Best certified short-term courses at LinkedIn after Class 12 to study abroad in Canada

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Author: Janmejaya Mohanty      Post Date: 17 Apr 2023        
LinkedIn Learning offers several certified short-term courses that can enhance the skills and knowledge of Class 12 students who are planning to study abroad in Canada. Here are some of the best courses that can help students:

  • English language proficiency courses: For international students, English proficiency is a must-have skill to succeed in Canada. Courses such as "English Grammar" and "Business English Communication" can help students improve their English language skills.

  • Study skills and time management courses: Students need to learn how to manage their time and studies effectively to succeed in Canada. Courses such as "Learning Study Skills" and "Time Management Fundamentals" can help students develop effective study habits.

  • Data Analysis and Programming courses: Data analysis and programming skills are highly in demand in Canada. Courses such as "Data Analysis Fundamentals with Excel" and "Python Essential Training" can help students learn data analysis and programming skills.

  • Business and Marketing courses: Canada has a thriving business and marketing industry, and courses such as "Marketing Foundations" and "Business Foundations" can provide students with a solid understanding of the industry.

  • Creative courses: For students interested in pursuing a career in creative fields such as design, photography, and videography, courses such as "Graphic Design Foundations" and "Photography Foundations" can help them hone their skills.

It is important to note that while these courses can be helpful, they may not be the only requirements for studying abroad in Canada. Students must gather offline information for the specific requirements for their chosen program and institution to ensure they meet all the necessary criteria.
Author: Raveena Madhubalan      Post Date: 20 Apr 2023        
As someone who has recently gone through the process of studying abroad after Class 12, I can confidently say that the best certified short-term courses at LinkedIn to prepare for studying in Canada are the Professional Certificate in Data Science and the Professional Certificate in Project Management. Not only do these courses give a comprehensive overview of the topics they cover but they also provide the necessary skills needed to succeed when studying abroad. Furthermore, the courses are designed to give students the knowledge and expertise they need to be successful in a competitive international environment. Furthermore, the courses are designed to help students improve their professional network and build connections with leading professionals in the field. All in all, taking these courses through LinkedIn is the perfect way to prepare for studying abroad in Canada.
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