After qualifying NET for JRF and Assistant Professorship, how should a candidate proceed further?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 27 Jun 2023        
If you are qualified in NET for both Assistant Professorship and JRF, you have a choice. You can become an Assistant Professor or you can start pursuing your PhD.

UGC started a website for helping NET-qualified candidates. This will be a medium to connect candidates qualified candidates to the organisations. is the site. Once you are qualified in NET you can register there and you can post your resume there. Organisations having suitable posts for NET-qualified people will post their requirements on this website. You can search for such jobs and apply for them so that you will get a call for an interview.

Various CSIR laboratories will be taking candidates for working for their PhDs under the scientists working in those laboratories. You can search for such advertisements and you can apply for them.

Universities will also be releasing notifications for PhD admissions in their institutes. Generally. they will be conducting written entrance tests for giving seats. But NET-qualified candidates will be exempted from that written test and they will be given seats based on the NET score. So you have to watch such notifications and apply for admission.

If you want to go for an Assistant Professor post, you have to apply for such posts as and when the universities. colleges and other institutes release notifications for the vacancies they have.

NET qualifications will never ensure you a seat for a PhD or a job. But it will make you eligible for such posts.
Author: Neelam      Post Date: 27 Jun 2023        
After qualifying for Net JRF, which stands for Junior Research Fellowship, a candidate has two choices or he can do both the things simultaneously. One is to pursue a PhD (doctorate of Philosophy). The other is to teach at University. But it is wiser to opt for the first one. If a candidate gets enrolled in the PhD programme, he/she has to do teaching duties, library duty and much other work assigned by the supervisor as a part of the work for which he is granted a fellowship. Some of the premier institutes provide fellowship only based on NET also if a candidate gets selected through interview rounds. For example, IITs offer two kinds of assistantships, Research Assistantships and Teaching assistantships, based on the preference and various criteria of the candidate doing a PhD.

Ultimately it depends on the will of the candidate and where his/her interests lie if he/she is more interested in teaching, he /she can do so by applying to various colleges, in any coaching institute or online classes because NET provides and eligibility to be an Assistant professor. Whereas if a candidate want to pursue Higher studies, he/she can try to get admission into a good PhD programme and avail his/her fellowship and do research work.

But it is wiser to go for a PhD programme because most universities prefer a candidate who has already done a PhD for teaching positions.
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