Are there any MBA programs in India with fees less than Rs. 1 lakh?

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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 14 Aug 2023        
Educational course fee for the same course across various institutions significantly vary across the various educational institutions in our country and the MBA course is no exception.

There are many reasons said to be attributable to this variation. Some of them are the reputation of the institute, its placement history, the quality of the faculty, infrastructure, hostel facility of the institution, a foreign component of training, and many other factors.

For 2 year full-time MBA course the variation is quite large and the course fee can be anything ranging from Rs 40000 to Rs 40 lakhs. Generally, the fee in Govt colleges or universities is less than their private counterparts. It is obvious that as the private institutions have to manage their finances solely from the fees raised, they cannot compete with Govt ones in this matter where Govt funds the major expenses.

The course fee is an important factor because many candidates have to consider that while selecting an institution for taking admission to an MBA.

IIMs, the appex bodies for management education in our country have a course fee ranging from 11 lakh to 23 lakhs. Let us now go through the total course fee for MBA in some of the select institutions in India. As there are very few institutions that have MBA fees less than 1 lakh, I have compiled this data for those institutions which have fees below 2 lakhs and the candidates can have a look at them before deciding their final choice -
1. Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi - MBA - Rs 42000, MBA in Financial Management - Rs 52000.
2. B. K. School of Business Management - MBA in Maritime Management - Rs 1.6 lakhs.
3. Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi - MBA in International Business - Rs 67000.
4. Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University - MBA in International Business - Rs 2 lakhs.
5. Maharshi Dayanand University - Master of Hotel Management and Catering Technology - Rs 1.7 lakhs.
6. University Business School, Panjab University - MBA (HRM) - Rs 1.2 lakhs.
7. Vishwa Vishwani School of Business - MBA - Rs 1.1 lakhs.
8. Maharshi Dayanand University Center, Dwarka - MBA - Rs 96000.
9. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology - MBA - Rs 1.8 lakhs.
10. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam - MBA (HRM) - Rs 50000.
11. Department of Management Studies, Anna University - MBA - Rs 1.2 lakhs.
12. Cochin University of Science and Technology - MBA - Rs 85000.

In the end, I would like to add that though the fee is also a prone consideration, a candidate must check all other factors related to the course before selecting the one for admission.
Author: Partha K.      Post Date: 30 Jul 2023        
In India, IGNOU and some other open universities offer MBA programs for less than one lakh rupees. Some Government universities (state and central) also offer MBA programs at a relatively less cost.

However, it is comparatively very difficult to clear the entrance tests because the tests are very competitive. So my advice to the MBA aspirants is if they want to enroll in a quality MBA program at a low cost, they should check the websites of Government universities and start preparing for the entrance tests. These universities don't advertise but provide very high-level MBA programs.
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