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How the Gramin Banks are bringing about a change in our villages?

Whereas the Gramin Banks have proved to be a blessing for the prosperity of our villages, it also has emerged as a lucky mascots for the Gramin Banks as well. It is both way traffic. The farmers of villages have stood as strong bulwarks for the Banks. A prosperous farmer means a prosperous Bank. This article attempts to explain just how this has been made possible.

Importance Of Computer Course Certificate For Bank Jobs

Lots of Indian Bank's are now recruiting candidates for various positions and people want to know importance of computer certificate. Read rest of the resource to know why computer knowledge and certificate required to get job in bank.

Banking information and core products

In this article I am sharing information of banking and banking products like Savings account, current account and fixed deposits. But with the time bank started so many new financial services like Life insurances policies,General insurances, Mutual funds, OTR etc.

Andhra Bank Recruitments 2012 notification in various states

Andhra Bank Recruitments 2012 notification has been issued. Read the article to know about Andhra Bank Recruitment posts, selection process and how to apply for Andhra Bank 2012 Recruitments for clerical posts for various states across India.

Sample Letter for Opening Bank Account

Do you have a bank account? If no, then you should be thinking of opening one. A current or savings bank account of your own accounts for legal monetary transactions. If you are not sure that what are needed to open a current or savings bank account, then please go through this article. Those of you, who are new to opening a bank account will find the sample format of a letter for opening bank account , provided here, very useful.

Sample letter to bank requesting a credit/debit card swiping machine/terminal

With the country moving towards cashless transactions, small and big businesses are now turning to credit/debit card swiping machines. Here is all you need to know on how to apply for a swiping machine -which is also called Point-of Sale (POS) machine or Point-of-Purchase (POP) machine or Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine.

Sample Letter to Bank regarding TDS recovered from interest in Fixed Deposit Accounts

Banks recover TDS from our fixed deposits. They are to give the details of the TDS thus recovered or we have to get it for properly calculating our Income Tax liability and remit advance tax, final tax and submit IT return correctly. Hence it is imperative to get the interest credited and TDS recovered details from bank. This article is a sample letter to a bank regarding TDS recovered from interest in fixed deposit accounts.

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