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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 01 Sep 2023        
I think the question should be a little more descriptive.

The best college for a degree may be different from the best college for a PG course or a PhD course. Similarly, the best college will be different from subject to subject. A college may be good for Physics but may not be good for chemistry. So it is always better to ask for the best college for a particular course in a particular degree. One can ask for the best college for Engineering or Medicine or Science etc.

Anyhow, the following are some good colleges in Dubai. I shortlisted them based on the information available. Anyhow, I suggest students get complete information before finalising a particular college using this as a guideline.

1. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT): Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is an American based educational institution and established its campus in Dubai in the year 2008. This university is offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees in business and leadership, engineering, and computing. This is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Contact Address: P.O. Box 341055. Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai, U.A.E
Phone number: +971-4-3712000

2, University of Dubai: University of Dubai is also one of the best universities in this country. This university offers business, law, engineering and IT programs and these programmes are having a good recognition across the globe. They offer Ph.D. courses also in various subjects. The faculty are experienced and they make the classroom an interactive place rather than one-sided communication.

Address: University of Dubai, Academic City Emirates Road - Exit 49 - Dubai
Phone number: +97145566800

3. Middlesex University Dubai: This is a UK-based university having its a campus in Dubai. The university offers over 70 British university programmes which are having excellent employment prospects. There are scholarship programs for merit and deserving students.

Interested can go through for all the details.
Author: Sheo Shankar Jha      Post Date: 13 Sep 2023        
It would be rather difficult to choose any college unless the candidate is determined to proceed in a particular course for his bright future. Once the candidate has selected his choice, it would not be a time consuming affair to select his right choice in terms of his future career.

There are a few prominent universities which could offer the candidate the best opportunity of studying a course for which he has the tremendous passion. Some of the best universities located in Dubai are given below to assist a student in locating the right college for the persuasion of the course-

1) The university of Dubai - It is a nationally accredited university having its centre in Dubai City. It offers a variety of programmes in the business, finance, banking finance, accounting and many more courses both in the undergraduate and postgraduate level. A student can pursue even M.Sc in Information System or LLM if he desires so.
Contact No- 97145566800.
Email -
Website- https://

2) The Biotechnology Technology University, Dubai - it offers both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Biotechnology, Pharmacology and environmental studies. If a student has an inclination in this line, this university could be his final choice for his ultimate study.

3) Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai - It is one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the UAE covering 17 campuses in Dubai.

It provides various programmes in the business, information science, applied communication, health and engineering. Apart from such programmes, this institution provides a host of courses such as the Fine Arts, Design, Mass Communication and many more. If a student is interested to pursue such courses as indicated above, he can make his inquiries for his admission for such a course included in this college.

4) Zayed University- Zayed University is the pioneer in the education set up in the year of 1998 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan and has fulfilled the expectations of the present president in terms of quality of studies.
It provides the courses for both the bachelor's and the master's degree in the Arts, Science, Humanities and Technology and many more courses. It also takes up the Islamic World Studies if the student is interested to it.
Contact No- 97144021111,

Address- Academic City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Website- https://

5) The American University of the Emirate - It is a private university established in the year 2006 and has occupied its place as one of the core higher education institutions in the GCC region.
It has been ranked as # 601- 610 in QS World University Rankings 2024.
It offers the students the courses of the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate apart from the professional programmes in the field of Mass Communication, Information Technology, Media and Mass Communications, English Language etc.

The students would be immensely benefited with the selection of a course of their choice.
Contact No-97143999000
Website- https://
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