or different in different universities. You need to find out the format required from the university. After that, you must download the application form for the transcripts from the website of your college or university. Then after you fill up and submit this application form, you will get a processed academic transcript. This transcript should be submitted to the university in Algeria in their stipulated format. You will have to do this yourself.
  • You would require two recommendation letters from the professors of high school or college.
  • You need to provide the copy of the medical insurance that you have done for your academic stay in Algeria.
  • You need to show the proof of your bank statements. You have to show the identification page and the last page of the pass book of your bank. This is required to show the university that you have the financial stability to continue your education on your own in Algeria. If there are some relatives who are working in Algeria and who will also be supporting you financially, then you must submit their financial statements too.
  • Some universities require a document certifying that you were not involved in any criminal activity prior to applying to this course. This can be provided by the police officers of your locality.
  • Last but not the least, you need to pay the fee for the application form to the university. This payment has to be done online. After all the submission of the documents and payment of the fee is over, you will have to wait for maximum one month. Within that time, they will mail you, their decision. If you are selected you will get an acceptance letter, which you have show to the visa consulate office.

Student Visa Application Process

When you decide that you want to study in Algeria and complete your higher education, then you need to do two things, before you apply for the student visa.
  • First of all, you must select the university either from the above list or from the rest of set that is not mentioned here. You must immediately apply for the admission in the course. Some universities open the admission during two times of the year, spring and fall. Some universities open the admission process only once. Therefore, go through the official websites and checkout the time within which you need to apply. The details of the documents needed for the admission is given in the following sections.
  • Secondly, after you get the acceptance letter from the university, you must book the air tickets to reach Algeria and then come back from there, after the course ends. These tickets have to be shown during the visa interview. If sometimes, when you are supposed to return after 3-4 years to India (that is, if you come back in between, to meet your parents), then its quite impossible to book the air tickets. In that case, produce the acceptance letter, where the duration of the course would be given. This would suffice as a proof of when you will return to India. If you don't possess your itinerary with you, there is no use of going for the visa interview.


One of the advantage of staying and studying in Algeria is its low living costs. So whether be it accommodation or food, you can sustain in Algeria easily. Talking about food, there are a number of dishes that are mouth-watering and also easy on your pocket. So if during the weekends you are planning to eat out with your friends, any of the following dishes could be a great choice in a restaurant. Shakshouka is one such dish. It is a kind of poach curry. You would have a few egg poaches dipped in curry made of onions, pepper, chili, etc. If you are non-vegetarian but a non-beef eater, then this is a great dish to go with chapattis or rice. There is a good dish for those who are vegetarian. These are fried falafels. They are basically fried dumplings. They are tasty to eat and also healthy. These are very good substitute for non-vegetarian starter dishes. Although cooking this at home is a little bit tough. Also, the ingredients required for this dish will individually cost you much more. It is better to eat it in a diner. Those who love to eat should try the dish called marguez. These dishes are also tried with lambs. These are like sausages and thus are very spicy. So if you are indifferent towards spicy dishes, then you should try this dish. It can be consumed along with chapattis.
So as you may understand that Algeria will never disappoint you regarding the food. Now let us look what all are the places that you can visit while you are completing your education in Algeria. You can think of visiting the Fort Santa Cruz of Oran. This is the second largest port of Algeria. This is a very beautiful place. You can even go and visit it if you have a one-day holiday. This fort was built by the Spanish people in the 16th century. The fort overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The view from the fort is worth watching. This fort has a lot of historical values and thus is a great place to visit for the history students. Another very interesting place, which is also a citadel is called the Casbah of Algiers. This place is termed to be the cultural heritage site of Algeria. There are monuments, mosques, mausoleums, forts in this area. It will take around two days to imbibe the entire history of this area. So it is better that your prepare your trip accordingly.
Other than visiting places during the weekends, you can try to learn something, like some vocational training. You can think of learning Arabic language in any international school in Algeria. Most of the people of Algeria speak in Arabic language. Therefore, it will be easier for you to communicate with the people of Algeria. Sometimes, the university professors conduct their classes in Arabic language. So if you don't know Arabic, then it will be wise to not to enroll for those classes or courses.

Cost of Living for Students

Accommodation-You can rent apartments in any prominent city of Algeria. The only thing to remember here is that you must hire an apartment in that place that is close to your university. The more near you stay to your university, the lesser will be the fee required for transportation. The apartments may cost you in between 50,000-1,75,000 Algerian Dinar per month. So the price of the apartment starts from roughly 30,000 INR. What you need to do is, book the accommodations along with your friend, who also has applied in any Algerian university. That way the rent will be split among you. The apartments are quite big and very nice. Therefore, you can share the apartment. You will be provided beds accordingly. Other than that you will get a wardrobe. You may get few other furtniture, depending on the rent you are paying. You may also hire housekeepers, for your everyday chores. But this will cost you around 30 US dollars per hour. So it is better to do your chores on your own. Share the chores like the rent, with your roommates.
Food and Transportation-If you think of taking your dinner in an Algerian restaurant, it would cost you around 200-400 Algerian Dinars. You can afford this. So once in a blue moon or maybe once in two weeks, you can definitely eat out with your friends. Now, I am coming to the cost of the grocery items. It is obvious that you have to cook at home, as you cannot eat out every night. Most of the university canteens remain closed at night. Therefore, you can only think of having lunch at the university campus.The cost of rice, eggs, milk, onion, beans, pulses, etc. are quite cheap in the Algerian markets. You can find some markets where the cost is even lower than the Indian markets. You have to buy water bottles sometimes. These are also very cheap. You will find chicken and beef items to be a little expensive here. The one way ticket in a bus here will cost you in between 15-35 Algerian Dinars. You can buy bus passes on a monthly basis. That will reduce your transportation cost to some amount. You can also think of staying in university hostels. This way, most of the times, your transportation costs will be nil.

Documents for University Admissions in Algeria

  1. As mentioned earlier, you must apply in the universities of Algeria first. You will have to submit the acceptance letter of the university along with your visa application.
  2. You need to fill up and sign two copies of the visa application form ad bring it with you during the visa interview.
  3. You would have to submit a proof of your birth certificate. This birth certificate would be your age proof.
  4. The validity of your passport must remain for at least for six more months. Along with this, sometimes you need to submit the photocopies of the passport of your legal guardian or parent. The photocopies of each of the passport must contain the page of the identification information.
  5. You need two recent passport size photographs taken on a light background.
  6. You need to submit your bank statements, that would prove that you can complete this education with your own financial stability.
  7. You need to submit the proof of the documents of the medical insurance that you have done for your stay in Algeria.
  8. Last but definitely not the least, you must pay a visa processing fee before coming for the visa interview.

Education is free for the school children. The age for starting education is six years. The school education is divided into two parts, namely, the primary and the secondary. The secondary is again divided into upper and lower secondary levels. The primary schooling is of five years duration. At this stage, the students are given the basic knowledge about the vernaculars and numbers. Along with this, the students are taught about their religion. The lower secondary level continues for four years and the upper secondary continues for 3 years. After that, a student can think of studying at a college or university to complete his or her undergraduate and postgraduate education. There are around 50 universities in Algeria. The Muslims here built Madrasas to teach the children here. In the early 19th century Napoleon III came from France and built French colonies here. He started to develop more and more primary schools that could teach both Arabic and French. Since then, the educational system has been reformed many times. But the number of dropouts in the schools is increasing each year. Now let us have a look at the various universities in this country and the courses offered by them.

  1. KasdiMerbah de Ouargla-Subjects taught-Medicine, Mathematics, Energy Science, Anglo-Saxon Literature, Applied Linguistics and ESP, etc. The faculty for the English section is very strong. There is also a variety in the subjects to be chosen from the English section. If you are very good in creative writing, then these universities recognizes your effort by giving awards, if you deserve. This university organizes for various conferences and symposiums. Therefore, you can learn many international topics when you participate in those symposiums. Professors from various academic disciplines from various national or international universities attend these symposiums. So you can learn any new subject in these conferences or symposiums. This university has the facility of e-learning. Therefore, you can apply for certain courses from India too. You don't need to go to Algeria to enroll in the online courses. If you wish to study online courses at this university, then all you have to do is, choose the course and pay the entire fees. The course materials will be delivered to you online. The examination will be conducted online. Here one small suggestion would be there to go to study certificate courses only, in an online mode. These certificate courses should be the ones that are related to your undergraduate course and can benefit your career in the future.
  2. University of Tlemcen-Subjects taught-Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, General Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Biological Sciences, Agriculture& Forestry, Psychology, Sociology, Politics and International Studies, etc. In my opinion, the subjects which you can choose to study at this university are Politics & International Studies, Agriculture & Forestry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and General Engineering. You will get an international outlook in these subjects. These subjects are widely pursued by the international students. If in your locality, there are no universities that can offer you the other subjects and you really wish to study one of them, then also you can think of this university. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in agriculture or horticulture, you can think of this college. You will make a good career out of this course in India. The food technology industry is right now booming here. There are a few master degrees available here. There is master's in Public Administration, Educational Management, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Language Education, etc. If you have done a small research work while studying, then you can publish your work in the journal of this college itself. You will get the total guidance of the corresponding faculties who teach you such courses. A lot of faculty development programs are conducted by this college. Therefore, you can expect highly proficient faculties who will make your career oriented at this college. The ratio of teachers and students is 1:24 respectively. Therefore, you can gain the attention of the teacher quite easily. You will also get the full attention and dedication of the teachers. This university encourages students to take up research. If you really have the potential in you and have done some innovative work in your discipline, the teachers here will help you in further pursuing research in your discipline.
  3. University of Bejaia-Subjects taught-This university is mainly a research oriented university. So if after studying in any other university of Algeria or India, you wish to take up research work, then you can think of the University of Bejaia. Here the administration conducts its own scientific journal. So you need to go nowhere else to publish your journals. You will get more than 2000 faculties over here, both teaching and non-teaching. You will get constant guidance from them. There are a huge number of research scholars studying at this university. They are also authorized to conduct certain seminars or workshops to teach a subject to their juniors. Other than this the university holds international seminars which include the topics covered by the research scholars at this university or any other university in other countries. This university is a good place to apply for a doctorate program. The method of selection of students is via entrance examinations, competitions and overall academic score. If the number of students clearing the examination are more, then personal interviews are conducted to shortlist the students.
  4. Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef-Subjects taught-Law, political Science, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Physical Education, Agronomic Sciences, etc. There are also training programs available in Mathematics and Computer Science, Science of Nature and Life, Science of Matter, etc. You can first think of enrolling in the training programs and then accordingly, you can choose your master degree at this university. I would suggest that you go through the training programs offered currently by this university and choose the one that is somewhat related to your discipline. This will boost your career and also provide you with the information that is a little outside your domain.
  5. Echahid Hamma Lakhdar University of El Oued-Subjects taught-You can study here Islamic Sciences, Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Life Sciences, etc. You can think of studying Natural and Life Sciences at this university. This university is quite new, nonetheless it offers lots of projects, competitions and awards for the students. So if your academic records are really impressive, you can boost your career by choosing this university.

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