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Do you want to study in a country that was not only ruled by kings but thekings were elected? The Ministry of Human Resources runs the various educational systems. Although the number of educational systems in Hungary is lower compared to many other European countries, the institutes provide education high quality. The students opt for higher education in this country for one more reason. This reason is low living costs. To find out more information about studying in Hungary go through the following sections.

If you study in a Hungarian school, then you will get long holidays. The holidays include two full months-July and August. You can utilize this time to learn any different kind of sports. You can enrol in an academy of water polo. The planning and designing of primary, secondary and higher education lie in the hands of the Ministry of Human Resources. Along with the members of the ministry, the chancellor of the respective institution designs the educational system. They decide the changes required by the institution and implement the changes in the institution. They are not only involved in designing the pattern of changes, but they also chalk out the money required for implementing the changes. They make sure that the changes brought within the university or college are cost effective. They also make sure that the changes to be brought in the university or college works in the benefit of the students and teachers alike. The ministry also makes sure that every citizen of Hungary can have access to the higher education. No economic or social distinction is made among the citizens of various parts of the country. They make sure that rich and poor can have the same education facilities. The ministry and the chancellor of the higher educational institutes try to spread higher education in various unexplored areas of the country. The first university in Hungary was established in the year 1367. In this country, the higher education system includes undergraduate courses too. In India, only the master's, doctoral and postdoctoral courses are included in higher education systems.

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About Hungary

  • Geography and Locales-The country of Hungary is surrounded by Siberia, Slovenia, the Ukraine, Romania and few other European countries. These countries bordered the country of Hungary after World War I. You will find one big similarity between Hungary and India. Just like our country, more than 70% of this country is covered with fertile soil. This country is primarily dependent on agriculture. This is similar to few states of India like West Bengal, Punjab, etc. That is why when you come to Hungary, you will not face any problem regarding the food. Unlike India, Hungary doesn't have a strong infrastructure for industries. India on the other hand has a lot of states and cities that are totally industry centered. These states are known as the industrial belts of India. You will not find such belts in Hungary.
  • History-If we go back to 1000 AD, then Hungary was a Christian kingdom. For the next 500 years many kings ruled this country. An interesting fact about this country is that many times the nobles of the kingdom elected the kings of this country. In the 1500s, Turkish invaders divided this country into three parts. This invasion and the Turkish rule continued up to 18th century. During that time, the Habsburgs ruled Hungary and let people from other countries to enter Hungary. They started populating the country more and more. Nonetheless, the political and social situation of this country didn't stabilize. During the World War I, Hungary had to fight in support of the Germans. This tarnished the image of Hungary in front of those countries, which opposed fascism. Hungary stopped its support by the Second World War. This also affected the country very badly. After the end of the World Wars, communism started to enter the country. For more than 40 years, the communists ruled this country. Now, this country has become a democratic republic.
  • Mythology-The mythology of Hungary describes the world in a different manner. According to Hungarian mythology, the world consists of three layers or spheres. These are Upper World, Middle World and Underworld. The upper world is for the good souls and God. God controls the world of ours from the upper world. Any sin of human is not overlooked. God always gives a warning through the lightning. The middle world consists of humans and ghosts. The ghosts scare humans and interfere in their tasks. Humans are expected to perform tasks that are humane. Humans should always abide by God. The underworld is beasically a world where souls banished from the middle world stay. These souls are evil and have done no good when they were human beings.
  • Economy-The GDP of Hungary has increased from the past year by almost one point. Agriculture is one of the major determiners of the economy. Although the economy is recently changing and it is becoming a market driven economy. People are depending more on private investments. According to few market experts, this country requires more elaborate and flexible labour regulations. If labour regulations are inflexible, the market will crash sooner or later. This will highly affect the economy of the country. You do not need to worry about the labour regulations when you are studying in Hungary though. From a student point of view, the economy is quite stable and is very much beneficial for them.

    Quick Facts

    • The capital of Hungary is Budapest.
    • The famous escapist Harry Houdini was born in Budapest. Harry Houdini used to escape from jail quite often. He was the author of the famous book, A Magician among the Spirits.
    • In the 5th century, the first kind of wine was produced in Tokaj, Hungary.
    • The government of Hungary patronizes various kinds of sports activities. Water Polo is the national sport of Hungary. The Hungary Water Polo Federation looks after the various aspects of this game.
    • This country was nine times champion in men's water polo and two times champion in women's water polo games in Olympics.
    • Budapest, the capital of Hungary contains the second largest synagogue in the world.
    • Although it is very depressing and unfortunate, but it is a true fact that Hungary witnesses the second highest rate of suicides. This indicates that the government should give more importance to recruitment of psychologists in schools, colleges, and various other service sectors. They can bring the students and employees out of the mental depression.
    • Budapest has the second oldest metro line. So students can use the metro rails for communication to the different universities.
    • This fact is quite alarming. About only 50% of the population of Hungary are employed. This means that although this country provides a high quality tertiary education, the employment rate hasn't kept its pace with the growth in education. This explains the high rate of suicides every year. Therefore, it is advisable that the government keeps track and patronizes the growth in employment every year.
    • Famous singer Elvis Presley was given the posthumous citizenship of Budapest, Hungary in the year 2011.
    • Lake Balaton is the second largest freshwater lake in Hungary. It is situated in the Transdanubian region of Hungary.

    Admission Process in Hungary

    • Almost all the universities of Hungary will require the tuition fees in advance. So before taking admission, please check the tuition fee of the college. Apply in those colleges where you will be able to afford the tuition fee, once you are selected.
    • You must submit a photocopy of your passport. The photocopy should show the date of issuance and the validity period. This validity should be of more than six months.
    • You must submit the photocopies of the mark sheets and certificates of class 10,12, graduation/ master's degree as applicable for the course. Some colleges may request for your birth proof. Submit the photocopy of your birth certificate for this purpose.
    • Here also, you will require the proof of your address. Unlike the visa consulate office, the proof of the accommodation will that be of the place where you stay in Hungary. So you must book the accommodation online, before you apply for the admission in a college.
    • You may have to submit 2-3 passport size photographs. The size of these photographs is generally 3.5 * 4.5 cm. But it may vary depending upon the institute.
    • You must submit a copy of the health insurance that will cover your medical expenses in Hungary. Along with this, you can also submit a photocopy of a doctor's certificate. This doctor should a qualified physician of a government hospital or a renowned nursing home. He will certify that you do not possess any contagious diseases. The certificate should also certify that you are mentally stable and you will be able to stay and study in Hungary without any medical complication.
    • You need to submit the proof of your financial stability. Just like in the case of the student visa, you must submit the bank statements of all the people who will be funding your education in Hungary. If you are solely paying for the education, then only your bank statements should be submitted.
    • Also submit the visa application form. This will ensure that you have applied for the student visa.
    • Last but not the least, you must pay a non refundable application fee online.

    Student Visa Application Process

    In some countries you need to apply for the student visa first. After that, you need to apply in a university and show the visa copy to the university. However, in this country, you must first apply to the university. You must provide all the necessary documents for the admission. The documents required for admission are showed in the following sections. You must apply in more than one university. This will increase the chance of your getting admission. This will in turn increase the chance of your getting the visa. Some universities require that you pay the tuition fee in full in the beginning of the semester. In that case, while applying for the visa, you must attach the proof of the payment of the tuition fee. The other documents required for the visa application are mentioned in the following sections.


    The lifestyle of a student is quite good in Hungary. A student gets a lot of discounts on various items. You must issue a student identity card from your university in order to avail this. You will get discounts on cinema tickets, bus fare, train fare etc. If you have a student ticket, then the bus or train fare that you need to pay will be half that of the normal price. You will get discounts on tickets to music concerts and dance performances. Therefore, you can avail many things at very cheap prices, if you are a student of this country. The medical costs are also quite moderate. You can get treatments done at low prices if you have a health insurance. Some universities will not let you apply unless you have a proper health insurance to cover your medical expenses.
    Few cities like Budapest the capital of Hungary, offers some of the most delicious and unique dishes of Hungary. One of the dishes is Chicken Paprikash. This dish generally goes with rice or bread. The dish is very soft on the teeth. Those of you who have dental problems and are looking for a wholesome dish to cook at home, this is the ideal dish. If you don't have any taboo regarding the meat you eat, then you can definitely go for Beef Goulash. This dish also consists of a lot of gravy. This dish also goes with rice. You can cook some rice and beef goulash and take it with you in the college or university. You can also have this dish for dinner. If you are a vegetarian, then you can eat a potato and paprika stew. This dish is almost similar to that of the potato and pointed gourd curry of India. This is a wholesome dish. You can easily cook this dish at home. This dish is also cheap, in case you want to eat out. After studying the entire day, a student gets very hungry during the afternoon. Such a student can have fried dough as afternoon snacks. These dough pieces are tasty and easy on the pocket. Other than this, you can also cook Indian dishes at home as well.
    The tuition fees of the entire course can range between 4000 pounds to 30,000 pounds. If you go through the course fees of few of the European countries, then these fees are quite moderate. You will be able to take student loans in the European countries. The rate of interest for the student loans is sometimes lesser than that in India. You can apply for scholarships in the universities. There are numerous scholarships available from government and private organizations for European and international students. Such scholarships generally cover 50% of the total tuition fee. Rest of the 50% can be accumulated either from the loans or from private funding. I would suggest selecting the university first. After that, you should select the course that you want to study in that university. This will help you plan the budget of your stay in Hungary. You should select those universities that have a low tuition fee and provides the course that is in the best interest of your career.

    Cost of Living for Students

    Accommodation-You can rent a flat near your university. This would save your cost for the transportation. Although you must keep in mind that the flats in Hungary are quite costly. The price of an entire flat would be around 200 Euros. This cost would include room furniture, Wi-Fi connection and sometimes water facilities. The cost of other utilities like gas, electricity, housekeeping, etc. Would cost you another 200-250 Euros. So it's better that you take a 4-5 bedroom flat and share the rent among your roommates. Your roommates will also help you in sharing other duties of the apartment. This may include, cooking, cleaning, dusting, etc. This will help you save on the costs of maintaining a housekeeper. Besides renting flats, you can think of even cheaper accommodations like residence halls. These are like dormitories where 4-5 or more students share a big room. Such accommodations have free Wi-Fi connections and services for room cleaning. But, one main problem is that such facilities are generally available in the widely populated cities of this country, for example, Budapest. You can log onto the official website for the details of registration of residence halls. The best option for the students is a residence hall
    FoodAlthough the cost of food in a Hungarian restaurant is quite moderate, it is better to cook at home. Although once in a while, you can definitely think of going to a restaurant for eating. A decent meal in a Hungarian restaurant would cost you in between 10-20 Euros. You can also think of having breakfast and lunch in the university canteen. This will reduce the burden on your pockets. This will also reduce the efforts in the kitchen. However, eating outside on a regular basis can be harmful for your metabolism. So you have the last alternative of cooking at home. You will get many grocery items at quite cheap prices. On the other hand few items like milk, eggs, fruits are quite costly.
    TransportationThere are buses, metros, taxis, etc., as transportation facilities. Being a student, you will get international or local student identity cards, which will fetch you, a great deal of discounts in the tickets. You can avail as much as 50% discounts in the tickets. You can buy monthly travels passes. These passes cost only 30 Euros.

    Documents for University Admissions in Hungary

    1. You must take admission in a university or college in Hungary. It is only after taking the admission or after the university has accepted your candidature can you apply for the student visa. Upon taking admission, the college or university will provide you with an admission letter or invitation letter with proper sign and seal. Do check if the sign and seal are present in the admission letter. Along with this, you must also pay the full tuition fee for the university. Without this, neither your admission in the university nor your visa application will be incomplete. So you must submit the proof of the payment of the tuition fee.
    2. You have to fill up the visa application form and submit it during the visa interview. Along with this you must pay the application fee for the visa.
    3. For the visa processing, it is neceessary to hold a passport that has a validity remaining for more than six months. Along with this at least two of the visa pages must remain empty. You should submit the photocopy of the passport that contains your photograph, address, etc. Along with this, the date of issuance of the passport must also be present in that photocopy.
    4. You need at a passport size photograph. The photograph must not be more than six months old.
    5. The students who will study in Hungary will require a health insurance for the entire duration of their stay. You have to submit the proof of this insurance.
    6. You have to submit a proof that you were not convicted in the past. You can show a hand written document by the police commissioner of your locality stating that your character is clean.
    7. The visa consulate will check your financial stability. So you must submit the documents or statements of your bank account. This document along with the proof of payment of the tuition fee will prove that you are self sufficient and can provide you are your expenses in Hungary. If your relative who stays in Hungary is providing for your educational costs, then you must submit the bank statement of your relative too.
    8. You must submit the filled up visa application form.
    9. You need to submit three stamped envelopes addressing you.
    10. Last but not the least, submit the proof of your address. Your aadhar card will suffice for this.

This country has a very deep-rooted cultural and educational relationship with China. This country organized a cultural ceremony called “Freedom Love" in Beijing and Shanghai. The event of “Freedom Love" consists of dance performances, musical concerts, art exhibitions and lots more. Many famous artists of China participate in these music concerts and dance dramas. People of the eastern and southern zone of our country must be familiar with literary debates and discussions held at a book launch by famous authors. Such events are also held in this ceremony. Hungary organizes book fairs every year. Many international countries participate in these book fairs. Hungary also participated in the international book fairs of China and other countries. In the year 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hungary organized an educational event. It was a one-month long promotional program. The government of Hungary launched this program to promote the higher education system of Hungary within and outside the country. This event was also included in the cultural program of China, that very year.

The following is a list of Hungarian universities and colleges, and the subjects offered in those universities.

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics-Subjects taught-You can study the subjects primarily included in an engineering curriculum, for example, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. The university offers B.Sc. and programs in these engineering disciplines. Although in India a B.E. degree is provided for engineering courses, such B.Sc. degrees in engineering curriculum is recognized all over the world. In fact, if you wish to settle down in a European country, then a B.Sc. in any engineering discipline will be more useful to you than a B.E. degree. This university offers joint M.Sc. programs in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, andd the University College of South East Norway. The classes can be held either in one of the major partner universities or in all the institutes. This decision will depend on the higher authorities of the universities. The students can get access to faculties, researchers and other resources of any of these institutes as and when required.
  2. Wekerle Business School-Subjects taught-This university provides B.A. or bachelor's in arts programs in various business related courses.. One word of caution here would be that, if you wish to make a career in India, then, it is better to avoid such B.A. programs. In India, most of the management institutes and commercial centres prefer students with either management or commerce or science degrees in the field of business. If you wish to pursue a career in medical science, then you should do a foundation course in this discipline in the Wekerle Business School. They provide a bridge or foundation course in medical science that will help you in excelling any field of medicine. This coursse will also prepare you for any entrance examination conducted for various genres of medical science and pharmaceuticals. This course is also applicable for students who are looking forward to join a foreign hospital, including the ones in Hungary.
  3. Central European University-Subjects taught-You will get a lot of certificate courses in this university. Advance certificate courses in subjects like Inequality Analysis, religious studies, Eastern Mediterranean Studies, etc. are seldom found in India. If you are looking for a career in Visual practice, Networking and Communication, then you may apply for an advanced certificate course in this university. After getting the preliminary knowledge in these and other certificate courses, you can apply for degree and M.Sc. courses in these subjects. If your academic records are quite good, you can think of settling in any Hungarian city. This university also provides doctoral courses in various unusual topics. You can pursue these courses, as the competition for these courses are lower in India. You can start a career in either of such subjects and become very successful very quickly. The reason is that such domains are mostly unexplored in India.
  4. International Business School of Budapest-Subjects taught-Bachelor's in subjects like Financial Management, Business and Diplomacy, Management with Arts, Management with Psychology, Management with Marketing, master's in subjects like Financial Management, International Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, etc. There are foundation programs in various subjects including engineering. The concept of a foundation program is helping the students learn the fundamentals of a subject. The students who are absolutely sure of what to pursue in the future should study these foundation programs. Such a foundation program will prepare you for your future career.

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