Best country to study Mechanical Engineering Masters programs abroad for Indian students

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao      Post Date: 24 Jul 2023        
The following are the points one should consider to decide on the best country for studying abroad.

1. The Standard of education in that country
2. Standard of the university that is offering our desired course
3. Cost of living and part-time working chances
4. Financial aid and scholarships offered by the university and the country
5. Living conditions like safety in living etc.
6. Job opportunities.

Some people take a decision based on the university but not on the nation. Some may decide on the country first and then select the university in that country. I always suggest going for the best university irrespective of the country unless otherwise major issues of safety are there in that country.

Mechanical engineering is one of the core subjects in Engineering and many universities in this world offer Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering .
After considering all the parameters mentioned above, as per my study, I feel the following are some of the best countries for studying PG in Mechanical Engineering.

1. Sweden: It is one of the well-developed countries and we will see many technological advances in this country. The universities in this country give importance to practical learning. These institutes tie up with industries around the area. This will give a chance to students to have interaction with those industries.

Umea University, Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg are some of the best universities.

2. Japan: Japan is a well-known country for its quality of products and education in the country. This country is the number one in mechanical engineering. There are many MNCs in this country which make quality mechanical components and products. The country is a well technologically advanced country. There are many automobile and other mechanical industries which are well known across the globe situated in this country and that will give better chances to the students to get employment and get settled permanently here.

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Kyoto University are some of the best universities offering M Tech in Mechanical Engineering.

3. France: France is also a very well-developed country which spends a lot of energy on the development of new components. This country is also having many mechanical industries and unemployment problems are less. So after completing the degree getting job opportunities are high. Getting a Visa is also not very difficult.

Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Universite de Lille and Universite Paris Saclay are some of the renowned universities in this country

4. The United Kingdom: Undoubtedly the UK is one of the favourite destinations for any higher education. Working opportunities while studying and chances for getting a job are in this country. The quality of education and living conditions are very high.

Imperial College London, the University of Nottingham and the University of Manchester are very well known for M Tech Mechanical.

There are many other regions like the USA, Singapore, Australia etc. The students should study the details of each university thoroughly and then take a proper decision, I suggest.
Author: Umesh      Post Date: 14 Jul 2023        
There are many countries that offer mechanical engineering Master's courses in some of their educational institutions. I have done some study on this matter and have found the top three destinations abroad for Indian students to pursue a Master's in Mechanical Engineering as follows -

1. United States - US is undoubtedly the best country to acquire qualifications in Mechanical Engineering. There are a large number of engineering institutes in the US that rank high in the global ranking and offer a quality education in Mechanical Engineering. For Indian students, there are good job opportunities also after acquiring a Master's degree there.

Some of the good universities worth to be mentioned in the US are Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, University of California, etc.

2. Australia - Australia is also a very good destination for Indian students for acquiring a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Australia is having a very good education system and they give a lot of emphasis on the experimental part of learning. There are some scholarships also available for Indian students.

Some of the reputed institutes in Australia are the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, etc.

3. Germany - Germany is one of the preferred destinations when it comes to studying Mechanical Engineering. The country is well known for its automotive and manufacturing industry. It is not only good from the academic point of view but also a place where students can acquire a degree in a cost-effective manner.

Some of the institutes worth mentioning are - Technische Universitat, Technische Universitat Munchen, Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule, etc
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