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Android 4.2 jelly bean Review

Android 4.2 jelly bean operating system now in the market launched by Google. It is purely enhanced version of Android 4.1 jelly bean. Google inculcate many new features and improved existing features of its previous version. Now the question is how much it has been improved and what is new additions? Find out your all queries about Android 4.2 jelly bean on this article.

Game 64 Android app cheat, tutorial and walkthrough

Are you eager to play old TV video games like Mario in your Android mobile. Here is the app - Game64 which contain 64 video games. Here I have given the procedure to play the games in Game64 app. Game64 has 64 video games and I have listed them below.

Android, A Journey From Apple Pie To Jelly Bean

All of us are using Android based mobile phones in our daily life. All of us know that Android phones are more powerful and capable than other mobile phones. But usually, people don't know much about Android. Even they don't know that it is an operating system like windows or Linux. This article will let you know some basics of Android and its journey from "apple pie" to "jelly bean".

Top 5 Interesting and Reliable Apps for Android Phones 2011

This article would be useful to all Android phone users. The aim of the article is to list down the top Apps which are available in the market for android smartphones. Some of them are really useful. I have made an effort to compile few of the apps. Hope this article is useful for readers.

Android laden Dell Venue launch in India

Dell India has added a new smart phone on its website, the Dell Venue Android phone, may soon launch in India. Dell India is getting ready to give gift to Indians for the new year 2011. Dell india is planning to launch Android smart phone in the month of January in India. The price of the phone and exact release date is not mentioned by Dell India.

Introduction to Android operating system

Android is a complete operating environment based on the Linux V2.6 kernel. This article will introduce you to the Android operation system. Introduction to Google Android Platform which is Open software platform for mobile development.

Autism disability and help from iPad & Android

This article explains as to what is autism and the effects of autism. The article also shows how the automation industry is trying to help. The major players in the IT field, the iPad of Apple and the Android of Google and some well meaning software engineers have worked together to develop softwares useful to help people suffering with autism to develop their skills.

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Android Versions and its Download

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