Are the career prospects of a student completing MBA from Queensland University, Australia, bright?

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 18 Jun 2023        
We rarely see institutions with accreditations from three leading internationally recognised accreditation organisations. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is having such a rare achievement, I understand. One of my friends who is a lecturer in a local college for an MBA told me that this QUT is having accreditations from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Later on, when I visited the website of the institute the same is confirmed. It was mentioned there that this was the first business school in Australia to have triple accreditations. It was also mentioned there that only 1% of business schools across the world are having triple accreditations. I feel this itself speaks highly about the institute and getting a seat in such an institute is not an easy proposition and there will be no looking back once a seat is obtained in this institute.

Another advantage that is mentioned on the website is that this university is offering double degree options. The institute is offering about 20 double-degree options. This is beneficial in two ways. In a shorter time you will get two graduate degrees and your career options will increase as you will have two degrees that will fetch you a job. They are offering a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)/Bachelor of Business double degree. This course is 4 years duration and after 4 years you will be getting two degrees.

The following are some specialities of MBA from this institute.

1. The Business School of this institute obtained rank 1 in Queensland and number 3 in Australia for postgraduate studies in AFR's BOSS Best Business School 2022 rankings.

2. The institute is providing an opportunity to the students of this institute to undergo a two-week Immersion Program at MIT in Boston. This will give the student a good understanding and hands-on experience in the required areas.

3. The students who do MBA here have to undertake a project in a workplace. This project experience will give them an edge over others and they will have multiple options like going for a job or starting their own business.
With the above options, I feel the career prospectus will be definitely good for the students who study MBA here.

They are offering MBAs and Executive MBAs also. For more details, interested students can go to the website of the institute ( I advise the candidates to contact the university and find out the facts before taking a decision. The contact details can be found on the university website.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 25 Jan 2024        
The students know the importance of acquiring an MBA course. The fact cannot be denied that such an acquisition could change their lives for the better if the same is earned from a foreign university that has a wide reputation for the course content imparted to the students. In that sense, the students would do a justified job with the selection of the MBA program from Queensland University.

Students would accrue the following benefits in case they opt for the MBA course from this university as indicated below-
1) Jobs are assured to the students in the following areas with impressive emoluments such as Chief Executive Officers, Financial Controllers, Director of Operations, Commercial Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Business Analysts and many more responsible positions.
2) The aspirants would earn up to $ 60 K more than other aspirants doing their MBAs from other institutions in Australia.
3) This MBA program has the following plus points-
a) Ranked as no. 1 in terms of overall ranking.
b) Ranked as no. 1 in terms of the satisfaction quotient of the aspirants.
c) 96% of the students were satisfied with the relevant approach of the program.
d) Most of the students get jobs within three months after the completion of the MBA program from this university.
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