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Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the future of our technology. Artificial Intelligence covers almost every field like medical, finance, engineering and many more. You can make your career in Artificial Intelligence and the fact that there is no way of end Artificial Intelligence technology. In this article you can find how you can make career in Artificial Intelligence.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science or the process of making the computer to understand the human language through a well-designed programs. Computers are very fast in speed with huge memory capabilities, by using these advantages a system(AI) is designed which can understand to human language which can react accordingly. The whole process can be achieved by lot of training, testing and designing involved in making the system perfect, to behave like humans.

Professional Certificate Programme in AI & ML for Business Excellence IIM Kozhikode

Seeking to gain professional skills in the upcoming field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)? IIM Kozhikode has launched a Professional Certificate Programme in AL & ML for graduates and diploma holders. Learn in this article the eligibility criteria, application process and details about this online program.

Understanding Concept of Artificial Intelligence

This resource gives a brief introduction to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Various experts systems beginning from washing machines to speech recognition systems employs the concept of artificial intelligence.

How AI is impacting the education sector in 2021?

This article helps you to understand how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the education sector in 2021. We'll discuss the benefits & impact of AI on education, the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in education, existing solutions on the market, how to create your AI-enabled platform, and the Future of AI in the education sector.

How to apply for the WeSchool Mumbai PGDM Programs admissions 2021-23

Are you looking for a post-graduate diploma program in management? WeSchool, Mumbai has announced admission to Post-Graduate Diploma in Management programs for the session 2021-23. Eligible candidates can apply for the PGDM courses. In this article, details of PGDM courses, eligibility criteria, admission and selection process have been described.

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Artificial Intelligence or Devops

Confused about the future of artificial intelligence and Devops? Wondering which one is better and the reasons behind this? Find advice from experts on this page decide how to work on the technology of the future.

Want to learn Artificial Intelligence

Planning to study artificial intelligence? Looking out for online courses to study the pre requisites of machine learning apart from knowing programming languages? Find responses from experts for your queries here.

Colleges for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Planning to study AI and Robotics? Looking out for various courses and colleges in India and abroad? Find suggestions from experts detailed information about the colleges, courses and admission procedure here.
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