Are hostel facilities in colleges abroad costlier?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 05 Apr 2023        
This is very subjective. What I feel is costly may not be felt the same by another person. The hostel expenses will vary from place to place and institution to institution. That is why a student should gather information about the various ways of staying near the college and the cost of each way and should select the suitable way of staying. Generally, famous institutions will have an Indian student's association and you can contact them to get the best possible information. Some students may even provide a temporary stay with them for a few days so that you can search for and finalise an accommodation.

You need not stay in the hostel also. You can take a private house with some other students and you can make your arrangements for cooking also. There will be some Paying guest accommodations in some areas. You can try that also.

The rough staying expenses for a student in different countries may be around the following. These are purely approximations and some percentage changes may be there always. Just a guideline only. These indications cover your stay and food expenses only.

1. In the USA the living expenses for an annum to a student may be around Rs. 7,00.000/-
2. In the UK, the same may be around Rs. 9.00.000/-.
3. The living expenses in Australia may be around a lakh per month. That means Rs,12,00.000 per annum.
4. In Canada you can manage with Rs.5.5 lakhs per annum.
5. If you go to New Zealand, these expenses may go up to Rs.8,00,000 per annum.

Before going to finalise the institute try to get as much information as possible and then estimate the expenses so that you will have clarity about the budget needed for your study there.
Author: Athulia Gahanan      Post Date: 11 Apr 2023        
I have stayed in hostel facilities in colleges abroad and can say that they can be costlier than expected. The cost of staying in hostels often varies based on the type and location of the college and its facilities. For example, during my stay in Germany, the hostel facility cost me around $350 a month, which I found to be quite expensive. However, the facilities provided were quite good and the price was worth it in the end.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 02 Apr 2023        
Generally in foreign countries the cost of living is more than that of India and accordingly the cost of most of the things would be comparatively more and hostel charges are no exception.
The cost of hostels or university arranged accommodation varies from country to country and some of the representative figures are as under-
In Canada the university arranged accommodation can cost the student from Rs 24000 to 47000 per month. Some students make arrangements for private stay in sharing and self cooking basis and they can bring down that monthly figure to Rs 18000 per month.
Another country is Australia where living and food will cost from Rs 100000 to 180000 depending upon the city where the university is located.
In US the cost (living + food) will be on an average Rs 30000 per month.
In Germany the cost (living + food) would vary from Rs 85000 to Rs 120000.
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