Amrita School of Engineering or VIT - which is better college for engineering?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 21 Aug 2023        
Engineering courses are offered by both these institutions and many branches are being offered by these two institutes. Both institutes are having good track records. So it is very difficult to say one of these two is the best for engineering.

I know some students who studied at VIT. When I talked to them they say VIT is very good for CSE and Mechanical branches. The faculty is very good and the infrastructure is also excellent. Amrita is also good for CSE, I understand. They are famous for their research projects and students will be encouraged to take up research projects, I understand.

VIT is established in the year 1984 in Vellore and started branches in other places also. Amrira is established in the year 1994 in Tamilnadu and started branches in other places also.

Amrita is having approvals from UGC and AICTE. This university is ranked the 7th best university in India by NIRF 2023. Amrita is accredited by NAAC with an A++ grade. VIT also got approvals from UGC and AICTE. The institute is ranked the 8th best university in India by NIRF 2023. VIT is accredited by NAAC with an A++ grade. The NIRF ranking for Engineering for the year 2023 for VIT is 11 and for Amrita, it is 19.

904 companies visited the VIT for campus interviews. As per the official website of the institute, 14345 students got offers. The highest CTC offered is 1.02 crores per annum and the average CTC is about 9.23 lacs per annum. As per the website of Amrita, the highest package for the year 2022 for B Tech students is 47 Lakhs and the average salary is 7.1 LPA. A total of 1437 engineering students were offered placement in the year 2023.

After seeing all the records and thoroughly researching the internet and the official websites of the two institutes, I personally feel that there is not much difference between both institutes. The efforts of the individual will only make the difference. So I advise students to select the subject they wanted. If they are getting that subject in any one of these two institutes they can go for it. is the official website of Amrita. is the official website of VIT.

Anyhow, I advise the students to decide on the institute by talking to the present students in the institute from the same branch and also after seeing the past record of the two institutes.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 20 Aug 2023        
There are some vital factors to be considered before we arrive at the final conclusion which one is the better college between the two- Amrita School of Engineering or VIT. The following are the important considerations as indicated below-
1) Placement Records.
2) Infrastructure.
3) NIRF Ranking.
4) Accreditation.
5) Average Package.
6) Highest Package.
Now let us consider these two colleges based on the points as indicated above-
1) Placement records of both the colleges are more less or less the same with the slight difference year to year.
2) In respect of infrastructure, Amrita School of Engineering looks more attractive than VIT.
3) NIRF Ranking-
Amrita School - 16
VIT - 12
4) Accreditation-
Amrita School - AICTE, UGC
5) Average Package-
Amrita School - 5.7 LPA
VIT - 6.5 LPA
6) Highest Package-
Amrita School - 58 LPA
VIT - 44 LPA.
The above statements are based on the year of 2022.
My favour goes to Amrita School in view of higher package offers of the employers apart from the excellent quality of coaching from the professors.
However, before drawing any conclusions, the students should visit these two institutions before they make up their minds for the final decision. Average Package & Highest package are always variable- year to year.
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