As an average student will I find it difficult to do an MBA program?

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Author: Umesh      Post Date: 08 Jul 2023        
Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree program after which a person is well equipped to run a business or work inside a business house in an effective and orderly manner. A large number of organizations and companies are recruiting MBA-qualified people for their managerial positions to manage their business.

One interesting thing in this regard which I have learned from my own experience is that before the advent of MBA degrees people were doing business as usual and were using simply their common sense and basic business tactics to run their businesses effectively. What MBA has done is simply formalize that knowledge in an academic form and describe methods and methodologies to adopt for a profitable business. There may be some use of mathematical methods here and there but basically, they are all derived from the motivation of making a business profitable.

So, in my opinion, I strongly believe and suggest that average students should not be afraid of the MBA syllabus and should look it up with the mindset of a business person. At times the student may find that things are elaborated much and presented exhaustively but that is only done so that the student grasps the things easily and in a slow and study manner learns the intricacies of business management.

It is also true that some branches of MBA like MBA (Finance) might be more technical and complicated as more finance and economics are to be learned under that but otherwise, a simple MBA degree is not a very hard proposition to go ahead.

As per my experience, I can firmly say that doing MBA is easier than doing a master's in basic sciences or medical science, or engineering.

Nowadays doing MBA has become much easier as many online agencies offer it as per the convenience and availability of time with the student. Many professionals who were working in the industry for quite a long have gone for part-time MBA degrees and have completed them though they were not in touch with studies for quite a long period.

Please remove all the apprehensions from your mind and focus and concentrate on basic MBA principles and try to understand the fundamental of managing a business.

One more thing that I want to add to this matter is that any course which you examine before learning seems to be a difficult task but once you start learning and go deeper in it then the interest is generated and you become master in it.
Author: Ramya      Post Date: 09 Jul 2023        
As an average student, you may face some initial challenges in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, but it does not determine your ability to succeed in an MBA program. There are many average students who excelled in their studies and have successful careers. With your hard work and determination, you can overcome any initial difficulties. Here are a few things to consider:

  • MBA programs have specific admission criteria, if you meet the admission requirements, it indicates that you have the potential and the skills that are required to complete the program. They may consider academic qualifications, entrance exam scores, work experience etc for admission.

  • MBA curriculum will cover subjects like marketing, strategy, finance, operations, etc. While some topics may be challenging, you can take the support of the faculty, tutoring services, and study groups.

  • You can interact with classmates and leverage their expertise to overcome challenges and understand the subject.

  • Develop good time management skills to manage the workload effectively. You should develop an ability to balance coursework, projects, assignments, and other responsibilities.

  • Your personal motivation and effort play a vital role in your success. So actively participate in class discussions, clarify your doubts, and seek additional resources.
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