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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 28 May 2023        


Latvia is a country in North Europe. It is a cosmopolitan country with beautiful places to see. The cost of living is less but the standard of living is high. Multiple languages like English. Russian, Latvian, German etc are spoken in this country. Even though the country is small there are standard institutes offering around 200 courses in English medium at graduate and post-graduate levels and we will find many international students coming here for their higher studies.

I understand that the universities in this country will offer admissions multiple times throughout the year. The admissions may happen in February, April, September and November. So the students from abroad need not wait a full year even in case there is a delay announcement of results etc.


The following are some of the universities in this nation.
1. University of Daugavpils
2. The University of Latvia
3. Latvia Maritime Academy (LMA)
4. Riga Stradinš University
5. Turiba University
6. Riga Technical University.
7.Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA)

There are many other universities in this country. The candidate has to select the institute based on the course he is looking for. Go through the website of the institute. Understand fully about the institute and if possible, make contact with the institute based on the details given on their website and ensure yourself that the institute is suitable for you. You can also contact some genuine study abroad consultants and get the information.

Salient Features:

The following are some of the positive points in favour of studying in this country.

1. The universities in this country offer different courses in different disciplines.
2. The tuition fee in this country is on the lower side than in many other countries.
3. Latvia is a developed country and the number of foreign students is increasing every year. I read a report where it says almost a 10% raise is there every year. So we will find many foreign students in this country.
4. There are scholarships offered by the government to foreign students.
5. There are very advanced courses which can be selected by international students also
6. There are chances for getting a job in this country itself after completing the course.
7. Part-time earning chances also prevail.
8. The degrees offered by this country are having recognition in many countries, I understand.

Part-time opportunities:

The following are some of the jobs allowed to foreign students while studying.
1. A student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week when they are studying.
2. There are many electronic processing units in addition to textile factories where there are opportunities to work part-time.
3. There are internships available to students
4. Chances of getting a job are also high.
Author: Dhruv      Post Date: 28 May 2023        
Situated in Northern Europe and having borders with Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and the Baltic Sea, Latvia is one of those East European countries that has been lately actively seeking foreign students at its shores. A consortium of Latvian universities has been over the years conducting a number of educational fairs in different nations across the world inviting foreign students to study at its numerous universities and colleges. These fairs provide prospective students with the opportunity to learn about the nation, its culture and avenues for higher education. You also get to compare the educational level and the cost advantages between Latvian universities with respect to those in the West.

Latvia's proximity to Western Europe helps, as a graduate from a Latvian university and college can seek job opportunities at any of the member nations of the European Union. Latvia became a member of the European Union in the year 2004. It is also a member of NATO, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Schengen (which means borderless travel between the 27 member countries). It is worth mentioning that the country was earlier a constituent of the Soviet Union. Ever since its independence, Latvia has developed into a fairly rich nation, again, thanks largely to its association with the European Union and being part of the Schengen area.

There are a fairly large number of universities and colleges in Latvia, both state-owned and private, where one may seek opportunities for higher education. Of the universities, sixteen of them are state-owned and eleven are private. Some of the state-owned universities are the Daugavpils University, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University, Liepaja University, Ventspils University College and Latvia University of Agriculture.

Some of the private universities are Turiba University, Latvian Christian Academy, RISEBA, ISMA University of Applied Sciences, The Baltic International Academy and a few more. Similarly, out of the 24 colleges, 16 are state-owned and the rest private.

The fields of study most popular in Latvia are healthcare, business administration, engineering, natural sciences, computer science, economics, music, etc.

Studying in Latvia is attractive because it is fairly easy to get admission to any of the top universities there. The cost of education is quite cheap when compared to its Western neighbours. In fact, some of the courses, including, are cheap compared to many developing nations like India. As a result, an increasing number of Indian students have been seeking opportunities to study in Latvia. It is said that hundreds of students every year go abroad from India to study in Latvia. Totalling around 3000, Indian students form one-third of the international diaspora in Latvian universities, perhaps second only to those from Uzbekistan. There are students even from nations like Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia and in recent times Ukraine.

Some of the comparative costs of education (per year) in Latvia are as follows.

  • Healthcare & Medicine: 8000 - 15000 Euros
  • Business Administration & Management: 2000 - 6000 Euros
  • Engineering: 2700 - 3500 Euros
  • Computer Science: 1800 - 3800 Euros

Some of the other advantages of studying in Latvia is the availability of English medium at its educational institutions. Though Latvian and Russian are the more popular languages, English too has a kind of acceptability in the country amongst its population. The students also get the opportunity to do part-time work along with their studies, which helps them cover some of the living expenses, which are anyway less than those in Western countries. Twenty hours a week is what every student gets to do part-time work.

The application process for admission to a Latvian university is also an easy process. The admissions are done twice a year, in February and September. It helps if you have a good TOEFL or IELTS score, but not every university is stringent about it. The medical coverage provided by the Latvian government is a big plus point that attracts students to the country. Otherwise, also Latvia is a small but very beautiful country with abundant natural beauty, tourism potential and a vibrant culture. The people there are very disciplined, peaceful and environmentally conscious. The crime rate is very less. Because of the country's integration with the European Union, there are many job opportunities in the country apart from startups and entrepreneurship. As a result, many students after completion of their studies stay back in Latvia. Some even move to Western nations, as the degrees obtained here are well-recognised all over Europe.

A few cons

It can be thus seen that Latvia is one good country for foreign students who might be intending to study abroad for their higher education, especially those who are looking for a low-cost education. There have been, however, a few testimonials of Indian students studying in Latvia that I have come across in the Latvian media, which are not too positive. Having been part of the Soviet Union for a long and cut off from the rest of the world, not many Latvians are aware of foreign cultures especially those of countries like India. Occasionally, there are incidents of racism that the students face, probably because the people there are not very much used to seeing people of Asian and other ethnic origin. At times, language too could be an issue, as for most jobs in Latvia, knowing the local language is as good as essential. However for those working in many of the MNCs or the tech companies there, English is all you need to know. Foreign students still find it difficult to integrate with Latvian society, but hopefully, with more and more foreign students coming to the country and the Latvian society opening up to foreign cultures, the country will be one day a popular destination for higher education.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 25 May 2023        
Latvia is a European country and is well known for its educational courses, more than 200 courses are taught in English, and a large number of foreign students come here to undertake them.

One of the main reasons for foreign students to choose institutions in Latvia is because of the low cost of living in that country. Another thing is that many languages are accepted for communication in Latvia facilitating the students of various countries. These languages are Latvia, English, Russian, and German. Further, the environment in Latvia is very conducive for students. Students can even study comfortably for a short duration in cafeterias using the local Wi-Fi there.

There are many universities in Latvia which offer quality courses to the students. Some of the popular ones are -
1. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.
2. Latvia
Baltic International Academy.
3. BA School of Business and Finance.
4. Riga Technical University.
5. Daugavpils University.
6. ISMA University of Applied Sciences.
7. Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music.
8. Latvian Academy of Culture.
9. Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE).
10. Latvian Christian Academy.
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