Study in Azerbaijan

Want to study in a country that lies on the Caspian Sea? Want to explore the country that is the centre of the oil industry? Then choose the country Azerbaijan for your exploration and studies. Learn the detailed information about the country the geography, the people, the lifestyle, education, visa process, admission and the universities that offer higher education.

Introduction to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the South. Azerbaijan became an independent country in 1991. It is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Till late 1980's Azerbaijan was under the control of the Soviet central government. The opposition groups demanded the control of the republic's own affairs and attempted a coup in 1991 and declared its independence. Baku is largest and the capital city of Azerbaijan. The city is famous for its historic and beautiful buildings and takes pride in the well preserved ancient town Citadel. The architectural design and masterpieces from the middle ages are preserved carefully. The city consists of blind alleys and a maze of narrow streets; one finds the majestic tower, the maiden tower, minaret Synyk Kala and the Shirvan Shahs palace. The location of Azerbaijan has an advantage of being in strategically important as it lies between the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea. The Mongols, Persians and the Turks had occupied the country and in the late 1820's Russia had made Azerbaijan its part aster successfully fighting with Persia. In 1922, the communists capture the power in Azerbaijan and established a Soviet republic. About 80% of Azerbaijan is of Turkish ancestry and follow Islam.

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About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country that lies on the western shore of the Caspian Sea. The country is located in southwestern Asia and part of northern Azerbaijan is in Europe. The full name of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani and is the official language. Baku is the largest and the capital city of Azerbaijan. The country became independent nearly 70 years after being in the Soviet Union. The most powerful government official is the president. The government became effective in 1995. The president is elected by the people for a five-year term. The cabinet of ministers is headed by the prime minister, who carries out the functions of the government. The cabinet members are elected by the president. All citizens who are 18years old or older can vote. The highest court in the country is the Supreme Court. Every man has to serve 17months in the armed forces beginning at the age of 18. The country is a member state of the Council of Europe, the NATO Partnership for peace. It is one of the six independent Turkic states and an active member of the Turkic Council. The country holds 38 international organizations and has diplomatic relations with 158 countries. It is also a member of United Nations General Assembly and has membership in Human rights council. The country is secular and has not declared any religion as the official religion. The majority of people are Muslims. The country has a high level of human development and economic development and literacy.
The Baku city has amazing architecture and outlandish structures. The city is famous for its controversial buildings. The city displays the chrome buildings with glittering light shows. The city has shown drastic changes with speed and has produced spectacular skyscrapers and towering fascinating buildings. The city is booming with oil and gas industries with attractive architectural designs. The national dish of Azerbaijan is Kutabi, the filled pancakes. The dish is stuffed with vegetables such as pumpkin, herbs or meat. Then it is toasted on the griddle. Baku gets harsh sandy winds and is known for its hot summers. Local people drink their tea from pear-shaped glasses in cool vine tree verandas. The Shirvanshah's palace and the Maiden tower are UNESCO's recognized world heritage sites. The walls of the inner city were built in the 12th century, with narrow cobbled streets. The Maiden tower has eight stories; the first three stories are believed to be used as a fire temple. The children are told the stories of the tower which is a museum now and visitors can have a spectacular view of the city by climbing to the top of the tower. The city of Baku is popular for its heritage, traditions, its tea houses, jazz clubs and the opera hall.
  • Geography and the climate

  • Northern Azerbaijan is the Caucasus Mountains that stretch across western Azerbaijan. The country's main river Kur flows through the central valley between the mountain ranges and the Jur-Aras lowland. From the lowland, the Kur River drains into the Caspian Sea. Terter and the Akira are the other important rivers in the country. The rivers provide the source for irrigation water and the energy.
    Azerbaijan has a beautiful terrain and the country offers the traditional heritage with a blend of modern developments. The summers are long and hot in the lowlands and winters are cool. The average temperature in the lowlands is 79 degrees F. The high lands receive about 40 to 55 inches of rainfall every year.
    The terrain includes the natural vegetation, steppe and semi-desert conditions occur in the lowlands and mountain foothills. The mountain slopes are covered with trees of oak, beech and the pine forests. The lowland has animals such as jackals, hyena's gazelles, reptiles and amphibians. The land is rich in biodiversity. The architectural monuments have carvings of animal and it can be found on ancient rocks and stones. The naturalists' visits to the country have first information about the flora and the fauna in the 17th century. The Karabakh horse is known for its good temper, speed, elegance and the intelligence. The horse is one of the oldest breeds which date to ancient period. Today the hose is an endangered species. There is a number of mud volcanoes in the country. When the volcanoes erupt the flames go up to a kilometre in the air.
  • Economy

  • The economy comes from the industrial activities that include the machine building, mining, petroleum, refining, chemical production, and textile manufacturing. The industrial centres in Azerbaijan are Baku, Ganja, Saki, Xankandi and Naxcivan. The most important mined product in the country is petroleum. It forms the chief source of income which comes from the rich deposits on the Apsheron Peninsula. There are large oil mining fields in the Baku region, in the Caspian Sea and on the western shores. The other major mined products are aluminium, copper, iron, cobalt, natural gas and the salt. Agriculture also provides income for the country; farmers grow cops that include the fruits, grains, tea, tobacco, cotton walnuts and vegetables. Silk farming also forms the source of income to the country with the rearing of silkworms. The Caspian Sea provides the source of fish which is processed and canned Herders graze their livestock in the pastures on the Caucasus Mountains. The people have distinctive folk traditions and have been influenced by the fast modernizations. The cities have grown with the establishment of industries and the mining of the oil. Azerbaijan is one of the worlds leading producer of the oil. The traditional exports of the country include the fine horses and the caviar. The currency manat was introduced in 2006. There are many deep gorges of mountain streams and ridges which are beautiful locations.
  • Transportation and communication

  • The railway system and the road system are limited in the country and most of the trade is handled by the Baku port on the Caspian Sea. Baku has the main airport. The radio and television operate from Baku. The country publishes the newspapers and magazines in Russian and Azerbaijan.
  • Education

  • The school education in Azerbaijan consists of three levels; the primary, general secondary and the full secondary education. Schooling begins at the age of six years, secondary school education is conducted based on programs that are relevant to the students. Primary education aims at providing the instruction to the children in writing reading and to compute to instil in the values and about nature. The education focuses on developing the logical thinking, aesthetic, artistic taste in them the primary education covers the first four classes. The general secondary education‘s objective is to form in students the culture of speech, in reading and writing, logical reasoning, creativity and enhancing the communication skills. The education aims at imparting knowledge and the impressions on subjects, and to provide the latest information to the students at the global level. The general education covers from fifth to ninth classes. The general education in Azerbaijan is compulsory. Evaluation is done in general education and the certificates are awarded to the students. For the next level of education, the general secondary education is considered.
    The full secondary education the pupils full potential and the talent are tested. The course prepares the students for their life and for the selection of their profession and their career. The education prepares the students in human values, respect for fundaments values such as speech, tolerance, equality etc. Full secondary education is the last level of general secondary school education. This education covers the tenth and the eleventh classes. Assessments are carried out and the certificates are issued to the qualified graduates.
    Primary and secondary vocational education: This level prepares the students in the vocational skills training program. The students master the various art and mass professions according to the needs of the society and the global market. The vocational programs are based on the curriculums. Certificates relevant to the education are provided to the students. The secondary education is implemented in higher educational institutions. Higher Education prepares the students by providing the training in specialized areas of study that is required to the society and the labour market. The training specialists in higher education in Azerbaijan are of three kinds: The first cycle is baccalaureate, the second is the magistrate and the third is a doctorate.
    Baccalaureate: This level of education is carried on a wide range of profile. The training of specialists is done at a higher level, and the qualified graduates of bachelor degree are awarded ‘bachelor', the highest degree of professional qualification.
    Magistrate: This level includes the higher educated specialists who are qualified for the scientific research and pedagogic activity in higher education. The master's degree programs end with the thesis and dissertation presentation and once the graduates defend in their dissertation they are awarded the ‘master' degree to the students.
    Doctorate: The advanced program doctorate enables the students in their scientific and pedagogical personnel's preparation for their degrees. Doctoral stages include two stages, the doctor of Philosophy and the doctor of science. In the first stage magistrates and the specialists are admitted to a doctorate of higher education and scientific organizations. In the second stage, the PhD's are admitted for the second stage. There are numbers of universities in Azerbaijan. The following are some of the universities:
    Baku State University: This University was established in 1919 by the parliament of Azerbaijan in Baku. It is a public university which began with faculties of history and philology, physics and mathematics, law and medicine. The university has thirteen faculties and the campus is located in an urban area. This university is the only university that is ranked by the international banking organizations. Physicist Lev Landau who won the Nobel Prize studied in BSU University.
    Azerbaijan University: This University was established in 1991 by Prof. Salahaddin Khalilov. It became the first private university in Azerbaijan and was registered with Board of Ministry of Education. The university has around 215 faculty members and offers majors. The university offers teaching instruction in three languages; Azerbaijan, Russian and the English. The BBA program students learn the second foreign language apart from English which can be German, French, Arabic Turkish and other languages.
    Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction: This university is located in Baku and has five educational faculties and campus. The university's campus includes modern infrastructure, with modern equipment, research laboratories.
    Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University: This University was established in 1920 in Baku, it's a public university. The university is managed by a body of prorectors and is supervised by the Scientific Council. The university has eight faculties in areas of geology, mining faculty, chemical technologies, petrol-mechanics, energies, automatization of production, engineering economics, international economics relationships etc. the university prepares the students in more than 50 fields such as computer sciences, metallurgical engineering, geological engineering, petroleum and gas construction, equipment production, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, gas engineering and many more fields. The academy is a member of the Caucasus University Association.
    Western Caspian University: The University was established in 1991 in Baku by Husein Baghirov. The university has six schools, 25 majors and 180 faculties. The university was named as after it was modelled after the western universities. The university is partnered with American universities. It has tied up with Indiana University to set the programs in the areas of business and law. The university offers courses in bachelor, master and PhD levels. The undergraduate programs offered by this u university are; computer mechanical, ecological, instrumentation, robotics, electrons telecommunication, radio engineering and other courses. The master's programs include the master's programs in management information systems, agriculture and environment protection and PhD programs include the systems analysis, management and information processing. The university also invites regularly experts from other countries to deliver training and lectures.

    Quick Facts

  • The main river of Azerbaijan is Kur

  • Baku is called the ‘pearl of the Caspian Sea'

  • The national dish of Azerbaijan is Kutabi, filled pancakes

  • The official name of Azerbaijan is Azarbaycan Republika ( Azerbaijani republic)

  • The main rivers of the country are Aras and the Kur

  • The currency of Azerbaijan is Manat

  • The national animal of Azerbaijan is Karabakh horse, one of the oldest breeds in the world, it is a mountain-steppe racing and riding horse.

  • Azerbaijan is four times the size of Wales

  • National Anthem is Azarbaycan Marsi ‘ March of Azerbaijan'

  • Azerbaijan has Unitary dominant party semi-presidential republic

  • The calling code of the country is +994
  • Admission Process in Azerbaijan

    For the admission period for higher education for 2018-19 is August 25th to September 30th 2018. Admission process in Azerbaijan is a selective process. The universities welcome students from different parts of the world for study in the country. Admissions are based on the student's educational qualification background. Applications are invited during the fall and spring semesters. The applicants should provide all the proof for the courses he or she chooses to pursue.

    Student Visa Application Process

    Students who wish to study in Azerbaijan should have a visa to enter the country. The students can obtain a valid visa for Azerbaijan through online easily. Azerbaijan allows international students to study in its country. The aspiring students can apply for application form through electronic visa. The application process is simple and can be completed online. The application form has three easy steps to understand and complete the form. All the students can apply and complete the form duly and sign.
  • Students should fill out the online application form by duly completing it and signed

  • The details of arrival, full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality are to be filled in correctly

  • One photograph colour taken against a white background, it must be of good quality and neatly printed

  • A valid passport for at least six months, with two blank pages in the passport

  • Need a letter of invitation for the study course

  • Confirmation letter stating the booking of the hotel or the stay

  • Recent bank statement, credit card, mobile bill

  • The application fee has to be paid online using credit/debit card or through wire transfer or papal

  • Once the order with the payment is completed you will receive the confirmation email for the visa order

  • Print out the Azerbaijan visa. The visa stamp to be obtained on the passport on arrival at the Azerbaijan immigration office

  • cost of short-term visa in Azerbaijan would be around $100 and for the long-term visa around $200
  • Lifestyle

    Most of the people of Azerbaijan are ethnic Azerbaijanis. The largest minority groups are the Armenians and the Russian. In cities, most people live in the apartments which are multistoried. In rural areas, people live in the one-two story houses. Majority of people in Azerbaijani are Shiite Muslims. And most of the Armenians are Christians. The clothing worn by the people are similar to that of clothing worn by the North Americans and the Europeans. The traditional dresses are worn on the festivals and celebrations. The clothing's consists of pants, long shirt, long jacket and long boots. Women wear skirts and blouses with long wide sleeves. In rural areas, Muslim women wear a black shawl that covers the head and the shoulders. The food consists of pilaf a dish made from rice and includes grilled and boiled meats. The traditional dishes are the Bozartma, mutton stew and the dovga, a soup. The popular drinks of the country are the tea and the wine. The popular sport in Azerbaijan is soccer. Most people spend their time walking and swimming as a recreation. The hand-woven rugs are popular in the country and brightly coloured and patterned shawls are admired around the world. The adults in Azerbaijan are able to read and write. The people take tea with jam sometimes flavoured with lemon, mint or rose water. Azerbaijan is famous for its carpets. In 2014 the carpet museum opens when one can browse carpet of all ages from different parts of the country. The museum is built in the shape of a giant rolled up a rug. The national sports Chovkan is similar to polo. The sport is played with a wooden stick accompanied by music. Girls are taught to knit from the early age. Contests are held for girls in crochets, those who crochet the best quality at the shortest time are declared the winners. Baku resembles a little Venice, the man mad waterway flows through the city between shops, restaurants etc. The waterway is connected by bridges and walkways. Most people in Azerbaijan are found to have at least one gold tooth. The town Oily rocks are constructed on stilts. The folklore is popular in Azerbaijan

    Cost of Living for Students

    Azerbaijan is a multicultural country and provides knowledge about different languages, cultures and the cuisines. The country is a unique combination of both Asia and Europe which has a long history and tradition. Cost of living in Azerbaijan is higher than Indian when compared. Meal in an inexpensive restaurant is about 12.00 min, water for .33 litre bottle is 0.36 man, milk 1.75 men. rice is about 2.30 man. Accommodation can cost more than 1000Manats. 1 kg of apples is 1.62 man, housing rent for 2 bedrooms can cost are out 840 men. The country ensures for free higher education at the university level for talented students with high scores. They also get benefitted with concessions on education tuition fees and with granted scholarships. Students from several countries study in Azerbaijan. The country offers exciting experiences to study and learn. Students can choose to stay with a local family or by renting out a room. The costs would be more than the university dormitories. A passport is required to open an account in Azerbaijan, ATM's are located in major cities, and however one needs to keep cash always. Cost of a hotel in Baku would around $21 per night. The best way to move around Azerbaijan is by car and buses.

    Documents for University Admissions in Azerbaijan

  • The student visa/ e-visa with 60 or 90 days validity to be obtained at the embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Official invitation letter from the university

  • All the certificates in original relevant to the programs chosen for the study must be issued by the relevant institution

  • one page of motivation letter

  • Certificate issued by the health department

  • Application letter addressed to the rector

  • Payment receipt of the tuition fee with a copy

  • A copy of passport

  • Passport photographs six in number

  • Proof to show English proficiency
  • Why study in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is located on the Asiatic continent and is confined to the Caspian Sea. The climatic conditions vary in the region. The education system offers degrees in bachelors, masters and doctorate programs for international students. The education programs are recognized in around 50 countries around the world. Azerbaijan has a unique geographic location between Asia and Europe. It is a member of two UNESCO six committees on Education. The universities in Azerbaijan has chosen the English as a medium of instruction in all departments and thus appealing to foreign students. The support centres will help the international students in services like the visa registration, arrival arrangement, information on housing, host family programs, orientation programs related to finance, health, values and culture of Azerbaijan. They also provide the guidance of the city. Azerbaijan is a newly formed country and it offers an idyllic location for students study programs. The country offers three languages to study, the Azerbaijan, Russian and the English. Education in Azerbaijan comes cheaper compared to other countries. The standard of education in the country is high, and students find jobs easily across the world. The country has a stable environment with less crime rate. The country is tolerant and hospitable and there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, gender etc. One can get the citizenship of Azerbaijan and travel to other countries.

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