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The beauty of Test Match Cricket

Test cricket is fast losing its popularity among a large section of the population. Yet the beauty of the format hasn't been completely lost yet. The aggression of the bowlers, the possibility of comebacks and the possibility of exciting finishes make it probably the most beautiful format. Read on to now more.

The beauty of Bohaag Bihu festival Assam

This month, Assam will celebrate the festival which is considered by many to be the most powerful symbol of Assamese culture. The season of spring will be celebrated with energetic songs and dances. Read this article to know more about the significance, history, and evolution of this festival.

How can we boost our beauty using self-confidence?

Beauty is much more than flawless skin and perfect physique. High self-esteem is essential to kill skinny or fat talk and understand that beauty is inner deep. Check out this article to know how self-confidence and high self-regard can make us look beautiful.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Hair

This article explains use of coconut water to beautify skin and hair. Coconut water hydrates, moisturizes skin, reduces sun tan and slows down aging. When it comes to hair, it nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair fall, dandruff, adds shine and luster.

Why beauty is not external but a light in the Heart

This article explains that real beauty is not in the face but lies in a light in the heart. Looks are deceiving and will be lost with time. Real beauty comes from within. Heart is always true and it is important to focus on beauty of heart instead of looks.

11 top Sun CAre beauty products from VLCC that you can try this summer

You need sunscreens and after sun products not only in summer, but for the winter days also. Your skin get damaged by the sun rays as it contains harmful UVA and UVB rays. Here in this article I am sharing some great products by VLCC that are useful for skin care during the summer.

Aloe Vera plant and its benefits in terms of health and beauty

Are you curious about aloe vera plant and want to know more about it and its benefits? This article explains the benefits and importance of what is known as the miracle plant, namely Aloe vera and also lets you know how it can be used to fix various health and beauty issues.

Watch live Miss World 2014 beauty pageant grand final telecast on TV channels and streaming

Looking for how and where to watch the Miss World 2014 beauty pageant grand final live telecast on TV channels and online streaming on websites? The grand finale of Miss World 2014 beauty pageant scheduled on Saturday, December 14 at 02:30 p.m GMT will be live telecasted on ITV, zee Cafe, Star World and streaming on website. Go through below article for more details of live Miss World 2014 grand finals, streaming, favorite contestants etc.

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Hair beauty for hair with dandruff

Do you have a problem of dandruff in your hair and wish to keep your hair beautiful? Get beauty tips for maintaining healthy hair despite dandruff problems.

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